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23. 9. 2008



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Our Special Gift this week


Contributed by: Jack Sinclair

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Giveaway Manager 2 - Top Listbuilding Software Exposed

Finally the most incredible listbuilding software on the planet was made available to the public. Giveaway Manager 2. The World's Most Powerful  JV Giveaway Software get it here: http://www.jv-giveaway.com/presents/giveawaymanager2.htm







 We have launched!
 Closing Doors:   4 / 15 / 2018 - 20:00

 Current Time:   9 / 22 / 2008 - 18:18


*NEW* 3 Part Payment Plan Available, See Inside! 

Giveaway Manager 2 UNLEASHED!

PROVEN! The All-New GiveAway Manager 2 'Whacks' Slackers & Freeloaders, Romances Your High-Profile JV Partners, And Runs Your Giveaway Event With Such Laser-Like Precision, All You Have To Do Is Sit Back, Relax And Watch It Explode Into A List-Fattening, Money-Making Festival!

Hype? No.
That's exactly what happened
at EasterJV2008. Before the event
went live, we banked $2,000!

And afterwards?
Whoa! You wouldn't believe
the frenzy our new and improved software
kicked up! Raging cash, rabid subscribers
and exciting, new gifts!

In this letter we're going to show you
how we built an impressive roster of
1,684 confirmed JV Partners... how we raked in
as much as 8,556 new subscribers in just 11 days
... and how you can possibly do it too!

From: Brad Smith and Guido Nussbaum
Tuesday September 23, 2008 Dear Internet Marketer,We're going to reveal some not-so-profitable things about giveaway events running the circuit these days:One: They are crippled by low sales conversion rates -- typically under 1%!Two: Subscriber numbers have fallen drastically over the recent years, and...Three: High profile marketers scorn them like the plague!If you want to run your very own successful giveaway event, you can beat those odds.And the good news is: It's not as hard as you think... because we've been there.We've beaten those odds. And we have proof to show that our strategies to crush them have worked exceptionally well.Where were they tested... and proven?No where else but at the recent launch of our annual giveaway event, Easter JV Giveaway 2008.And the results?A whopping 10% conversion rate
for Contributor Upgrades!
Yes, contributors paid us to join the event!And before we even opened the doors to Easter JV Giveaway 2008, over $2,000 sat in our Paypal account from Contributor Upgrades alone. Then even more Contributors upgraded at a 50% higher amount once inside the Easter JV Giveaway after the event had started.We were making so much cash, so fast!And to prove this, we decided to share screenshots of our Paypal account with you: Impressive, huh?But what about subscribers? Did they come rushing in, too?You bet!Over 5,500 Subscribers Surged Into
Our List Servers Within The First 24 Hrs!
...courtesy of our JV partners who promoted Easter JV Giveaway 2008 aggressively.They did because the incentives were so powerful. And if they didn't, well, they risked losing their gift position inside the Giveaway, altogether.It worked like this...If Contributors registered for free and thought it all hunky dory to just slap up a gift, sit back, and swallow subscribers without promoting our event, they had another thing coming.You see, Giveaway Manager 2 now has a feature called the Automated Gift Removal system that 'whacks' these free Contributors -- or rather, freeloaders -- for languishing in our Giveaway.What happens is, if they don't promote our event, their gifts will eventually drop from the FREE Download area based on our gift management criteria, and they would be erased completely from our Giveaway...UNLESS......they UPGRADED their account and PAID to keep themselves inside our event.Pretty slick, huh?Yep! It worked like a charm!And, boy, did they pay!But, most importantly,We Want To Share With You How We
Took Care Of Our High Profile JV Partners!
We've had a lot of grace from high profile marketers in the past.People like Jason James, Doug Champigny, Mike Mazella, Jason Dinner, Willie Crawford, Mark Hendricks, to name a few.But these names don't just fall from the sky. Their confidence is hard earned. And it's unlikely that you'll ever get in contact with them personally unless you can bring a great offer to the table.Why?Because they're extremely busy people. They work on multi-million dollar projects.And they don't have time to waste on spoofy little projects that give no return on investment.Got it?Good.So here's what we did for our high-profile posse: We offered them exclusive membership within our site allowing them to gain access to Advanced Credits for Gift Placement, Direct links to download pages, Add a One Time Offer... and much MORE!Their response?Over 12% of JV Partners chose to upgrade their account to take advantage of these rights!And we went on to make a killing with the rotational One Time Offers. Our JV Partners took advantage of the Downline Builder to make even more money on the side without paying us so much as a small commission!See how it all came together?We thought we were against some pretty tough odds. But we thought our way through. And found the solutions... which we weaved into Giveaway Manager 2... and clobbered all 3 of them.Now, our lists are bigger. And we're richer because of it.So What Does This
All Mean For You?
Simple: Money. Lots of it!There's no way you can launch a giveaway event like Easter JV and not set yourself up to make tens of thousands of dollars in months and years to come.It's impossible.Once you have your new list, all it takes is building a cosy, mutually respectful, romantic relationship.That's all.Who... or what... could possibly stop you from adding 8,556 fresh, new, targeted subscribers -- just like we did -- to your list in a few short days?Nothing. Nothing at all.And, if you -- like so many others -- think that running a giveaway event is time-consuming, resource-intensive, energy-sapping... amongst a whole host of other excuses, we've designed Giveaway Manager 2 to address all your copouts.You Will Love These Brand New Features
We've Added To The Newer Version:
A fully integrated PayPal merchant solution which allows your customers to purchase your products through almost any means!

A built-in affiliate program for use with PayPal so you can choose to pay your affiliates in just about any way you want!

An upgraded database structure which affects the main running of the site but to the end user it's merely a cosmetic change!
A standard, built-in Tell a friend script.
An expanded use and integration of the One Time Offer and Special Offer systems-- simpler to use and jam-packed with even more options!

Your JV Partners can invite other JV Partners and earn referral commissions when they signup. Watch this go viral !

What you have just read are the features and benefits of the most powerful software there is on the market to run your very own fabulously successful giveaway event.What's Going To Stop You From Getting It?Excuses? Such as?
  • "I don't have time" -- That is so lame. That means you won't have time to bank the profits,either :-p. GWM 2 is simple to install and manage, just upload graphics and set your event time, and date - then add your welcome message to the front of the site, and you're ready to go!


  • "I don't have any HTML Skills" -- A basic level of HTML is required. Can you use a word processor like MS Word or WordPad? The only real difficulty is making sure the links to your images are full URL links, not relative links, unless you know what to you are doing ! (And then you can't say you don't have any HTML skills anyway!)


  • "I don't have any JV Partners" -- Easy. Go to existing giveaways (there's tons of them now) and search for other giveaway participants or owners - the viral nature and reward of GWM 2 gives others a huge incentive to want to join your event.


  • "I won't be able to use GWM 2 for anything else" -- Wrong. GWM 2 is a Membership Site script as well and you can use it to sell normal products and One Time Offers. It also has a built in Mass Mail feature so that you can continue to bring people back to the site. Plus, the menus are all customizable so that you can add or remove the pieces that you don't want, for instance, the download page links.


  • "I'm afraid of getting sued for giving away copyrighted products" -- that's possible. So you will need to urge your contributors to provide gifts that can only be legitimately given away. From experience, other marketers dob in people with gifts that can't be given away; these gifts are easily suspended or deleted from admin with the click of a mouse.


  • "I just don't have the energy to run a Giveaway event" -- Well, that's sad. Would you have energy if you had an instant list of 10,000 hungry subscribers that came from YOUR giveaway event?
We could go on and on... back and forth like this... but you get the picture, right?If you were standing before us in person, and you came at us with a bulging bag of excuses stating why running a giveaway event is not for you, we'd shoot everyone of them down instantly.The fact is...We Want You To Succeed!Just like we have in building a list of over 25,000 people in the past 3 years exclusively from Easter JVs. Not to mention a list of over 3,500 JV Partners who are ready and willing to jump on board any of our events. This year we've added over 11,000 new subscribers in just 6 days bringing the total to approximately 31,000 subscribers.And you can bet your life on this: We'll be doing it all over again next year!Just imagine if you could duplicate our success by running one in the next few weeks, pulling in approximately the same or greater numbers?How much would your life change knowing that you have so many hungry, motivated subscribers on your list?Don't you think that if you fed them what they crave for FREE at first... and then let them get to know you personally, getting them to trust and believe in you, they'd hardly resist sending you money for anything you have to offer?Of course they would!If you can do that...You'll Open Yourself Up To
A Never-Ending Source Of Income
True. Multi-millionaire marketer, Frank Kern, tells of how he had a list of only 8,000 whom he hadn't mailed to for a year.Yet when he mailed his list informing them of a seminar he was putting on for $10,000 a pop, he pulled in $530,000 in under nine minutes on launch day!Here's a man who knows his list. Who knows their hot buttons. What they crave for. And what makes them tick.That kind of list you won't get from buying 50,000 bulk leads.You won't get it overnight from ultra-expensive, pocket-bleeding PPC campaigns.Neither will you get it that quickly from forums, safelists or articles.All those methods are either downright expensive or utterly useless.One of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to get highly-motivated subscribers is by running your own giveaway event.And since we're on the topic of cost and effectiveness, we're sure you want to know...How Much Your Investment
In Giveaway Manager 2 Will Be
Well, we're not going to tell you it's supposed to be $997. But because this is a promotional whatever we're going to slash it by $400 to $597 for a limited time.No. We won't insult your intelligence like that.We're telling you upfront that GiveAway Manager 2 sells for $297.We're also going to tell you upfront that we're aware of the prices our competitors charge. And compared to us, we are supposedly expensive. We acknowledge that.But get this: Their software does less. Much less.And you can be sure that the old adage that "You get what you pay for" definitely applies here.Customers who have already bought it are thrilled by its prowess and the ease with which they can automate the management of their affiliates, titillate their high-profile JV Partners, and streamline the flow of money in and out of their coffers.Check out what they have to say about Giveaway Manager 2:
I had the pleasure of hosting The New Years Giveaway with Guido this year. The results of the giveaway were amazing. There has never been a giveaway script to date with all of the advanced features that Brad and Guido's Giveaway Manager 2 incorporates.I highly recommend it to anybody planning on using giveaway events to build their lists and to profit in the most effective ways possible.
Davin Ogden
"The Davinator"
"Great Flexibility and Features with GWM2""I chose to use GWM2 for my "Daddys Birthday Giveaway" because I already knew it's great flexibility and features from the earlier version, and I was thrilled to see the new features added. It's very easy to work with both as a programmer and as the giveaway host.Using GWM2, my Daddys Birthday Giveaway attracted 551 contributors in the week before launch, and added 2,122 members in the two weeks it was open. The giveaway software handled a gross of $3,437 in sales of upgrades and oto's, and with other monetization on the site, my total revenue from the giveaway during operation was more than $5,000!GWM2 is the software I am using for my next giveaway. I highly recommend GWM2 for yours as well!Thank you!
Odinn Sorensen
Anyone who knows me even in the slightest is well aware of the multitude of script "issues" I've faced in running many successful giveaway events of my own. And the biggest common denominator with all of the prior scripts that I've used is a lack of support and a lack of awareness for what constitutes a "successful giveaway."With GWM2 - ALL of my nightmares are over!Not only is GWM2 well supported, but you KNOW giveaways and have written this software to include all the elements that will enable people to run a successful event of their own. The attention to detail, diversity of options and methods of monetization are so well thought out and easy to implement that it takes all the guesswork out of the entire setup.Thank you for saving me hours and hours of hair pulling frustration - GWM2 is the answer!!!Have Fun & Fortune!
Brad & Guido,When I first heard that you were going to create a version 2 of Giveaway Manager, I couldn't imagine what could be done to improve on the previous release (other than fix a few bugs).However, Giveaway Manager 2 could qualify as a "Killer App"!... in the immortal words of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.As a contributor in many, many giveaway events, I have to tell you that the extra monetization features alone allowed me to earn more commissions from the events using GM2 than almost any other.I can't wait to use the new script to run another event of my own. The added tracking and statistics features will sure make it a lot easier to be the testing geek that I am.Ya, gotta love automation.

Mark Sandquist

As you can see, it truly is a professional marketer's tool. Exclusively for marketers who are serious about business and accept that to get the job done efficiently, you have to equip yourself with the most robust of tools.So, if you think $297 is out of your league, we can easily refer you to one of our competitors. But if you realize $297 is a speck compared to the massive return on investment you'll receive in months and years to come, you'll be protected by our..."BOLD AS BRASS" MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!It's this: We want you to put Giveaway Manager 2 through the paces. Use it exhaustively during your next giveaway event. And if it doesn't do all that we say it will do... if it doesn't make you a happy customer -- for any reason at all -- we want you to ask for, and get, your money back!Look: It doesn't matter if you're just learning the ropes as a fresh, new internet marketer, or you're a grizzled old veteran who's plundered most of the online goldmines -- this incredible software will spark a list explosion if you use it!We stand by it. We believe in it. We know what it can do. Our customers know what it can do.Now It's Time For You To
Experience It For Yourself
There is NO risk whatsoever. We have totally eliminated it from your purchase decision.The burden is on us to prove to you that Giveaway Manager 2 is all that we say it is.And if it isn't, who will come out loser here?Certainly not you! And how can you when we're also including our blockbuster best-seller, The GiveWay Code -- absolutely FREE -- with your purchase.This book is considered the Bible of the giveaway industry. It lays out in clear, fine detail the nuts and bolts of running your very own powerful giveaway event from concept to finish!Consider it the most appropriate and resourceful companion you could ever have with our flagship software -- and it's YOURS FREE!Now, it’s all up to you.You could, of course, make the huge mistake of declining our offer and continue struggling to build your list as fast as a snail...Or, you can simply say “YES” and begin putting Giveaway Manager 2 to work for you -- challenging yourself to whip us, sucking in far more than our 8,556 hot, new subscribers!If you can do that, if you can challenge yourself to run one of the most spectacular giveaway events of your life using our software, and you are NOT at all scared of making BIG money, there's only one rational thing to do: Download your risk-free copy of Giveaway Manager 2 right now!

WAIT: Can't Afford A Single Payment ?
Three Part Payment Plan Available, Inside

Based on feedback from our site visitors and existing customers, we are now offering a 3 part payment plan of $100 per month for 3 months.

Need it ?

This is a limited time offer, and we might pull it from the shelf at any time. To take advantage of this payment plan, simply create your free account and once inside you can select the "3 Part Payment Plan" inside the site.

Now there's no reason stopping you from building your massive subscriber lists while you buy time to pay us back!

Download your risk-free copy of Giveaway Manager 2 right now!

To start the purchase process, please create your FREE membership account below. You will also see an exclusive "We Are Here To Make You Winners" One Time Offer right after you have confirmed your details.

(Incidentally, if your email confirmation doesn't arrive within 3 minutes, please use the "Manual Verification" method that you will see on the next page to complete your account creation step. For this you only need to enter your email and password that you create in the step below.)

Your first name
Your last name
Your primary email
Choose a password
Confirm your password


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