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20. 12. 2009

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Kakadu Juice - with superfood nutrition from the world's longest living culture

Australian wild foods were the sole source of nutrition for the indigenous Aborigines of Australia for eons and their society is recognized as the longest living culture on the planet. Now Kakadu International health and nutrition scientists are revealing the hidden secrets of traditional Aboriginal diets which delivered significant health benefits and which are now generating global attention.

We urge you to try some delicious Kakadu Juice for yourself and experience the difference in your health and well being as you absorb the nutritious phytochemicals from these super foods. Phytochemicals protect your body's cells, repairs and restores them and helps achieve your ideal health. Kakadu Juice is a good source of these phytochemicals.

Australia's Best Kept Secret is now available in Australia, New Zealand and the USA


Ideal Health and Nutrition in a bottle

No other nutritional product even comes close to the Kakadu Juice ideal health formulation. As a blend of over two dozen of the best superfoods coming from every continent, Kakadu Juice uses the nutritional leverage of an antioxidant cascade to deliver anthocyanins, flavenoids, resveratrol, organic acids, terpenes and sesquiterpenes, omega-3 oils and much more to boost our health and nutrition in several ways:

Antioxidants work directly by mopping up damaging free radicals formed during digestion or hard exercise or from exposure to toxic chemicals, drugs, environmental chemicals and even from ageing and stress.

Next, they reach into our cells and inhibit the activity of proteins called Phase I enzymes. While these reactive proteins begin the elimination process they also happen to make more free radicals in the process. However and perhaps more importantly, some antioxidants increase the activity of Phase II enzymes which could be regarded as our internal antioxidants since they can be recycled and continually induced to eliminate more free radicals than dietary antioxidants alone. The ingredients in Kakadu Juice contain many of these enzyme inducing components which are the fruit equivalents of broccoli sprouts and carrots. Luckily, our product also happens to taste so much better.

On-going research into these fascinating super foods continues to reveal the unparalleled nutritional quality of many traditional Aboriginal foods and unveils a treasure trove of phytochemicals which are becoming the superfoods of nutrition in 2009. Ask the person who directed you to this site for a copy of our e-book for more details or if you have found us through other means then please contact our office on admin at kakadu-international.com.au.

You Help Us Spread the Word, We Pay you a Substantial Income

So we know we have the best product on the market. How do we get the word out and how do we help as many people as possible to get the health and nutrition benefits from this super food mixture?

Kakadu Juice doesn't sell through conventional retail outlets as this would see money go to retailers, media and advertising companies, brokers and distributors who never really appreciate what a nutritional jewel they have on their hands. Instead, we reward the very people who use and recommend our nutrition product and we give them the opportunity to build substantial incomes from doing what anyone who discovers a great product would do - they tell others.

We love network marketing as a mean to distribute health and nutrition to the world. It is the new economy and many financial gurus including Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson and others recommend our industry as the best way for anyone to earn a significant income with minimal outlay or risk.

If you have been recommended by one of our Distributors, you can join, buy product or have a deeper surf around by entering their username when asked. Alternatively, if you have found us independently, you can look around our site and if you wish to purchase some Kakadu Juice to test our health product for yourself, please contact us. We'll put you in touch with one of our distributors who will get some product to you. Once you join as a member of our network you can buy at wholesale, saving significantly. You can even earn a commission on your own sales to your friends and family once they see how it helps your health.

Welcome to the New Economy and to a New Future developing Super Foods for Super Health.

This site is intended for informational and educational purposes only and not as a substitute for proper medical advice by a licensed physician with substantial nutritional training.

Readers are cautioned that much data about antioxidants are based on animal testing models and in vitro studies and research is on-going with testing and substantiation of actions in humans.

Kakadu International 2009 | Privacy/Disclaimer | Health Disclaimer






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