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28. 7. 2008

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99% Discount: Clever Marketing or Complete Madness?


  1. 131 Star Bloggers and Their Best Posts | Catherine Lawson
  2. 131 Star Bloggers and Their Best Posts

    July 18, 2008

    This post is to thank those who have commented on my blog in recent months. Without comments, my blog would die. And without your support and encouragement, my enthusiasm to blog would die too.

    So, here’s an introduction to 131 Star Bloggers and links to some of their best posts:

    Barbara Swafford has been a great friend and loyal supporter. She writes at Blogging Without A Blog and Observation Mountain. She supports and encourages new bloggers and features a new and promising blogger each week in her New Blogger Of The Week section. Barbara has also written some brilliant articles including: Commenting vs Social Media - Is One Better? and It’s Not Your Fault I Can’t Spell.

    Scott McIntyre: I only recently discovered Scott on Liz Strauss’s Successful Blog. Scott doesn’t have a blog himself yet but he’s writing a great series on Successful Blog to help bloggers develop a better understand of their non-blogging audience. You can check out part of the series here: Targetting the Offline Customer - Do You Blog For Non-Bloggers?

    Hunter Nuttall: Hunter has been a regular visitor to this blog for a while. And he always has something interesting or entertaining to say. Some of my favourite posts on his blog include: Overnight Success
    and Comparing America and Japan Part I.

    Sterling Okura: Has also been visiting this blog for a while with helpful and encouraging comments. Some of my favourite posts on Bizlift include: 5 Cage Fighting Tips For The Self Employed and How To Travel and Work Remotely As A Couple.

    John Hoff: Is another great guy. He runs his own webhosting business from Las Vegas and he’s also written some great articles including: 50+ Wordpress Plug in & Hacks Candy Store and A Glimmer of Hope For Those With Bad Credit.

    Ian Denny: He was the first person to drop by this blog on a regular basis. Ian is a Director of Multisolutions - a brilliant IT company based in Liverpool. He’s written some excellent posts on both his Multisolutions blog and on Phoenix from the Ashes including: Small Business Credit Crunch Survival Kit and Is Your Business Missing This Vital Competitive Edge?

    Mare is a fairly new member of this community. She writes some wonderful posts at Abundance Blog including: What Is Love? and Finding Balance Through The Four Elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

    Mark White is responsible for the excellent blog design on Multisolutions. He also offers blog coaching and workshops. And writes some enjoyable posts including this one: Optimizing Your blog For Your Business.

    Jamie Harrop
    is an inspiring young guy. He started his first business when he was only 14. He’s still only 21 and soon he’s off on a year long adventure to Australia. Some of Jamie’s excellent blog posts include: Unknown Facts About Self Made Billionaires and Rekindling Our Childlike Self Belief.

    Davina only recently began dropping by. She’s an amazing writer and poet and lives in Vancouver and writes some great articles including this one: The Eye of The Storm.

    Vered is a relatively new blogger from California and her blog, MomGrind, is already amazingly popular. Her great posts include: Will You Still Love Me When I’m Sixty Four? and The Blurry Line Between Online And Real Relationships.

    Robert Hill is a great guy. Originally from Texas, he emigrated to Australia and wrote the book: Two Texans Down Under. If you’re interested in emigrating yourself, you should check out his blog of the same name which features some useful and informative posts including: Expat Message From Down Under and If You Could Live Anywhere…

    only wound up here recently too. She offers great food for the mind at her blog, including: From Tragedy To Triumph - Winning Through A Life Crisis.

    has been dropping by for a while. He has a great personal finance blog - Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Money and his articles include: Most Affordable Places To Buy A House.

    Urban Panther
    is one of Barbara Swafford’s most recent bloggers of the week. She writes some hilarious stuff including: Dressing to Land A Man: Part 1 Undergarments.

    Sara at On Simplicity also found me through Blogging Without A Blog. Some of her best posts include: What Feng Shui Has To Say About Clutter.

    Akemi Gaines has helped me and many others with her amazing Soul Readings. Her inspiring articles include: Power of Two - James Chartrand and Harrison McCleod Interview and 5 Qualities I Find In Successful Entrepreneurs.

    JoLynn Braley
    was a relative early visitor to this blog. Her knowledge on health is outstanding and anyone who is interested in health and diet should check out some of her great articles including: Do Panic Attacks and Stress Have You Running To The Fridge?

    Brett Legree: I found Brett through Men With Pens, as they designed his blog - 6 Weeks. Brett is a talented writer who plans to emigrate to New Zealand soon. His great articles include: Viking Fridays - Wake Early and The Straw.

    Brad Shorr:
    I first came across Brad over at Confident Writing. He writes some amazing articles including: How Do You Get Sales and Marketing On The Same Page?

    Dawn at Iowahippiechick stopped blogging for a while. But I was pleased to discover that she’d recently decided to return, as I love reading what she has to say, including: Life Just Comes At You Sometimes ……

    Mike at Four Pillars only dropped by recently, to give me some advice on emigrating. He runs a great Canadian Finance blog, which will come in useful if I move there. His posts include: Guide To The Sleeping Pill Portfolio.

    Kelly at She Power is a talented Australian blogger. I love reading her blog - especially her weekly short fiction. Some of her brilliant posts include: It’s Official - Australian’s Are Fat and Badly Dressed and Goodbye Spain - Loved Your Easy Charm But…….

    Lissie only began dropping by recently and she gave me some great advice on emigrating to Australia. Her helpful posts include: A Retro Text Editor.

    Chris at Wat da Wat is also a fairly new member of the community. He has five children of his own and educates 90 more and has written some brilliant articles including How To Clean Your Arse - A Revelation.

    John at Total Transformation
    is a great inspiration to those of us who want to lose weight. He lost 40 pounds, put a little back on and he’s now back on track. You can follow his progress in the following articles: Fatophiles of the World Unite …. Against a Cartoon …Poor Wall-E

    Tom Volkar is a great guy to know if you need to improve your motivation and reach your goals. He shares some excellent advice at Delightful Work including: The Missing Key to Success and A New Way To Find Work That You Love.

    Evelyn Lim is another inspiring person who is a firm believer in the power of the mind. She shares some great articles at Attraction Mindmap including: Practising Awareness of the Mind.

    Opal Tribble has been dropping by less frequently lately as she is extremely busy since going into freelance writing, which she blogs about at Addicted to Writing. She also shares some fantastic health and fitness articles at Vegan Momma. Her great articles include: USDA To List Stores That Sell Recalled Meats.

    Dr Cason is another blogger who I found through Barbara Swafford. She writes on a variety of topics including Self Improvement and Parenting and I really enjoy her articles: The Power of Silence and Eye Contact.

    The Wife blogs at Wife Advice with her husband the donkey. The two of them share some hilarious articles on marriage including: Skyrocketing Ticket Prices Aid In Avoiding In-Law Vacations.

    Robin is an Australian blogger who writes some interesting and thought provoking posts at Lets Live Forever. A couple of my favourites are: How I Found Immortality and Is Death Natural?

    Monika Mundell is a great writer who also lives in Australia. At her blog - The Writers Manifesto, she shares some fantastic tips for freelance writers, including: Copywriting - The 10 Magic Words. And if you’re looking for a professional freelance writer, check out Monika’s testimonials at: Monika Mundell.

    Norhafidz first dropped by recently to share a business mistake he’d made. His tagline is: Internet Marketing and Ramblings of the Unknown and he shares some good internet marketing info and competitions including: LifeIsColourFull Dot Com Contest.

    Lance blogs at The Jungle Of Life and his interesting articles include: The Speed Limit Of Your Life.

    Mark Hayward left Cubicle Land to live in the Caribbean. He is currently running a guest house on Culebra and his blog is a must read for entrepreneurs who dream of living in a tropical paradise. His inspirational articles include: The Success Of Failure - Does Passion Guarantee A Successful Venture?

    The Bald Chemist drops by from time to time and his name always raises a few eyebrows. He has some great articles on his Bald Chemist website including: Brands In Distress?

    Nick P doesn’t blog but I was grateful when he dropped by to give me some reassuring advice on spiders, snakes and Australia in general.

    Kari Rippetoe writes some great stuff at The Caffeinated Blog including: Blurring The Line Between Personal and Professional.

    James Chartrand is half of the exceptionally talented Men With Pens, who designed this blog theme for me. He has written some amazing stuff including: How To Outsource Your Life To The Right People and 27 Secrets To Avoid Internet Burnout.

    Jennifer Mannion healed herself from illness using the power of her mind. She’s written some fantastic articles on healing pain naturally including: 5 Writing Exercises To Help Heal Pain.

    Geoff at Information Addicts is from the North of England, same as me and it is his blog I turn to when technology and I don’t see eye to eye. He has some great advice including: Firefox 3 - Is It Worth The Upgrade?

    Barbara Ling
    is an entertaining business writer and virtual coach. She manages to fill her blog with fabulously useful business information and makes me laugh at the same time: Is Your Wordpress Blog Naked?

    Lillie Ammann is an experienced business woman, writer and editor. Her blog is a must read for writers: How To Write An Interview Winning Resume.

    Noa Rose doesn’t have a website but swears by comfortable shoes to stay fit at work.

    Nick Bakewell is the disappearing man. He’s been a visitor to this site for a while but he disappears from the blogosphere often. You can find him at Abstract Promotion when he’s not disappearing: Make Link Exchanges More Effective

    Nicole is a talented photographer. Her blog is filled with amazing pictures from around the world and interesting stories about injustices and life in general. Here’s some of Nicole’s brilliant work: Quick Snap From Austria.

    Jacqueline is from The Athena Network, which is a networking website for women in business.

    has a blog is all about New Orleans food. If you love cooking you should check out some of her recipes: Cajun Recipe For Boudin Balls.

    Bob Younce is a talented writer with an interesting life story. He shares his words of wisdom at The Writing Journey: The Last Blog Post.

    Jim Spencer runs a website design and marketing business.

    Chris Guillebeau blogs about unconventional strategies for life, work and travel: 9 Insane Strategies To Transform Your Business.

    Tim Brownson is an English guy living in the States. He’s a wonderful life coach and you’ll bump into him all over the blogosphere as he guest posts a lot. He’s also written a guest post on this blog. Here’s a couple of Tim’s articles: 10 Surefire Ways To Get A Date and How To Change Your Attitude.

    Kathy of Virtual Impax offers exceptional marketing tools for exceptional businesses. She also offers great tips: Starting Your Own Small Business - Tell Your Story.

    Mrs Micah has been a member of this community for a long time. She’s interesting, intelligent and frugal and she offers some great personal finance advice on her blog, as well as observations on life in general. Here’s a couple of her fabulous posts: How Can Foreigners Create Credit In The United States and What Happens If Your Bank Fails?

    Sharon Hess is an Interior Designer and some of her useful and informative articles include: Design News: High Point Trends.

    Joanna Young of Confident Writing is an excellent writing coach. Her blog is full of inspiring stories and things that encourage you to think: Do You Think You Can Tell? Powerful Questions To Wake Us Up.

    That Saddity Chic has a blog of the same name and shares interesting posts on everything from finances to relationships. Here’s a couple of her great posts: Going Back To College At 27.

    Mike Goad is a great guy, awesome story teller and brilliant photographer. He writes on a few blogs and you can find some of his excellent work here: Cascade Canyon and Well Weathered.

    Paul Simister is a UK based business coach and he shares some great advice here: Postcard Marketing For Small Business Success.

    Louise blogs at Eliminate My Debt and I was introduced to her blog by Ian Denny. But I can only read and never leave any feedback as the comment pop-ups don’t work. Switch your settings Louise! Here’s a sample of her great posts: Friends And Finances 28 Years On.

    Mags blogs at Woo Woo Wisdom and you can read a couple of her interesting posts here: Make Up Your Mind!

    Tamal Anwar is another business blogger. Check out these great posts: Branding Yourself And Your Business.

    Michelle is a school teacher. She used to blog at the popular Bloggrrl but she sold it and she now blogs at Little Pink Flower. Michelle is a great writer who can make you cry one minute and laugh the next: Getting Focused.

    John Ryan is another one of those technology bloggers who help people like me understand how things work. Check out these useful posts: Backing Up Wordpress - Playing It Safe.

    PlotDog is another fab writer who blogs about writers and writing. Check out this great post: Seat of The Pants Writing.

    Ron Finklestein is a business coach. I don’t think he blogs on a regular basis but you can find some of his excellent advice here: Using Time As A Sign Of Caring.

    Rich writes at Strategic Profits. And he gives great advice on how to make more money here: 99% Discount - Clever Marketing Or Complete Madness?

    Tom blogs at Income Diary about how to make money from blogging. If you’re not making enough money to cover your webhosting, you can find out how to make more here: How To Start Niche Blogs To Make Huge Profits.

    John writes about people who claim to have been scammed by Expedia.

    Stefanie blogs at vat19. Her hilarious pictures and articles are guaranteed to brighten up your day: The 50 Best Movie Dance Scenes Of All Time.

    Bisque doesn’t blog but dropped by to voice her concern about plagiarism online.

    Arwen Taylor
    writes at Openlore, an online fiction magazine for writers. You can check it out here: Openlore.

    Debbie Yost - I first discovered Debbie’s writing when she guest posted on Confident Writing. She’s a talented writer and blogs about family and Down’s Syndrome: Scientific Studies.

    Ari blogs about society, politics and culture and you can read some of his interesting articles here: Understanding Web 2.0 in 5 Minutes.

    Terence Chang is a great guy who gets immense pleasure from making other people happy: DIY Internet Marketing - Lets Play Like Adult.

    Topsurf doesn’t blog, but has been supportive to me both on here and in the StumbleUpon community.

    Shilpan is an inspirational guy and I really admire his achievements. He is also a powerful writer who has a knack for setting the Digg community on fire. I love these posts: Warren Buffett’s 7 Secrets For Living A Happy And Simple Life and How I Transformed My Life With These 5 Simple Thoughts.

    Dwayne Lattimore used to be an active member of this community, but his blog seems to have been down for a while.

    Joanne runs an adoption support community called Forever Parents.

    Scott Sweeney shares some fab blogging tips: When Readers Just Need A Swift Kick In The Pants.

    Liz Strauss is a gifted writer, coach and business blogger. Her articles really make you think and her writing is quoted all over the blogosphere. Here’s a couple of Liz’s excellent posts: Social Media and Promotion - How To Get Your Network Pulling For You and 7 Steps To Being Recognised As An Expert

    Carl Zetterlund is an intelligent young man who writes some thought provoking posts including this one: 5 Reasons To Quit Your Job & Jump Head First

    JEMi blogs at In My Heels and she soared to popularity almost immediately. She’s a wonderful writer and her courage and willingness to help others shines through in every article, including this one: Life Coach - Getting Unstuck In Life

    Elizabeth Able - I met her in the Stumble Upon community. She hasn’t blogged for over a month and I’m really missing reading her detailed and interesting articles. She’s a real thinker and here’s some of her great writing: Making Vacations

    Alex Shalman is an interesting blogger who focuses on personal development. I particularly loved his happiness project. Check him out here: 7 Questions That Will Change Your Life

    Shane blogs about technology, internet and social media. I met Shane in a popular affiliate marketing forum. Here’s one of his great articles: Creating A New Digital Fingerprint In StumbleUpon.

    Wren blogs on many topics from art to food. Check out this excellent post: Tips For Creating A Water Wise Garden.

    Jennifer’s blog recently moved to Principles of Peace. She writes some interesting posts on inner peace for daily living including this one: A Simple Formula With A Huge Life Impact

    Walt Goshert is a marketing expert who writes at the Marketing Caddy. Here’s one of his fab articles: Improving Perfection

    Stuart Lawson is my wonderful husband. He doesn’t comment often, but he does read every single post I write and he kindly moderated my blog whilst I was away on a course.

    Amy is another great and inspiring woman I met through StumbleUpon. She writes some brilliant posts including this one: Before The Tornado Of Midlife Crisis Hits

    Dr Nicola Sundene has a brilliant health blog. Check out this interesting and informative posts: The Best Bedtime Snacks For Insomniacs

    Brad Brown is another one I met on StumbleUpon. He is funny and witty and you can check out his great posts here: The 4 Habits Of Highly Effective Pimps

    Amy blogs about writing. Check out this excellent post: My Role Model, The Ostrich

    Albert at Urban Monk has an interesting and helpful personal development blog. Check out this great post: The Power Of Being Yourself

    Monk Mojo
    has a fantastic blog. Some of the cartoons crack me up. Check this one out: Shit Me - A Beginners Guide To Social Networking

    Michael Martine
    is a blog consultant who writes some fantastic posts at Remarkablogger, including this one: How To Ask For Diggs And Actually Get Them

    hasn’t blogged much lately which is a shame as he always has something interesting to say like this: Dial “M” For Blogger

    Steve Mills
    is another Australian blogger and he writes great posts about seo and technology including this one: Stress Of Connection Culture

    Pete Johnson is an author, attorney and professor who blogs about reducing debt. Check out one of his great posts here: Be Careful When Using Bluetooth

    Christine O’Kelly is a wonderful freelance writer who tells a great story and inspires those around her. She hasn’t blogged in a while but if you’re interested in writing, you need to check out this fantastic post: Hunting Down And Exposing Deep Dark Challenges

    Caroline Middlebrook’s
    blog soared in popularity when visitors read her intelligent and interesting comments on other sites. She’s just released a great course for all you budding social networkers: Stumblerush and you can check out one of her excellent articles here: Top 17 Cheesy Internet Marketing Publicity Photos

    Nick has a really cool productivity blog - Put Things Off. Here’s one of his great articles: Productivity Is Dead - Long Live Living

    Giun hasn’t blogged since spring, which is a great shame as I loved reading some of his excellent articles including this one: The Allure Of Mystery: How to Take Advantage of “The Pulling Effect” From People’s Natural Instincts.

    Jessica is my daughter and she does have a blog but it’s only available to her friends. She sometimes reads my blog and has only commented once when she felt she had something really important to say. My son Joshua reads my posts now and again but never comments

    Astrit runs an informative SEO blog and gives excellent advice, including this piece: Free and Cheap Link Building Techniques

    Annie Anderson writes some great articles on writing, real estate and design, including this one: Do You Take The Time?

    The Geekboys are running an ambitious project to turn $10k into $1 million in a year. I wish them the best of luck and here’s some of their work you can check out: Make Money With BANS “Build A Niche Store”

    John has a great business blog and I really enjoy reading some of his posts including this one: Remain a Customer Or We’ll Sue You

    It looks like Beau at TzuVelli has taken his blog down, which is a shame, as it was an enjoyable read.

    Chris McElroy provides professional management for business blogs.

    Robert de Bock provides hosting services and content solutions.

    Sam Jackson is a freshman at Yale who blogs about education, college admissions, including this great post: Why Can’t Yale Recruit Low Income Students (Pell Grants)

    Gerri writes some interesting posts about making money including this one: Earn Passive Income From A Directory/List Site

    Harrison McCleod is the other half of Men With Pens - the wonderful guys who designed this blog. Check out this fab post by Harry: The Way of Writing - Part 1

    Kelly writes some great small business articles including this one: More Than Words: Creating A Useful Business Plan

    Barbara blogs about getting new media to work for you and her excellent posts include this one: Drop-Kick Humility - Be Who You Are PR

    Tim blogs about health, nutrition and alternative medicine and has plenty of interesting info, including this: Big Breakfast = Small Waistline?

    Daniel writes some really informative and helpful posts about computers and software, including this one: How To Install Incompatible Addons In Firefox 3

    Sabine blogs about a variety of business topics and her great posts include this one:

    writes some great posts from an Untechy point of view including this one: Why Can’t Money Save The World?

    Jenny writes some fab posts at The So Called Me including this one: The Media Makes Mom’s Look Unrealistic

    Maki at Dosh Dosh is one of the most prolific bloggers on the Internet too. He’s also really smart so he churns out loads of great posts, including this one: How To Analyze and Improve The “Bounce Rate” For Your Website.

    Laura blogs about writing and I particularly enjoyed this excellent post: Is Being A Work At Home Mom Harmful To Your Career?

    Coryan writes some fab posts about changing career mid-life including this one: Mid Life Career Change 5: I’ve Invested Too Much To Change Careers

    Hawksdomain has some informative social media posts, including this one: Jaanix - A Closer Look

    Tay writes super blogging tips. Why not check out this one: Three Free Ways To Build DoFollow Links

    Valerie thinks out loud and comes up with some great stuff like this: Dumb Down

    Amanda has moved blogs and now shares recipes, crafts and interesting things she finds online: Strawberry Bread Recipe

    Thiru shares some fab tips and hacks on how to live: Get Famous in Flickr: Killer Tips For Flickr Users

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    8 Responses to “131 Star Bloggers and Their Best Posts”

    1. Hunter Nuttall on July 18th, 2008 1:32 am

      Geez Catherine, how long did it take you to write this? It was very generous of you to do it for your commenters, and it will be my pleasure to keep commenting on your delightful blog. Thank you.

      Hunter Nuttall’s last blog post..The Hidden Question In All Job Interviews

    2. pesak on July 18th, 2008 1:36 am

      stranky pro mladé

    3. Avani-Mehta on July 18th, 2008 1:38 am

      Catherine, this is very generous of you. A BIG Thanks to you too.

      Avani-Mehta’s last blog post..Beginner’s Guide To Being Decisive

    4. Robert Hill on July 18th, 2008 1:42 am

      Such a list, Cath! You must work 48 hours a day. Thanks for including me. — Bob

      Robert Hill’s last blog post..Expat message from down under

    5. Michael Martine on July 18th, 2008 1:42 am

      Wow, Catharine! Kudos to you for being such a wonderful host! :)
      Michael Martine’s last blog post..Do You Have to Learn Technical Stuff in Order to Blog?

    6. James Chartrand - Men with Pens on July 18th, 2008 1:47 am

      Holy crow. I cannot even begin to think of how long this took you to write. Man. That’s amazing. Thanks for including me!

      James Chartrand - Men with Pens’s last blog post..How to Outsource Your Life to the Right People

    7. Vered on July 18th, 2008 1:52 am

      Cath! You must have worked SO HARD on this post.

      Thank you.

      Vered’s last blog post..Lima Beans in Gelatin… Mmmm TASTY (Wordless Wednesday)

    8. Barbara Rozgonyi on July 18th, 2008 1:53 am

      What a wonderful way to acknowledge your community,Cath! You are the star for bringing us all together.

      Barbara Rozgonyi’s last blog post..BlogHer08 Buzz | Widget Tunes You In

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