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8. 8. 2008




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Complete eCommerce Automation Is Here!

Our Clients Can't Understand How It's Possible To Put So Many Stand Alone Services Into One Low Cost Package... But They're Jumping To Sign Up Immediately!

Attention: To take advantage of our
introductory prices, I suggest acting ASAP.

TotalMarketer.com is perfect for beginning or advanced marketers (and anyone in the middle)... because it allows a business to grow and thrive! The innovative and advanced tools act as your Internet business arsenal. And with this set of tools, you'll be ready to start raking in sales (automatically) from day one.

The offer no one can beat: It doesn't matter what stage of business you are in. Maybe you're just looking for an autoresponder... don't let that fool you! That's no reason to cap your growth. At TotalMarketer.com you can get an autoresponder... plus an affiliate program manger, customer support desk, and more... for the same price you'd get JUST an autoresponder somewhere else!

Our customers are discovering that taking advantage of these important business tools can skyrocket your profits while also saving time.

Packages start at an affordable $19.95/month. And if your business is really growing, our full-service packages are only $39.95/month. Want more proof TotalMarketer.com is your business automation solution? Take a look at each service and their stunning features...

Affiliate Program Manager

"Build an army of loyal affiliates who promote, praise and sell your products."

• Run a 1 tier or 2 tier affiliate program.
• Separate your more successful affiliates and reward them with an increased commission.
• Automate the affiliate registration process.
• Automated promotional materials for affiliates.
• Choose any domain you wish to run the Affiliate Program Manager from.
• Take advantage of our built-in affiliate ad tracker.
• 2checkout.com, clickbank.com and paypal.com are fully integrated to give you more flexibility... and more payment processors are being added.
• Lead your affiliates to more profits with a special Affiliate mailer that ONLY contacts them.

This service is included in these packages...
Silver Gold Platinum


Email Autoresponder

"Develop a profitable relationship with potential customers... automatically."

• Unlimited autoresponders.
• Unlimited follow-up messages.
• Plus now you can add attachments to any email in your follow-up series.
• Subscriber management is automatic so you never have to lift a finger.
• Send out emails in HTML and/or text.
• Analyze your profitability with detailed autoresponder statistics.
• A double opt-in system to protect you from false spam complaints.
• Unlimited custom data fields, so all you have to do is ask to gather info about your subscribers.

This service is included in these packages...
Silver Gold Platinum


Mailing List System

"eMail your list of customers and prospects... keeping them up to date with your latest products and special offers."

• CAN SPAM compliant.
• Use the message scheduler to send a message on a particular date/time... days, weeks or even months ahead of time.
• A Global broadcaster that lets you email all your subscribers from different lists... without sending duplicates.
• Take advantage of our built-in SPAM score tester to help ensure your emails get to your prospects' Inbox.
• Get your emails delivered to Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL email addresses more often... because every mailing list includes an official SPF record.
• Bounced emails are automatically noted and taken care of behind the scenes.
• Instant, automatic archives of every email you send.

This service is included in these packages...
Silver Gold Platinum


RSS Autoresponder

"Take advantage of new technology for a 100% delivery rate."

• Simple to use... even if you don't know "RSS" from quantum physics.
• Use the RSS Autoresponder instead of, or in compliment to, your regular autoresponder.
• 100% delivery rate... because it bypasses email.
• Syndicate your follow-up and archived messages.
• Perfect for single opt-in, unlike email autoresponders that can get you in trouble.
• Works identical to email autoresponders.
• One-click turns the RSS feed on or off for each autoresponder.
• RSS Statistics lets you know the total number of registered users at any time.

This service is included in these packages...
Silver Gold Platinum


Digital product download protection

"Stop thieves from stealing your digital products."

• Send unique download links to every customer automatically.
• Customize your download pages with the customer's name and email.
• Stop the illegal sharing of your digital products by disabling or deleting any download link you suspect of abuse.
• Protect membership registration pages as well as digital downloads.

This service is included in these packages...
Silver Gold Platinum


Ad tracking System

"Find the leaks in your advertising system and maximize your marketing."

• Track unlimited links.
• Rotate unlimited urls for each tracker.
• Separate unique from raw hits... so you can tell how many visitors are hitting your page for the first time.
• Know instantly the true cost of an ad in terms of sales, clicks and actions!
• Easily add, edit, delete and reset your link trackers through the simple admin panel.
• Receive daily, weekly or monthly email reports on tracker activities.

This service is included in these packages...
Silver Gold Platinum


Membership Manager

"Start a monthly residual income source with your own membership site."

• A simple form signs up members, so you don't have to do it manually.
• A password finder is built in for members who've forgotten theirs... saving you hours in customer support.
• Password protect any folder on any number of websites.
• Customize your registration pages for more flexibilty.

This service is included in these packages...
Silver Gold Platinum


Customer Support Manager

"Impress visitors with amazing customer support."

• Organize customer support requests through this easy and flexible system.
• Stop relying on email to provide support for your customers... which often gets lost in filters.
• Let customers register themselves from a simple web form.
• Enjoy complete access to support statistics.
• Create unlimited support categories.

This service is included in these packages...
Silver Gold Platinum


Additional tools & features

• A simple tell a friend system to build your mailing list.
• Add your products and services to our market place... at no charge!
• A professional, reliable and secure web contact form so that your website visitors can get in touch with you without having to expose your email address to spambots.
Sign up Today!


See! All you need to succeed in one place.

And if you think we cut back on features to make it this affordable. You're 100% mistaken. In fact, TotalMarketer.com automation tools have been in development for over 3 years. And every time I see a new feature come along that could help our business or yours... I add it.

Case in point, my RSS autoresponder is cutting edge technology. Now you don't have to worry that your emails aren't getting delivered. Because RSS guarantees 100% delivery! As long as you're a member of TotalMarketer.com, you'll always know your business has the most up to date business tools on the market.

Reliability you can count on... we use TotalMarketer.com to run our own business. So you know we won't settle for anything less than the best. Your business tools will be running in one of the most secure and reliable environments available. You'll enjoy 99.9% uptime, daily backups of all your data, multiple high class mail servers, RAID enabled drives for the database server and more. Bottom line, we're spending a fortune to make sure TotalMarketer.com has the reliability you can count on.

To get started, choose one of the
packages below and sign up ASAP...

Silver $19.95/Month Gold $29.95/Month Platinum $39.95/Month

Quick Note About Your Satisfaction: Did you know you can take TotalMarketer.com for a test drive risk free? Sign up for one of the three levels above and take a look around. If you don't immediately feel like you have everything you need to rocket your business off the ground... simply send my support desk a refund request. You'll have it ASAP and I'll even thank you for giving our service a try. You have 30 days to make your decision.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time by clicking here.


Barry Richardson

PS: If you ever need any help, just log a support ticket (it's quite simple). I'll be sure to help you personally ASAP.

I suggest taking advantage of our introductory rates now...

Silver $19.95/Month Gold $29.95/Month Platinum $39.95/Month

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