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22. 8. 2009
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  View the stages of construction with KP&S Construction, Inc through the eyes of one of our  customers.  



Kieschnick, Pesak and Schneider, Inc. was established on September 1, 2005 with the dream of building homes to enhance comfort and lifestyle, amplify nature and maximize value. Each partner collectively brings an important piece of the puzzle together in order to make the home building experience straightforward and more gratifying for the future homeowner. KP&S implements a design and build program, which has become an integral element in their method of helping you achieve your financial and aesthetic goals. They define value as a blend of excellent design with appropriate materials that are installed with superior craftsmanship. They utilize a collaborative approach, which yields extraordinary customer service and superior construction supervision, resulting in an exceptional home. KP&S is proud of the quality of construction and innovative design of its homes and believe that true quality includes structural integrity, energy efficiency and quality control.House plans? No problem . . . KP&S has plans available, or the building team will meet with you at your future home site and start from scratch. A custom home should fit into its surroundings, because building sites are critical to the design and construction of a new home. KP&S never dictates design specifications and criteria. The team can accommodate virtually any taste or budget. Steven Kieschnick can design your dream home and together  – you and the KP&S Team – will turn dreams into reality.  You may have already recognized the names of the partners of KP&S.  Not only have they been in the business independently for years, all of their fathers and families have been in the custom home business for ages.    Schneider is a reputable name in home building that has been in the Fayette County area for decades. The Kieschnick family is known for their expertise and integrity in the building business in Lee County and surrounding areas. Pesak family started designing and building cabinets in the late 1970’s and transitioned into home construction three brothers working side by side.Whatever your house dreams are, the KP&S home building team has the passion, experience and reputation to turn your dreams into your new home. KP&S’s goal is to surpass customer’s expectations – this is their promise to you.

© 2005-2008 KP&S Construction, Inc -- Giddings, Texas, USA. All Rights Reserved.




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T he First of 3 Profit-Pulling Affiliate

Marketing Models You Can

Copy Right Now!

Money Making

Blueprint - 1

Opt-In Site

Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 2 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

Step 1- Market Research ……..…………………………….. 3

Step 2 - What Was Wrong with Rachel's Site?

The BEFORE ……………...………………………………….


Step 2 - What Did We Fix on Rachel's Site?

The AFTER ...……………...………………………………….


Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 3 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Step 1 - Market Research

Whether you have an existing site that

you want to optimize… or if you are

brand new to affiliate marketing…

market research is where you always


Why? Because the first step to a

successful website is first determining

if there is even a market out there for


You want your topic to be of interest to a large enough segment of the

population. You don’t want to go through all the work of creating a

website and then not be able to drive any traffic to it.

Basically, you’ll need to do some research first!


Keyword Research

Keyword research is always the first step. You want to see if people

are actually looking for your information and products in your online

(and not just at their local retailer).

A quick, free way to do this is to use the Google AdWords keyword

tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

This tool will allow you to search by keyword or phrase in order to

check its search volume. If you remember, we did this during our

Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 4 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

review of Rachel’s site when we were looking for “baby shower


Now do some searches for terms in your niche using Google's tool, just

like we did in the video.

If you've determined that there is a market for your niche… now

we need to drive traffic there!

Traffic Potential

One of the best ways to check to see if you

can drive traffic to your site is by visiting

EzineArticles.com: http://ezinearticles.com/.

EzineArticles.com will allow you to enter in

your keyword or phrase into their search box.

From there you're able to look at all the

articles in their database associated with that


When the list of articles is generated, click one and scroll to the bottom

of the page where you can actually see the published date, plus the

number of times the article was viewed.

We did this very same thing with Rachel and found that there were

hundreds of different articles related to “baby shower games.” We

were able to determine that of the recently published articles, many

had been viewed hundreds - if not thousands - of times!


Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 5 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

From this, we now know that there is potential traffic out there that can

be driven to Rachel's website. Do the same thing for your niche.

If the number of article views looks promising (as explained in the

video), then all you have to do is publish articles related to your topic to

start getting traffic!

Okay, now you know that there is a market for

your subject… and you know you have this

untapped traffic that you can drive to your


All you need now is something to sell!

Find Products to Promote

The easiest way to find some affiliate products to promote is by doing a

Google search: http://www.google.com/.

In Rachel’s case we searched for “baby shower games + affiliate

programs” in Google. We wanted to find affiliate programs that were

related to her topic so that we could monetize her website. All

"monetize" means is a way to make money !

You can do the very same thing. Just follow the easy steps in the


There are thousands of affiliate programs out there for you to choose

from, you just have to search for them!



Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 6 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

If you find an affiliate program that fits your site, then you can easily

join the program or network. Signing up for the affiliate program allows

you to promote the products on your site using special links.

When visitors click those special links and buy the product, you earn a

commission off those sales. Nice!

Next… what was wrong with Rachel΄s opt-in site?

Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 7 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Step 2 - What Was Wrong with Rachel΄s

Opt-in Site? The BEFORE…


What was wrong with Rachel’s Opt-in Site http://zikits.com/? How long

have you got?

Really, for someone with 12+ years experience in Affiliate Marketing,

Rachel’s site had some real issues!


Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 8 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Opt-in Box Problems…

First, the opt-in box. All you really need to collect from your visitors are

their name and email address. Get rid of the excess information and

just focus on the specifics.

Also, the eye naturally scrolls from left to right, so the opt-in should be

moved to the right side of that page.

If you’ve got to scroll to view your entire page, don’t forget to add

another opt-in box towards the bottom of the page. That's in addition to

the one above the right hand navigation.

Where's the Headline?

Always add a headline to your site and call it out with bright colors and


Here the headline just blends in with the rest of the page - there’s

nothing grabbing your attention.

No Emphasis on FREE!

You always want to emphasize the word “FREE” on your site. If you

are giving your visitors something for free… make sure to call that out!

Use all capitals letters, bright colors, and flames if you must - but you

definitely want to call attention to the free items you're giving away.

Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 9 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

How Much is it Worth?

Lastly, add a value to your free offer. Rachel is offering a genuinely

valuable game package for free… but the real value is hidden without

showing how much it's worth in real dollars.

If you're giving away free baby shower games, determine what it would

cost for someone to go out there and create or purchase those very

same games. Then remind them of how much it would cost right there

on your site.

Your conversions will increase if your traffic can associate a cost with

your free product!

Next… Rachel's site AFTER our makeover!

Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 10 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Step 3 - What Did We Fix on Rachel’s

Site? The AFTER…

What a difference! We had our work cut out for us, but we

accomplished an extreme makeover - a huge change from the original

site. You can check out the new site here: http://zikits.com/

Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 11 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Opt-in Box - Short and Sweet

You can see that we made the opt-in box substantially smaller - all

we're asking for in name and email.

We moved it to the right side of the page, so it's right in the path of

your eye naturally goes.

Because it's a long page, we also added a second opt-in box further

down at the bottom of the page.

Prominent, Colorful Headline

We’ve created colorful headline using strong colors, graphics and

images, which draws the visitor’s attention.

Emphasis on FREE!

We’ve emphasized the word “FREE” in several areas throughout the

page. Now anyone who visits just needs to enter their name and email

only - and the receive the free baby shower games!

Right now Rachel is doing some research on similar products to

determine the dollar value of her free offer.

Once she can attach a realistic price tag to it, we're going to

emphasize that on the page with something like:

FREE Baby Shower Games - A $xx Value, Yours FREE!

Money Making Blueprint 1

Opt-In Site

Page 12 | © Copyright 2009, Lurn, Inc. All Rights Reserved.





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