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Passport to Wealth Marketing Co-op


  "Advertise Your Passport To Wealth
Business To Millions Of Qualified
Prospects While Building A Source
Of Never-Ending Free Advertising!"




* To Own A Legitimate Home Based Business You Need Quality Prospects

* To Earn An Online Income You Need To Promote Your Site Continuously

We Offer Both... We'll Send You Red Hot Prospects and We'll Promote Your Site So You Can Earn Your Own Automatic Payments of $997 For Every Sale of Passport To Wealth.

Finally we have the missing link - a way to blast your Passport To Wealth business into the BIG time. PPTW provides you a fantastic opportunity that requires almost NO phone work, NO selling or explaining of the system from you, and a work from home business that almost anyone can afford. Like evey other business though, to be successful for the long-term you need Red-Hot Prospects flooding your website!

Just like every other home business, you really have one main job... GET AS MANY VISITORS AS POSSIBLE TO YOUR OPTIN PAGE . Once you have that figured out, your home business will start raking in the profits non-stop till you beg for mercy.

Bob Williams' PPTW Team has created a Pay Per Click Co-op program that destroys every managed marketing program around. Bob has created a program that takes advantage of massive group buying power. With Bob's Google Gone Mad PPC Advertising Co-op, we will dominate most searches on the different Search Engines. As individual advertisers none of us can compete with the Big Boys, but using our group buying power, we can dominate the Big Boys and their huge marketing budgets.

Bob Williams' marketing expertise guarantees a flood of highly targeted, ready-to-buy traffic to your Passport To Wealth site. You'll know exactly how much you're spending on your Pay Per Click traffic every month. And there won't be any nasty surprises from a runaway advertising campaign. Your monthly payment is all you'll pay, unlike running your own campaigns which can get incredibly expensive if you don't watch carefully.

Bob Williams' Google Gone Mad PPC Co-op is open to every PPTW member, not just Bob Williams' Team. You can earn $25 per month PPC credit for every PPTW member you send to Google Gone Mad. Simply signup and receive your own link to promote. Imagine, in just a few months your PPC marketing budget could grow to thousands of dollars every month. Now just imagine how many extra sales you'll get every month from your Google Gone Mad PPC marketing.

Don't let another opportunity pass you by. The sooner you get in, the sooner you can start earning free advertising AND flooding your Passport To Wealth site with highly targeted, red-hot prospects, ready to join your business.

Co-op Advertising:
$199 per Slot

* You will be in a $50,000 to $60,000 monthly Pay Per Click campaign.
* You Must participate in order to get credit for your referred members
* You can use Passport Sales center to close your sales for you if you want.
* Google Ads have already been split-tested and optimized for great results
* 130 search terms targeted... equal to hundreds of millions of searches!
* Search Engine Rotator for PPTW... you will be entered into this rotator too!
* $199 get's you into the rotator and gives you your own Google Gone Mad ID.
* Earn Unlimited FREE Advertising!

If you haven't already joined Passport To Wealth what are you waiting for? Click here to see Bob Williams' brand new and very effective Passport To Wealth Optin Page.

Click here to take advantage of a flood of highly-targeted traffic from Bob Williams' Google Gone Mad PPC Advertising Co-op .








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