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13. 12. 2013




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Codex Gigas or The Devil's Bible


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 Soumrak nad Ostravou-Svinov mosty

Cody Moya

The world of audio books has been steadily growing since these
unique literary vehicles were first introduced more than 20 years
ago, and the technology has continued to grow and change as well.
From the original books on tape to the audio books of today, which
are as likely to come as downloadable books as books on tape, audio
books have continued to evolve to meet the ever changing needs of
readers and consumers.

Audio books are so popular in fact that many readers prefer them to
the old fashioned paperback and hardback books, and it is certainly
easy to understand their wide appeal.  After all, audio books can
be enjoyed anywhere, in the car, on the train, on the subway or
even in the shower, making them much more versatile and useful than
their paper counterparts.

What this means for the smart entrepreneur is that there are plenty
of opportunities to profit from audio books.  Whether you resell
the works of other authors or create your own audio books focusing
on your own areas of expertise, the audio book market is a very
lucrative and wide ranging one.

When creating, marketing and selling audio books, it is important
to make the audio books as user friendly as possible.  The more
user friendly your customers find your audio books, the greater the
likelihood that they will become regular customers.  

If you fail to take the needs of the actual user of the audio book into account,
you will not be able to succeed in the market, since one time sales
may not be able to sustain the business long term.  It is much
better to aim for repeat sales, and the basis of getting those
customers to come back time after time is to provide them with more
value than they would have expected.

One of the keys to making the audio books as user friendly as
possible is to provide the audio books you sell in a variety of
different formats.  When the first audio books hit the market more
than two decades ago, almost all of them were sold as books on
tape, but these days consumers have a great many more choices.

When the audio CD first hit the market, audio books quickly adapted
the CD format to their needs, spurred on no doubt by the rising
number of CD players in cars and trucks.

These days of course the hottest format is that of the MP3, and MP3
format is used not only for downloading our favorite songs but for
downloading all kinds of audio information, including audio books.
The MP3 format lends itself quite well to the world of audio books,
and every audio book seller, creator and marketer should be sure to
offer this downloadable format.

It is important as well to offer audio books in a variety of
different subjects.  The number of subjects you focus on, and the
variety of products you sell, will of course be affected by the
nature of your business, and by the makeup of your target audience.
The world of selling and marketing audio books lends itself well
to specialty markets, and this type of targeted marketing can be
quite effective.

For instance, some sellers of audio books will focus their
businesses on selling self improvement, sales training and other
career development audio books to other entrepreneurs, and to
business executives.  This segment of the audio book market is one
of the most popular, and most lucrative, and many audio book
sellers have found success here.

It is important for the entrepreneur to thoroughly research market
to determine which market best meets your own interests and needs.

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Cody Moya

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Codex Gigas or The Devil's Bible




Photos courtesy of the National Library of the Cze
Whether or not he actually helped produce this one-of-a-kind medieval text, the devil merits a prominent portrait inside.

More than 350 years after it was looted from Prague by the











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