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10. 3. 2008

Internet Marketing 



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Internet Marketing Tools

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You'll Never Have to Pay for Another
Money Making Website

Ever Again!


Marketing Tools | private Label Right Products


Internet Marketing Tools | Private Label products

Date: Monday, March 10


Getting Your Private Label Right Products Elsewhere May Cost You an Arm and A Leg... !


Join the Instant PLR Club today!



Internet Marketing Tools

You'll Receive...

  • Fully Functional Website
  • Professional Graphics
  • Order Pulling Sales Letters
  • Audio Tutorials
  • Video Tutorials
  • Customizable Software
  • Customizable Websites
  • Instant Product Ownership
  • Valuable How to Info Products
  • Quality Submitter Ownership
  • Editable Word Documents
  • Editable PDF Files
  • 100% Source Code Rights
  • Transferable Priv Label Rights
  • Transferable Resell Rights
  • Master Giveaway Rights



    Internet Marketing Tools


    "Instant Product Ownership Thats Heads Above The Rest"


  • You will receive Your Instant PLR Websites in a timely manner, there will be No Waiting, NO Hassles, EASY Highlighted Copy, and Paste guidelines...


  • You keep 100% of every SALE that You MAKE!


  • Your Payments go straight to your paypal or payment processor of your choice, NO More waiting for your Money you get Paid Instantly...


  • When you Own your own Product you'll be instantly Perceived as the Expert in Your Field! This would Normally take You Years to Achieve...


  • You can EVEN Give these away to Build Your Personal Optin List, Building your list will be EASY when you are giving away Quality Products and Websites to your Subscribers!



  • You'll be able to Add Hundreds Even thousands of Relevant Content Pages to your website Quickly and Easily Growing a HUGE Network of Search Engine Optimized Websites!




    Internet Marketing Tools Convey "Basic/Master Resell Rights" for $97.00


    Internet Marketing Tools Resell the Source Code "Private Label Rights" for $197.00




    High Quality

    "Contenet IS King"



    Unsolicited Testimony:


    Hi Tom, Thanks for everything. I am so glad and thankful that I met you online.


    You are a great wealth of info and help. Thank You SOOOOOOOOO Much. You're my HERO!!!!!!!


    I Hope to hear from you soon!!! Please very soon!!!!




    Laura G.
    Licoln Park,Michigan



    Unsolicited Testimony:



    Hi Tom,


    You are so great, I want to thank you for all the free Advice, Tools, Ads, etc. I will say you are part of my success......



    Lisa Simpkins
    Visit Lisa's Place



    Another Satisfied PLR Club Member!



    I have been in your PLR club for about 5 months now, and have really amassed a nice collection of product - I think that is a total of 40 PLR products, and tons of articles.


    I have been able to incorporate several of the products into my own email list - and have used them in some creative ways.

    Keep up the good work, and I'll try to keep in touch with you on my future results.

    Sean Mize - CEO
    Secrets of Internet Success!




    Read more Unsolicited Testimonies Here!  



  • Good Evening! feel FREE to have a Look at our...

    Internet Marketing Website Previews Below!







    ** Order NOW **

    ONLY 20 17 14 9 5 Memberships

    Available at this Special Launch Price!



    The Products you receive from the Instant PLR Club are FRESH, HOT, & NEW...! You will not ONLY Receive Some Great info Products to better your business & skills, but you'll also receive EASY to use Software Applications, High-in-Demand Automated Ad Submitters and more...!!


    The Instant PLR Club was developed by Tom "theToolman" to help you save time, & money, while easily becoming a profitable product owner with Private Label Rights!


    You'll be getting some of the best high end products delivered conveniently straight to your email inbox weekly! And for the lowest price anywhere...


    The best part is you GET to keep 100% of all the profits you generate! Unlike affiliate programs that pay you 40%-50% of each sale!


    Wouldn't it be amazing if someone made it convenient & easy for you to own your own product to do with what you want?


    Product ownership and proftiting form product ownership has never been easier, because when you join the Instant PLR Club you'll receive free information on how to generate HUGE profits with Private Label Right Products!


    You'll also be able to call Tom "theToolman" personally for Help! (Simply click the support button on top of the page and accesss our contact info)




    Stop Running around like a Chicken with its Head CUT OFF! Join today and start receiving the Hottest, Newest, Freshest Products Delivered straight to your email inbox! Start concentrating on what matters the MOST! "Building Your Online Corporation!"


    Each Quality Website & Software you Receive will be VALUED anywhere from $97.00 to as much as $997.00! You'll be hard pressed to find a Better Value anywhere on the World Wide Web!


    You will also receive Random BONUS Scripts to Modify each and every one of your New Websites & turn them into Automated Cash Producing Machines in NO Time!


    HURRY & Join NOW to secure your membership at this LOW Special Launch Price before it goes up!




    Here's what you'll get when you lock in your membership today!


    Internet Marketing 

Tools | Private Label Right ProductsSource file in PDF and Word format!


    Internet Marketing 

Tools | Private Label Right ProductsPrivate Label Rights & Master Rights license & easy-to-follow instructions!


    Internet Marketing 

Tools | Private Label Right ProductsProfessionally written Sales Letter - just put your name and payment links into the sales letter, upload and sell!


    Internet Marketing 

Tools | Private Label Right ProductsBeautifully designed banners, FULL web site graphics, icons and buttons in JPEG, GIF and PSD source format (customizable in Adobe Photoshop program)...!


    Internet Marketing 

Tools | Private Label Right ProductsPrivate Label Rights Package - includes Sales Letter, graphic sets for you to set up and resell the Private Label Rights! Your customers can also in turn, resell the Private Label Rights, if you wish to grant them the rights to do so.



    PLR Ebooks include Brandable:


Marketing ToolsInternet 

Marketing ToolsInternet 

Marketing Tools


    How Can You Rake in the Profits With These Incredible Products?

    There are Multiple ways to Make Money from these Amamzing products! Here is a short list of what you can do to earn an incredible income with these Private Label Right Products!



    Internet Marketing Tools | 

Private Label Right ProductsSell them & keep 100% of ALL the Money! Why settle for a 50% commission as an affiliate when you can keep 100% of the monies? Simply use the websites we provide you! These sites were written & created by professional copy writers and are ready to make you money right away!
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right ProductsSell them on eBay or start your own Auction site! Auctions are growing in popularity, and you can cash in on the auction craze! Create an auction for each one and watch your bank account over flow!
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right ProductsQuickly & Easily Build your personal optin list! Give away one or more books as an incentive for subscribing to your newsletter or follow up system and watch as your subscribers list over flows!
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right ProductsCreate your own affiliate program! Imagine having hundreds (or even thousands) of people promoting your product for you on Auto-pilot!
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right Products
    Sell resale rights and MASTER resale rights over and over. While it's great to sell products, the really big money comes when you sell the resale rights. Now you can offer Source Code Rights, Private Label Rights, Resale Rights, & Master Resale Rights too!
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right Products
    Create a phenomenal AdSense income! There is no doubt about it, Google AdSense is here to stay! People everywhere are earning thousands & thousands of dollars monthly by placing simple AdSense ads on their site. But the key to making it work is content! And now you can have literally thousands of pages of content today!
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right Products
    Roll them all together as a niche package organized into categories to increase your profits. For Example, you could combine sections from "self-hypnosis" and "Stop smoking" to create an ebook or web content about "Stopping Smoking through Self-Hypnosis."
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right Products
    Use them as web or ebook content, or as search engine spider food to Draw FREE Traffic to your site via the top Search Engines!
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right Products
    Use them as bonuses for your existing products! Package them with your own info product as exclusive bonuses & watch your sales soar through the roof!
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right Products
    Create your own newsletter! Use the information in these materials to publish your own newsletter and sell advertising! It's like tapping into free money!
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right Products
    Create your own viral marketing projects. Allow anyone you give your viral ebook away from their website. You can fill your free ebook with your affiliate links!
    Internet Marketing Tools | Private 

Label Right Products
    Create One-time-offers to boost your income! Use these products to create backend or One-Time-Offers from these product packages for your customers. When someone buys a product from you, simply offer them a similar or complimentary product at a very low discounted price. This can easily double your income!

    Internet Marketing Tools | Private Label Right 

ProductsAnd much more! Your imagination is the only thing holding you back!



    If you Close this page without joining the Instant PLR Club you may end up paying an Arm & a Leg buying your Private Label Right Products elsewhere!


    So dont hesitate Join the Instant PLR Club today and You'll ONLY pay $1.25 or less for each because I send you NOT 1 but 2 Private Label Right Products & a complete set of Relevant Private Label Right Articles Weekly"


    Have a Great Evening !
    I look forward to hearing from You SOON!


    Internet Marketing ToolsInternet 

Marketing Tools




    ** Order NOW **

    ONLY 20 17 14 9 5 Memberships

    Available at this Special Launch Price!






    New PLR Product every week sent straight to your email inbox!

    ONLY $1.25 Each!



    200 Free email Blasters and a Set-n-Forget Safelist Submitter!


    $19.95 a Month!

    ONLY $9.95 a Month!

    (Limited Time!)





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    Free web design, web templates, web layouts, and website resources!
    Internet Marketing Tools





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