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4. 10. 2008




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Terry Beresford

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Paula Frye

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Top 5 Hit Exchanges
Updated on September 30, 2008
EasyHits4U #1 Overall Performance, September 30, 2008 testing report.
Traffic-Splash #2 Overall Performance, September 30, 2008 testing report.
Hit2Hit #3 Overall Performance, September 30, 2008 testing report.
ILoveHits #4 Overall Performance, September 30, 2008 testing report.
DragonSurf #5 Overall Performance, September 30, 2008 testing report.
BootScootinTraffic Notable: New to top 20 rankings,#19, Sept 30
Remaining Top 20 Hit Exchanges
Top 5 Safelist
From Safelist Report and updated on October 2, 2008
GlobalSafelist #1 Overall Performance, Oct 2, 2008 testing report.
Elite Safelist #2 Overall Performance, Oct 2, 2008 testing report.
FreeSafelistMailer #3 Overall Performance, Oct 2, 2008 testing report.
AdSolutionline #4 Overall Performance, Oct 2, 2008 testing report.
GotSafelist #5 Overall Performance, Oct 2, 2008 testing report.
Remaining Top 10 Safelist




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