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11. 11. 2008



"Free Access to This Unique Collection Of Pre-Built, Pre-Coded One Time Offer, Free Gift, and Squeeze Page Templates !"


NO GRAPHICS EDITING Required... Each Template Is Professionally Designed, Pre-Coded, And Ready To Be Promoted In Minutes!


From The Desk Of Justin Ledvina
Friday, 3:15 PM

Dear Friend and Internet Marketer,

  By now I'm sure you have heard that you should be promoting attention grabbing splash and squeeze pages instead of generic affiliate links. Not everyone can do their own graphics though and we understand this. Some people spend hundreds and even sometimes thousands of hard earned dollars getting professional looking graphics.  But what about those that can't afford the initial investment to get their feet off the ground?

  Thats when I decided everyone should have access to professional looking graphics without spending a fortune dime to do so!...

  Aren't you sick of the plain ole' BORING Splash and Squeeze Page templates you see all over the place -  you know the software generated ones you see in every Traffic Exchange - Now I'm giving you a chance to stick out from the crowd with my Professionally Designed Squeeze Page and Free Gift Templates.

 BANG! Instant results... just by using my professional designed templates and graphics...

  I'm talkin' about changing the way people look at you and  your business virtually overnight!

 You will be shocked... amazed... stunned!  Could it really be this easy?  Yes!

 Just think about it...

 How many times a day do you look at a website and say "I can't take this page serious it looks like it was designed by Mrs. Wetzel's 4th grade class in 1995"  - I think that several times a day  and it holds especially true if you've never heard of the product or it's owner before.  Can you take something completely serious if the owner or author didn't take the time to put it together visualy for you?

 Think about this for a second.  Ford comes up with a concept for the greatest vehicle ever created.  They spend hundreds if not thousands building it only to spray paint it with Army surplus green paint.  Then they do the interior with seats and a radio they find in the scrap yard.  You wouldn't take the time to look into that vehicle because it's just ugly.  You'd probably never find out it's the greatest mechanically sound vehicle of all time.  Now what if right now that is your website?  How many people are you scaring away!!

 Let's be honest with each other for a second.  People do judge others based on appearance including myself.  Do not give anyone a reason to leave your Squeeze Page because it lacked a professional design.

Do NOT Allow Your Competitors to Out Sell You Due to Lack Luster Graphics.  You've Worked too Hard to Let Them Out Shark YOU!

 If you have 1, 5 or 15 pages think of how many customers have just passed you by...

 Upgrading to some stunning graphics on your page(s) could potentially add HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS  per year in profits just from making one simple change to your design...

But here's the problem...

 You see... You'll quickly find out that professionally designed graphics aren't cheap!

 In fact... it would normally cost you about $45-$150 each time you needed to have one created.

 After all, it isn't just the design of the graphic... but it's also the "tricky" coding (behind the scenes) to go along with it...

... And I understand that for most folks... that's just not affordable.

 Especially when you're out there just  trying to test new niches to see what fish are biting.  Having to fork out $150.00 each time you want to test an offer?  Sounds a bit crazy to say the least....

But what if you found a solution that was not only Free,  but also gave your squeeze pages that same professional look - PLUS -  a custom designed and coded OTO , and FREE Gift Page... for absolutely no cost
Think you might be interested?

Introducing "SharkFrenzy Squeeze Page Graphics"

If you can "cut and paste" then you're well on your way to instantly increasing your profits!

So what's included in this amazing graphics pack Justin?

 Well, first you're going to receive a professionally designed and coded Squeeze Page template.

  To get ahead you need to  use squeeze pages, but not all squeeze pages are created equal.  I created the following  pages with optimal opt-ins in mind. perfect for offering a FREE Report or Product to build your list.  Best of all, NO GRAPHICS EDITING required.  Just add in your text and insert your aweber or optin code!  I explain how to do this inside my package. 

 It's so easy your dog could be building a list in 5 minutes from now.

PLUS... you're not only going to receive one squeeze page template, you're getting a total of Thirty Five:

Here is a quick glance at some of the great pages you will get!


Here is my favorite part of the graphics package


 An important part of building your online business is building your list. That's why you need the above squeeze pages to help give you an edge over everyone else that is trying to build their. Many people spend thousands to get subscribers, but there is no reason you cant also earn while you build your list. 


  The easiest way to do this is by making One Time Offers to your new subscriber. 


  This is where its even more important to have a professional looking page. A sexy professionally designed and coded OTO is going to outsell the same offer presented in a boring run of the mill template any day. 

 That's why I am also including my proven One Time Offer Template.

PLUS... you're not only going to receive one ONE TIME OFFER template, you're getting a total of Five:



 If you want to make your new subscribers really happy you can offer them a free gift download after they confirm their subscription. Again you want to maintain that professional look so I have also included my very favorite Free Gift Template.

Just add in your sales page text and download link and WHAM you're done!

 PLUS... you're not only going to receive one FREE Gift template, you're getting a total of Five:


  How nice would one of these "gems" look on your boring One Time Offer page?



WAIT!... Already have a page you truly adore?

  You may already have a page that is converting well for you, or a sales page you want to use. Just adding some professional graphics to your site can increase your conversions by up to 110%. 

 Don't take my word for it, I have also included some of my best converting graphics, trade them out for the ones you have now and test your results.  You can spice up any old page you have with these bonus images.

You're only limited to your imagination with these color coordinated combinations....


 Heres a very small sampling of whats available inside!

All this not only includes the jpg files but also includes my PSD files so you can easily edit it in Photoshop! 

Let' just recap briefly and take a look at everything you'll receive in this amazing template pack:

  1. 35 Color coordinated SQUEEZE PAGE TEMPLATES
  2. 5   Color coordinated ONE TIME OFFER TEMPLATES
  3. 5   Color coordinated FREE GIFT TEMPLATES
  4. 6 Color coordinated JOIN NOW BUTTONS
  5. 12 Color coordinated ORDER NOW BUTTONS
  6. 6 Color coordinated ORDER NOW BOXES
  7. 6 Color coordinated SALES BADGES
  8. 6 Color coordinated THIS PRICE ONLY BADGES
  9. And Much More....

 Best of all you'll never have to edit any graphics to have that professional look and feel you've been looking for.  And because each of these graphics are color coordinated, you can mix and match various elements to give your website the ULTIMATE in professional look and function.  But if you ever do want to edit them you can because I include all the files with this package.  That's right you get all my PSD files with this package to take my style and make it your own!


Sounds Like A Great Offer Justin...
But Why Would You Just Give Away Your"Shark Frenzy SqueezePage Graphics Package" For Free?

 Well... to be honest with you I didn't want to at first. It took a lot of time working on making these templates the most professional looking ones on the market. I have spent countless hours tweaking and perfecting them and was planning on selling them for big bucks.

 Once I had a finished product I thought long and hard about how much to sell these for. I looked at every site and package on the market and realized that people were selling inferior templates for way more than I would have ever considered selling these for.

 But they were selling them like hot cakes, not because they were selling a great product but just because they had made a name for themselves.

  So I figured what better way to make a name for myself, then giving away a better product for a cheaper price. I want to really show everyone that these graphics are just as good if not better then what is available out there.

  I realized though that not everyone would want to pay to find out if they were or not. So after wrestling over how much I should sell this package for, I reluctantly decided that the best way for me to show everyone the quality of these graphics was by charging the unbelievable low price of.....

Get This Entire Collection Now
For the Extremely Low Price of
$47  FREE !

Instant Download for  $47  FREE!



Well... I've done everything I can.  The rest is up to you.

Here's to your success,

Justin Ledvina

P.S. I still don't  believe I'm actually just giving this away, I dont know how long I can stand doing this, and might start charging full price for this immense package of professional graphics and pages.  Don't miss out.  Take advantage today!







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