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3. 10. 2008

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September 30, 2008 - Volume 8 Issue 40ASearch Smarter.
Search by specification for products and services.
Today's Highlights . . .
LLT 2700 Compact Laser Line Camera
The scanCONTROL 2700 laser line camera uses the triangulation principle for an acquisition of a two dimensional height profile of most target surfaces.
The LLT2700 allows the acquisition of line profile data, 3D image, as well as the intensity image in real time. Unique, absolute, calibrated profile data (x, z) guarantees true and accurate measurement for many applications where conventional vision cameras fail.
Accurate Thickness Measurements Made Easier!
Olympus — NDT
Measure thickness accurately even when you can't access one of the sides! Applications include plastic bottles, metal containers and pipes, glass sheets and bulbs, rubber tires, machined parts, fiberglass, and other materials. No reason to cut or damage the part. You can use our handheld Model 35 ultrasonic thickness gauges for measurements by putting a probe to just one side. Measurements are instant, accurate, and reliable.
Or using the Magna-Mike, simply drop a small target ball inside a plastic container and hold a magnetic probe on the outside. Easy, reliable, with data storage.
What's New at Vaisala!
Find out — ISA Booth #1604
Visit us at ISA Expo, in Houston, October 14-16, 2008, booth #1604. Register for ISA. Stop by the Vaisala booth:
New! WAN/LAN feature Vaisala humidity, dewpoint, and pressure transmitters
New! Polymer Dewpoint Sensor measures in extreme dryness down to -112° F
Vaisala SPECTRACAP® Oxygen OMT355
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Don't miss this opportunity to see the latest Vaisala technology in action.
View all Vaisala instruments.
Delphi Connection Systems Serving the Transportation Market
Power & Signal Group
Delphi Connection Systems provides not only tested, reliable connection systems like its GT Series and 064 Series, but also cutting edge products and technologies designed to meet expanding demands for entertainment and data exchange capabilities within the transportation market.
The Delphi Data Connectivity Systems line incorporates cables, connectors, and consumer ports to allow communication of audio, video, and navigation data within the vehicle.
The Delphi J1939 Terminating Resistor is ideally suited for use with CAN bus systems, and is designed to help meet the increased loads on electrical and electronic architecture systems in commercial vehicles, including off-highway agricultural and construction equipment.
News of Interest . . .
New Industry e-Newsletters from GlobalSpec!
Coming this October, GlobalSpec will launch four new industry e-newsletter publications. Like all GlobalSpec e-newsletters, these information-packed publications will be sent right to your inbox for free and will become a valuable resource in the constant battle to stay current on the latest news essential to your day-to-day professional needs. These new titles include:
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Subscribe today to any one — or more — of these monthly publications and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, new product developments, and applications impacting these critical global industries.
Accent On . . .
Travel Safely Through Ice and Snow
RUD Chain, Inc.
A number of factors have to be taken into account when selecting the right snow chain. Important considerations: where the chains are to be used, the car's design, and how often the chains will be used.
RUD® offers a variety of snow chains to suit your needs.
For secure grip on slippery ground such as ice and snow, fast and easy mounting, and comfortable handling, choose RUD®. For addtional information contact RUD® Chain, Inc.
New DisplayPort Cables for Clearest Picture Yet
L-com, Inc.
L-com Connectivity Products announces it will carry DisplayPort cables available for same-day shipment. L-com's DisplayPort (DP) cables offer a single cable solution that provides high-definition digital audio and video for computing displays, graphic cards, and laptops. The DP Technology replaces DVI and VGA cables and is the new digital display standard. It is the HDMI™ equivalent for computers and provides a simple and easy connection for both high-definition digital audio and video. Additionally, LSZH versions are offered for specialty applications.
Tech Article . . .
Implementing A Realtime Clock
"Real-time clocks are used in many embedded applications to record the time at which an event occured, a pressure sensor was activated, or an ADC reading was taken, for example. Currently there are off-the-shelf components that contain a small crystal time base coupled with simple logic that have standardized interfaces for connecting to the I2C, SPI, or parallel port of a microcontroller. This application note describes how to implement the function of a real-time clock inexpensively by using a C8051Fxxx device, a small 32 kHz watch crystal, and a few passive components." Read this article in its entirety.

This article is provided by Silicon Laboratories, Inc.
Focus On . . .
Bodine Aluminum Brochure
Bodine Aluminum, Inc.
Bodine Aluminum (St. Louis Plant), one of the largest producers of complex aluminum sand and permanent mold castings in the U.S., is a full-service facility offering prototype to production including design engineering, patterns, finishing, heat treatment, and CNC machining. ISO certified. Quality castings at fair, competitive prices. Call 314-423-0318 and ask for our full-color catalog.
High-Density DC Power
Power Solutions Inc.
Power Solutions Inc. provides power conversion products, devices, and related components to the OEM and MRO electronics market worldwide. Each individual series delivers rated power of regulated output power and features universal AC input, on-board EMI filtering, and meets all relevant worldwide Safety Agency requirements. Additional details are available here.
Product Watch . . .
Linear DC-Servomotors
MicroMo Electronics, Inc.
Boasting a slim line design of 12.5 x 47 mm and a weight of 56 g, at full power this drive provides up to 9.4 N of force. More info...
HV Regulated and Unregulated DC-DC Converters
LHV Power
LHV Power currently offers two series of unregulated DC-DC converter modules. Both are designed to be mounted directly on a PCB. More info...
Powering Your Design Prototypes Faster Just Got 14% Less Expensive!
Agilent Technologies, Inc. / Electronic Measurement Group
Agilent's N6705A DC Power Analyzer enables unrivalled productivity gains for R&D engineers needing to source/analyze power drawn by a device or PCBA; 14% discount through February 2009 — see promo details. More info...
System Integration / Test and Data Acquisition Systems
Invisar, Inc.
Invisar designs automated test systems geared to the specialized needs of electronics, electro-mechanical, and complex equipment manufacturers, providing them high-performance production testing, process monitoring, and product development tools and solutions. More info...
Low-Profile, Critical Noise Vibration Isolators
Trelleborg Industrial AVS
These compact, low-profile mountings are so exceptional that they are the preferred choice for such critical applications as portable power plants at classical concert venues and onboard luxury yacht machinery. More info...
Transform Your Steel Parts
Bolduc Leroux Inc.
Bolduc Leroux is a one-stop shop that transforms your steel parts into a complete, finished product. Examples of successful projects include the Dorval and Qubec airports, and modifications to Rockefeller Center. More info...
Cellcorder® CRT-400 Cell Voltage and Resistance Tester
The Cellcorder® CRT-400 is Albér's newest handheld cell voltage and resistance tester. The CRT-400 measures and records cell float voltage, internal cell resistance, and intercell connection resistance. More info...
New MasterChill
Dimplex Thermal Solutions
The new Schreiber brand MasterChill series industrial chiller is the new standard of cooling. Through quality and convenience we have truly mastered the cooling industry with this new, affordable product. More info...
Challenge of the Month. . .
PickPM.com is a comprehensive Web site that answers all your questions about designing with PM: case studies, downloadable technical information, property data, and product sources.
You want to cook some onions. You start by bringing a pot of water to the boiling point (assume you are at sea level), and then put the onions in the water. At this point, you want to conserve as much energy as possible. What should you do? Should you increase the heat so the onions will cook in less time? Explain.
Answer / Discuss
Learn More . . .
Data Acquisition Input Modules...
Learn More | The Engineering Web® | Suppliers/Specs
...accept sensor and other signal output for data acquisition systems. They may include signal conditioning prior to the analog-to-digital conversion stage.

Subscribe to these GlobalSpec DirectU2 e-Newsletters: Data Acquisition; Solutions for Industrial Computing; Networking & Communications; Test & Measurement.Dissolved Oxygen Sensors...
Learn More | The Engineering Web® | Suppliers/Specs
...are used to measure the amount of oxygen dissolved in a unit volume of water. In water quality applications, such as aquaculture and wastewater treatment, the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) must be kept high.
Subscribe to these GlobalSpec DirectU2 e-Newsletters: Sensors & Switches; Test & Measurement; Plant & Facilities Engineering; Industrial Processing Equipment.
Frequency-to-Voltage Converters...
Learn More | The Engineering Web® | Suppliers/Specs
...accept a signal and convert its frequency to a corresponding analog voltage level.
Subscribe to these GlobalSpec DirectU2 e-Newsletters: Electrical Components; Electronic Components; Electronic Test Equipment; Automotive Technology.Titration Instruments...
Learn More | The Engineering Web® | Suppliers/Specs
...are used to determine the concentration of dissolved substances. Titration is based on a complete chemical reaction between the specific substance, the analyte, and a reagent or titrant.
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Of Interest . . .
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