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23. 1. 2008

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Extra Extra, Read All About It!

Pssst... alexander duricky Listen To What
Noemi Santonastasio Wants You To Discover...

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Recruiting and Duplication System

"How You Can Get An Unfair Advantage In Creating Retirement Style Income Whilst Building An Unstoppable Stream Of Traffic Using Only An Amazing, Simple But Proven, Duplication System"

Finally Revealed: The EXACT Same Process Which You Can Simply Duplicate In Less Than 15 Minutes From Now At No Cost To You.
Yes Its 100% FREE!

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Today ( 23 January 2008) will be the day that will transform your online marketing efforts. I would like to show you an easy to use, FREE marketing system that I am using to build multiple streams of income and massive streams of traffic at the same time. You will get the hang of this system by reading the personal letter from the CEO's below, then follow the Treasure Map to your own success for FREE.


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Patrick Mols and Erwin Maatje

Good Afternoon alexander duricky,

If you are just like us, you probably already know that making a fortune online isn't as simple as the so called guru's like you to believe...

We are NOT here to insult your intelligence today, we want to start off, right here, with telling you that we will NOT make you millions of dollars overnight for doing nothing. There is no such thing, although we still see plenty of crappy offers on a daily basis telling us otherwise. Just deposit some money to them and they will make us all rich...

Yeahhh... ...Right!

We truly hope you don't believe this nonsense, there is no one on the entire earth who will give you FREE money for doing nothing. There are Autosurf, HYIP's, Doublers, Tripler's, 'get rich quick' programs and many other kinds of money making schemes out there praying on your money, all promising you mountains of riches for doing nothing more then being a member of their program.

Look, we've joined and tested just about every money making program you see online. We have purchased almost every product about making money on the Internet, we spent thousands of $$$ out of our own pockets, just to discover that what was offered was nothing more than the same old over-priced, hyped-up products, systems and information that gave us nothing more than extra monthly commitments.

These Programs Are Only Created To Steal Your Money, Not To Generate You Income!

True, you can make some cash from those programs, and some people do very well in them, but these programs simply do not last long enough to generate you truly residual monthly income. But heck, you don't have to believe my word for it, just keep promoting those schemes, eventually you will see that they are only here to rip you off…

No, there are only a handful of true, honest businesses online which offer you a real opportunity to create wealth. But sadly, these programs do not tell you EXACTLY HOW to make money online with them. They give you some promotion tools and a referral URL, and that's it, you are on your own.

Because of our widely spread experience we've discovered "The Secret Treasure Map To Success". We found the solution for a failing downline. We discovered the specific strategies of how to build loyal and active teams. And best of all, we KNOW how to make money, for EVERYONE. We've put all of this data together and stuffed it into one simple system: A Simple Step-By-Step Money Making Machine.

A System Which:

Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Is 100% free for you to use!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Easy to duplicate in minutes! (No special HTML or programming skills required)
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Produce fast results!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Provide you with valuable marketing resources!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Provide you with highly effective "branded" Lead Capture pages with built in follow-up message!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include
Provide you with FREE, ready to use promotion tools!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Provide you with credibility of recommending something with real value, that WORKS!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include
Provide you with needed confidence of being the better sponsor!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Provide you with strategies for an active and loyal downline in all your programs, many levels deep!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Provide you with an long term, RETIREMENT style income from multiple sources!

Plus these added benefits:

Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Provide you with new, fresh Leads, every time someone requests information from your personal sites!
get your business on auto pilot A Powerful In-house Broadcasting System With 23+ Messages Branded In Your Name!
get your business on auto pilot Access to our "10K Hits A Day" manual and e-course! (Valued At $39.97)
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Provide you with a team forum where members share their success tips and tricks!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include Provide you with FREE downloadable software and E-Books which have a value of over $1999
Embedded Marketing Techniques IncludeAnd Much More...

No False Promises!

Listen, we will not fill your head with a bunch of nonsense. Again: We're not going to promise you "millions". We won't promise you will go to bed broke and wake up rich. We won't promise "instant wealth". Pardon My French, but you know that this shit isn't real. Our system isn't some "hyped up system" like you're used to. And honestly...

We Hate To Burst Your Bubble,
But There WILL Be Work Involved!

(Again, there is NO such thing as a free lunch)

But, if you are ready to learn, and, if you follow our simple Step-By-Step instructions, you can accelerate the growth of your team into an unstoppable sales force that will generate a retirement style income on a monthly basis for decades to come. By following our easy to understand guidelines and instructions, you will make more money faster. You will discover that by following the instructions from our system it will WORK at the end and believe me, it's much easier than you think.

If We REALLY Know How To Build Active And Loyal Teams
And How to Make Money THAT Easily,
Why The Hell Would We Share It With You For FREE?

GREAT question, glad you asked!

Well, selfish as we are, we've discovered that we can make a lot more money if we could help OTHERS make money. And we believe that you don't really care how much money we make, as long as YOU get to make a lot of money yourself in the process. Are we right?

And the truth of the matter is, we KNOW that our system works like a charm. It CAN and WILL help you make money in spite of what you think. Heck, it's even helping our members creating residual income as we speak.

By following our Step-By-Step instructions, you will start the process that will put your marketing efforts into maximum overdrive! We spent countless hours tweaking it so that normal’, everyday people can "turn the switch" and activate an incredibly easy to use marketing system that will help you (24/7) create massive income streams from various sources.

What You Can Expect...

At the bottom of this page you will find "The Secret Treasure Map To Success" that will start your online journey. Each Mission that you'll take will bring you closer to the Treasure, which reveals the key to Viral Marketing. You can unlock the Treasure by entering the codes from your missions, and a ready-to-go website, branded in your name, will be created instantly.

We haven't left any resource out, we’ve given you everything you need to generate an incredible income from the Internet. The only thing you need to do is follow the directions. Trust me, we really downplay the word "help" because...

We'll Provide You With Everything You Need To Succeed In Nicely Chewable Bits And Pieces And Then We'll Spoon Feed You!

Duplication is the entry basis for the entire journey.  Once you understand it, you'll know exactly how this breakthrough strategy will help you build an online income that can change your life, and the lives of your family members, forever.

Getting Started Is As Easy As

Embedded Marketing Techniques Include You do not need a website, we provide this to you!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include You do not need to know how to write sales letters!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include You do not need to know which companies to advertise with!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include You do not need to have a list, we help you build one!
Embedded Marketing Techniques Include
You do not need to have any experience!

Its Time.... to Act!

alexander duricky, let's start your personal journey now. Make sure you have your note pad open, or have a pen and paper at hand, to make notes. Yes, you'll need it!

Complete your journey today, it will only take you a few minutes and it could improve the quality of your life forever. You've come this far... so take your time and change your future forever! You're going to love it! Let's take your ship and sail to the first mission by clicking the start button below the treasure map!

DNE3 Treasure Map

Your Jaw Will Hit The Floor When You Discover
What This System Has In Store For You...
...And We Look Forward To Sharing The Excitement With You!

Duplicate yourself to success

Working For Your Success,

Erwin Maatje & Patrick Mols

P.S. By the way, before we forget, we also decided to give you access to our Special FREE download site. We like to believe that this is the biggest collection on the internet. It's jam packed with free downloadable resources like: e-books, reports and software. Many of them are still being sold. You get all this for FREE, just as a thank you for trying us out! (Retail Value of over $1999). Click here For a Sample Page

Duplication-system for Network-marketing Entrepreneurs
copyright  DNE3.com 2006-2008 all rights reserved
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