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Micro-Continuity *PROOF*

A Micro-Continuity Case Study


Hey Everyone -

WOW - we've had a LOT of awesome comments from the "fight for your dreams video?" first video - over 434 so far and counting.

One common question we had was "Russell, this look awesome - do you have any case studies of people doing it?" For those with that question, I've got GREAT news! One of our students, Joy Anderson, went through our original Micro-C training and was able to get her site up and running and making money in about 48 hours!

I asked her if she'd write a report documenting exactly what she learned and what she did. She turned her experience into a 34 page blueprint that has MORE value and content then ANY ebook I have EVER seen at any price - and it's 100% FREE!!!

So here are your steps:


Step #1 - Download Joy's Report NOW >>

Step #2 - Print it out and read it (DON'T just try to read it on your computer, you know you'll never actually get to it that way)

Step #3 - Post a comment on this page letting Joy know how much you appreciate her for putting together this blueprint and let us know about your Micro-C site you're going to be making

Step #4 - Visit her site to see an actual working micro-continuity program in action! www.StartAPreschool.com

Thanks everyone!
Russell Brunson


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Russell Brunson Presents, "Fight For Your Dreams"

Hey Everyone -

Here's the FULL 90 minute presentation on Micro-Continuity.  Be sure to watch the full thing and take notes.  We've had students who have launched very successful Micro-C videos JUST from this free video alone!!!

If you already watched the first 51 minutes, and just want to watch video #2 (How To Give Away 1 CD Per Day, then please click here)

Here's the video!

Please post your comments below for a chance to win a FREE copy of the FULL Micro-Continuity System!!!

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