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5. 11. 2008




Feature Story: Online Ad Prices Set to Tumble?

If your only revenue stream is advertising, you may want to look into diversifying and quickly. According to a number of key metrics, publishers, and analysts, the online ad market is starting to tank, and it is likely going to get worse before it gets better. Read more…

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7 Places to Find the Code You Need

Image for 7 Places to Find the Code You Need

For many people learning by example is the optimal way to pick up a new programming language, idea, or technique. But finding that ideal piece of code to look at and learn from isn't always easy. That's where code search engines and snippet libraries come into play. Read more…

When Search Engines Become Publishers

Image for When Search Engines Become Publishers

In an effort to provide the best user experience possible, search engines are slowly becoming publishers. That's a win for users, who get instant answers to many search queries, but it may be a lose for web publishers who find themselves competing with the very search engines they rely upon. Read more…

Outlook Good for Freelance Writers: Report

Image for Outlook Good for Freelance Writers: Report

As the world economy tanks, many workers are facing hard times. But that doesn't have to be the case for freelance writers, according to a new report. Even as companies layoff their in house staff, the content doesn't write itself, so opportunities abound for freelancers. Read more…

6 Great Crowdsourcing Sites For Freelancers

Image for 6 Great Crowdsourcing Sites For Freelancers

Crowdsourcing sites allows freelancers to slash their costs on everything from design work to IT jobs by tapping into global online markets of freelance professionals. As James explains, it’s quick, easy and oh-so web 2.0. Read more…

Do You Own Your Social Media Identity?

Image for Do You Own Your Social Media Identity?

Have you registered your name yet on Twitter? Digg? Facebook? MySpace? If you haven't, you need to right away. Social media is the next frontier of cybersquatting, and if you don't act now you might find yourself out of luck when trying to pimp your brand on those sites. Read more…

Google Removes OpenID Whitelist Requirement

Image for Google Removes OpenID Whitelist Requirement

When Google announced OpenID support yesterday, they required interested relying parties to get approval before accepting Google Accounts as sign-ins. Today, after what they say was an overwhelming response, they decided to lift that restriction. Read more…

Google Reassures AdSense Publishers via Email

Image for Google Reassures AdSense Publishers via Email

"We understand that the recent economic turmoil has created a lot of uncertainty in the lives of AdSense publishers," wrote Google today in an email to AdSense publishers. Have you noticed a drop in AdSense revenue recently? Are Google's words reassuring? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Read more…

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Feature Story: Tutorial: Making a Folding Circle

This graphics tutorial will show you how to make a "folding circle" that looks a little like a sticker that is being peeled off the screen. Read more…


Feature Story: 8 Professional Podcast Production Tips

They say the audio quality is far more important than the picture quality when it comes to producing watchable video for the Web. When all you’ve got is the audio, it’s even more important! A little extra work to get the details right will go a long way for your podcast. Read more…


Feature Story: Getting Companies To Advertise On Your Blog

What is the best way to approach companies about advertising on a niche blog? Is it even worth it to cold call companies about advertising on smaller web properties that operate in their niche? Read more…







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