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5. 4. 2008

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Wondering what "meatspace" means? (Feel free to change the alt text of course.) :-)

<jargon> The physical world (as opposed virtual reality)
where you might spend facetime with the "carbon community"

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Excuse the mess, we're rebuilding.

I've finally taken some time to clean up the code, optimize some slow paths, implement some new features. The site was unusable or even down for a few days while the database had a massage and the new foundation was being put in.

Leigh Dodds made a super neat GeoURL to Google Maps converter using the RSS feeds. Thanks Leigh, that's awesome! :-)

Thanks for the suggestions for the lat/long coding in the RSS feeds by the way. I'll add some of the more "standard ways"...

I haven't picked a license (have to check that with Joshua first too), but the code ended up in an unrestricted subversion repository recently, so I might as well tell where. Beware that it's not "open source", so no using the code to setup your own site. Actually, you can't even take snippets of the code and copy it into your own systems. (Yet). That being said, it is at:

svn co http://svn.develooper.com/projects/geourl/trunk/ geourl

Before adding any new features, I'd like to get the outstanding bugs tackled first. (For example there's a bug that makes the /near/ page not show other weblogs at exactly your location).

If there's interest, I'll setup a mailing list for this...


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I've added license conditions on the site. The link is at the bottom of each page. Practically this applies mostly to the RSS feeds.

It's a creative commons license, so I've added the CC XML markup to all the pages.

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