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8. 9. 2008


YuhKnow email service for business advertising and marketing
Choose the service that makes Cents!  
Safelist Submitter E-mail Millions Every Month! 100% SPAM FREE with One-Click of a Button!
Monday, September 8, 2008  

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home - Yuhnow Email Account Service with pop3 and webmail Home Page
home - Yuhnow Email Account Service with pop3 and webmail Home Page
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Email Account, POP3, Web-based, marketing, home business
You Have Found a Safe Replacement of Your ISP POP3 E-mail Account and All Your Web-Based mail Accounts!!!

SafeList advertisers love us... Professionals doing business on the Internet have learned to count on us! After serving hundreds of satisfied YuhKnow.com Members for over three years now, we're handling over 900 million eMail messages each and every month... safely, reliably and securely.

Read on and learn how you can put the power of our multiple, state-of-the-art network of dynamic servers to work for you to handle all of your e-Mail needs.

Just wanted to let you know what a great service this is - especially for safelist users!

Email is an essential part of doing business online and you have just solved a lot of peoples problems.

The generosity of account space given coupled with the excellent features makes this one a clear winner!

Andrew Fox

SafeList Advertisers

One of the biggest pitfalls of posting to SafeLists is having your account disabled because your List email account is full and results in bounced messages back to the SafeList provider. This is the number one cause of SafeList Advertisers giving up on online marketing.

Imagine if you could have an eMail account service with the capability to receive 50,000 e-Mails and more each day? You would be able to join even more SafeLists and expand your advertising impact across the Internet! You could even take advantage of premier SafeList Submitters such as our iPostAd service that currently submits automatically to 3341727 Members on 2785 SafeLists!

And what if you could automatically empty your Inbox every day without any effort on your part? You would have a powerful Mail service that can provide you with a robust List e-Mail account that will assure you that your SafeList accounts will never be disabled again because of bounced messages!

In fact, we have a No-Bounce Guarantee to back up our confidence in our Premier e-Mail Service! We'll keep our servers working at 99.9% efficiency and you keep your Inbox clean—and together we'll work to keep you doing what you do best: taking care of your business. We even provide you with a free Inbox cleaner—our proprietary Email Potty— to automate your Inbox cleaning each and every day with just a one-time setup. This is a real value at $5 per month/$60 per year… no fluff or hype to it at all. You'll love this free bonus! To state it very simply: You keep your Inbox clean and we'll handle the load on our servers so messages won't bounce on our end.

I manage a huge safelist of over 15K members, and our customers are always looking for heavy-duty email accounts to handle "the load" of emails involved with safelist marketing. Since we started referring your company as the leading provider for safelist email accounts our members have not had any problem with bouncing emails. They have also been quite pleased with all of the extra options included in your package. It's a relief knowing there is a reliable email service provider our there that set up for safelist marketers.

I would like to personally thank you for providing the most STABLE and RELIABLE safelist email accounts made available on the Internet.

Keep up the great work!

-Michael Rasmussen
Moderator of the Free Advertising Forum

Join Us Today at YuhKnow.com
and put an end to eMail account problems forever!

Professional Online Business Owners

If you're doing business on the Internet, then you know the importance of receiving 100% of your eMail. If you've grown tired of fighting your ISP's filters, installing inadequate spam filtering software and sorting through junk mail to locate your important e-Mail, then you'll love our reliable solution at YuhKnow.com

You have the convenience of retrieving your Mail through our web-based system or download it directly into your POP3 software such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or other similar software systems.

Those who travel frequently take advantage of our web-based system. You can conveniently read, reply, forward and file your messages from anywhere in the world with any Internet connection. You can be assured that all of your messages will be received with 100% accuracy and that you'll have 24/7 access to your YuhKnow account. Choose one of our account options and have a 30MB up to a 200MB account working for you to assure that you are able to manage all of your important business correspondence reliably and safely.

Whichever way you choose to retrieve your eMail, you know that you can count on YuhKnow.com to deliver all of your messages on time and professionally for your Internet business needs.

When I joined the hundreds of safelists I submit to daily I was getting thousands of emails daily and not being able to keep up with it all I was looking for an answer to my problem and found Yuhknow.com it has reduced my work load from hours per day to only a few minutes per day I just love my Yuhknow mail box and could not market to safelists now with out it..

I highly Recommend this service to anyone that wants to succeed marketing with safelists today..

Tom Dahne

Join Us Today at YuhKnow.com
and put an end to Bouncing problems forever!

How are we able to guarantee 100% deliverability and reliability of your messages?

Put our state-of-the-art Premier E-mail System to work for you with:

Four Networks for Redundancy A System that Spans FOUR Networks for Redundancy
28.5 GHz of Processing Power 32.80 GHz of Processing Power
8 GBs of Ram Power 14.0 GBs of RAM Power
Backup Ssystem in Place Two Full Backup Systems in Place
State of the Art System State-of-the-Art Mail System Software (Same as used by Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)
12 Dedicated Servers TWELVE Servers Clustered Working Hand-in-Hand to Perform Mail Server Duties
Connectivity to Multiple Major Backbone OC-12 and OC-48 SONET Ring Connectivity to Multiple Major Backbone Providers
Connectivity to Multiple Major Backbone Apple Xserve Data Storage System - New to YUHKNOW (03/2006)!

At YuhKnow.com, our underlying philosophy and our driving mission is to provide the BEST Customer Support anywhere on the Internet. Besides our online Help Desk, we promise our customers that we will update and enhance our systems to provide you with the dependability that we guarantee.

We have the expertise to maintain a truly load balanced environment which means that workloads are distributed evenly among our clustered servers so your messages keep flowing smoothly into your Inbox!

Join Us Today at YuhKnow.com
and enjoy pop3 and webmail access!

You Benefit from ALL of these Powerful Features You Get with Your YuhKnow.com E-mail Service!

Calendar Calendar
Filtering Capabilities Message Filters
Inbox cleaner Email Potty
Task manager Task Manager
Address Book Address Book
Memo Manager Memo Manager
webmail access WebMail Access
pop3 access Pop3 Access
options New Mail Options
home bussiness - business opportunities - residual monthly income RESIDUAL Income
Printer Friendly Printer Friendly
One Click Delete One Click Delete
Many display options MANY Display Options
Maintenance Options Maintenance Operations
login task options Login Task Options
Time Zone settings Time Zone Settings
27 preferred languages 27 Preferred Languages
Signature Settings Signature Settings
Message Options Message Options
Yuhknow is the account you need PLUS....MORE!!!

Join Us Today at YuhKnow.com
and enjoy reliable communication solutions for your business!

We have gone to great lengths to make sure YuhKnow's prices are very competitive with the other E-mail account services out there and you know from our track record that we are here for our members—always.

We know and YuhKnow you need a reliable mail account whether you use it for strictly personal, business or for your SafeList accounts, and no worries about bouncing because of loaded servers, we have several servers and as YuhKnow grows, and it will, we will purchase more as needed.

So, if you want

stability Stability Customer Support #1 Customer Service
Reliablity for your business Reliability competitive pricing Competitive Pricing
Many options Tons of Options premium service A Premium E-mail Service
home business advertising and marketing Additional Income Convenience webmail Utmost Convenience

Then YOU want YuhKnow.com!

Join Us Today at YuhKnow.com
and put an end to e-Mail problems forever!

P.S. You won't find any annoying ads appearing in your messages or anywhere in your private Members area. We provide a professional working environment with all the features you would expect from our premier Service at YuhKnow.com!

Join Us Today at YuhKnow.com by Clicking Here!


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Email Account, POP3, Web-based, marketing, home business
Yuhknow.com - Your Source for reliable email account service
with pop3 and webmail access. translator, dictionary, filtering options and much more!




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