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26. 7. 2008

The John Reese Videos
Traffic Secrets 2.0 - Now in prelaunch
Against Adsense Poverty
FavAds - Maximize your income from your visitors

The Death Of JV Giveaways…

When I wrote my blog post The Problem With Giveaway Websites
last year, I had already seen the writing on the wall. Yet for the 16 months following that post, no less than 10 giveaways per month launched during that period. Saying that the giveaway genre was flooded is like saying that Hawaii is close to the Pacific!

Lets examine this with a higher magnification, being careful not to let the suns rays concentrate on the page…

Lets say that 10 per month is an accurate figure and that 16 months have passed, so that we have 160 giveaways during that time. If each giveaway only had 2000 people sign up for them that is still 320,000 people downloading stuff. Roughly half of those probably signed up for more than one of these (in fact they probably were in all of them) so we can reduce the number to around 200,000 people conservatively, that were involved in a giveaway of some sort. Some giveaways had closer to 20,000 people signing up, and some had a few hundred if they weren’t promoted very well, but lets assume that we only had 200,000 people involved.

These 200,000 people:
- Probably saw your gift before if you offered it in more than one giveaway
- Are signed up to about 50 other people’s email list in addition to yours
- Probably used a throwaway email address for all of the giveaways
- Are overwhelmed with too many products, ebooks and software that they don’t know where to start
- Will be looking for a new hard drive very soon

So how do you make an impact with these people so that they will become your customer instead of your subscriber?

I have a few solutions to this:
1. Create something that people can’t find anywhere else
2. Put ways to contact you other than email in your product
a. RSS Feeds are a great way to stay in touch with people without emailing them
b. Software products that check your website before or after they use it are useful to connect the people who are using your gift!
3. Create a product that solves a common problem or makes a common task simpler
4. Use a delivery system that makes them an offer that is way too good to pass up!

As a software producer, I like to listen to what people are saying. Last year, I created a software product that gave people access to 10 different giveaways (using my affiliate links) from one location. This same software product also connected to my blog and updated the user whenever my blog changed (when I posted). I also created a product that I gave away at giveaways that people signed up for through the Rapid Action Profits Script - this script is amazing in that it even allows you to giveaway a front end product and makes a One Time Offer (OTO) after the subscriber clicks the confirmation link. I received a lot of good sales for a $17 product that was related to the giveaway product.

Finally, offering a free trial membership to a continuity program is an inspiring way to bring in the money from a giveaway. My first giveaway was for hosting for 6 months and I still have clients from that giveaway. With those types of gifts, you are opening a special communication line with them, since they need to be hearing from you because you are charging them each month… and you will have their paypal email address at that point. A great product for creating membership websites is Memberfire, and I am giving away a free trial of the software right here.

Create your own software with Best 10 Software Maker.

But now Brad Smith from Easter JV Giveaway is getting ready to release a report on The Death Of Giveaways… right now you can get a free chapter from the report, so I suggest you head over and get it now.

Have an amazing day!


PS - It is my birthday today and you can benefit by saving $1 per year old that I am at http://wantadealtoday.com/birthday
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Can You Blow Up Your SEO Log Jam?

The #1 Overlooked Traffic Method

Friday, July 11th. 9:43AM.


John Reese just released a NEW video
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If you had any trouble viewing the other
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you’ll now find alternate versions that
should solve any viewing problems.

* You will now see a link on his other
video pages where you can find a
smaller version of each video.


This NEW video will show you how to
generate a lot of targeted traffic even
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And this method is so incredibly VIRAL that
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traffic-secrets-results-detection(You just need to make sure you do it
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* This is something that 99.9% of marketers
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Go watch the new video right now and
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At the end of this new video John Reese
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He also reveals (for the first time) details
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a course like most have seen before.

You’ll have to watch the video to
see how John is ‘raising the bar’ when it
comes to Internet Marketing education
products. (It’s truly impressive.)

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There’s nothing like some serious SEO to juice
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Keeping on top of the latest SEO trends is
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using software that stays on top of the latest
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Now, you don’t just need traffic. You need
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Affiliates will send highly targeted traffic to
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When I check out an affiliate product and see
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whatsoever I usually can’t be bothered to promote

This is why Free Web Tools gives you software
that automatically generates a resource page for
affiliates and templates for all the promo
materials they need. It even automatically embeds
your affiliates’ code into the materials. Pretty


Writing comments on blogs is a great way to build
backlinks and increase traffic to your site.

But it’s so much work to manually find the right

So you’ll also get software that does this work
for you.

At a glance you’ll see the sites that are worthy
of your time and get all the relevant data about
those sites at a glance.


There is no cost to you whatsoever so you really
owe it to yourself to go explore this site for
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Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS - I am planning on taking on 25 students
in my new course for developing a 6 figure
business by taking offline businesses and
applying Internet Marketing principals to
explode their profits. I am not advertising
this anywhere yet, and I will only take on
25 people who are action oriented. This
course will be developed and honed into a
massive product that I will be selling in 6
months, so if you don’t want to be a student
but want the course, I will allow anyone who
buys Traffic Secrets from my link when it is
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The first 25 who purchase Traffic Secrets 2.0
will have an option to join the course as we
create the content for the home study course.
Content will include video training, audios from
conference calls and webinars, and interviews
with successful offline businesses that are using
the power of the web for exploding their business.

If you are interested in this bonus, sign up for
this notification list so that I can let you know
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Traffic Secrets 2.0!


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3 Mistakes Businesses Make That Can Suffocate Them!

I work with a lot of businesses and one of the things I ask the owners is how they get the majority of their customers.  The most popular answer is the Yellow Pages, followed by Newspaper and then Radio. So I then ask these owners how this recent brush with recession has affected their business.  The answers are a little scary!

To prevent businesses from suffocating whenever the economy takes a downward trend, I recommend that they check to make sure that they do not make these 3 mistakes:

  1. Not actively promoting their business online - some have websites, but not very many are promoting their businesses.  With the right activities, they can easily see extra visitors to their website and as a result more customers coming through their doors.
  2. Not using video or audio to drive more interest in their business and get people into the business or visit the website!
  3. Not taking advantage of social media for building awareness of their business!

If your business has a website and you are committing these mistakes, you might as well not even have the website.  A website by itself does not help you get traffic neither online nor offline, you need to be using the methods that work to develop a following of new prospects who will want to know more about you from your website and eventually to your door!

What Can You Do About It?

Video is one of the best ways to tell more people about you.  If you have a few minutes, you can discuss on camera some aspect of your business, like if you sell cameras, you might teach one aspect of photography on a short video and place it on YouTube with a link pointing back to your site.  You can submit that video to other video sites, so that more people can be exposed to your message.

I recommend you create an information product you can sell and one you can give away online to people who visit your site.  You can make a CD with a collection of the videos about the best ways to take pictures and give it to people who visit your store, or you use a fulfillment house to handle to processing of getting the CD’s out to your customers.

You also should be creating a Myspace, Youtube and Facebook profile with your business name on it and keep people updated about what is going on in your neighborhood.  Tell your prospects to sign up for your profiles.  Maybe you can even offer online only specials that your online friends can get so that they have an incentive to get on your friend list!

Put A Professional Voice On Your Website

I just finished talking to Todd Gross and he told me more about this new program he is offering in the next couple weeks.  You probably already know that Todd is a professional speaker on television as a weatherman and his presale videos that he lets people use to presell some of the best affiliate products on the web! He has decided to allow 50 people buy his services where he will create a voice over for your website to help give you the credibility that you need!


You can’t get this now, but you can get on the waiting list so that when Todd is ready to take on new customers, you can be one of the first to find out about it.  You really need to do this right away, because Todd will be deciding whether he is ever going to offer this again based on the number of people who sign up for the notification list.  So even if you are still uncertain, it is a good idea to get on the notification list so that when Todd announces that he is ready to take on his 50 clients, you have a chance!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS - The guys from Day Job Killer and Google Assassin have completed their $60,000 software project designed to save their students 75% of the Learn from the master Adwords Mentor!') }" href="/wp-content/plugins/WPCashLinksDX.php?link_id=3" target="_new">adwords campaign costs for getting affiliate products out for sale! Their product is called Google Nemesis because it is the archenemy of Google for yanking 75% of their revenue right out of their clutches! I suspect that a lot of people will be emailing you about this, and for good reason. This is an exciting product for those of us who can’t get an Learn from the master Adwords Mentor!') }" href="/wp-content/plugins/WPCashLinksDX.php?link_id=3" target="_new">adwords campaign to a profitable conclusion to save our lives!

You can expect the video to be available this weekend, I think it is going to be on Sunday…

If you want to be alerted the instant the video and then the product is available, sign up for the Google Nemesis Alert:


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