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URGENT: I wasn't planning on sending out any
more emails about the StomperNet SMARTS coaching program,
but this update is extremely important. Everything
changes tomorrow, so make sure you read this email right
away. Or if you're in a hurry, just visit:


Hey Michael Rasmussen here with a last minute
update. I JUST got word from the guys over at
StomperNet about a major price increase for the SMARTS
coaching program, and I wanted to pass the word along
to you.

Here's the deal: On tomorrow, Friday the 18th, they
are raising the price by $600, and they're also
pulling down two of the best bonuses in the whole
package. They're removing:

 - The 'Instant Grad School' bonus.  Value - $497.
 - The Video Creation Webinar.  Value - $891.

So when you add that all up, between the price
increase and the items they're removing, you will lose
out on $1,988 worth of value if you sit on this any
longer. If you want this course (and you should if
you're interested in getting a ton of traffic from
these two incredible technologies), then you must
order it today.

Like I said, they have a payment plan, so it's
affordable for anyone who is serious about building
their business. This is the last time you're going to
hear about this from me, so make sure you take action
immediately. Here's the link to my short video
presentation that tells you all about it (and all the
extra bonuses you'll get):


All the best,

Michael Rasmussen


1563 Solano Ave, #306 Berkeley, CA 94707, USA

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