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26. 12. 2008




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Review of Bestfxworld 10/15/2008

  • Written by CIFBlogCIFBlog No Comments Comments
    Last Updated: October 15th, 2008

    Today’s review is of a hyip site called Best FX World . For starters let’s state the obvious. Best FX World says that they offer real profit form real trading of forex, while they pay 7 days a week forex trading is only available Monday through Fridays.


    Best FX World has 4 plans and they all run for 89 days they entice you to put in more to get a higher return, and other then the amount you entrust to them, you get a daily roi from 1.9% up to 6% and plans minimums are from 10.00 up to a minimum of 20k to get a 6% daily return. In my experience I have never seen a forex site offer a 6% daily return and be able to payout.

    At first glance the site impresses that they use a whopping 12 payment systems. They show on their home page LibertyReserve, Pecunix, PerfectMoney V-Money, C-Gold, AlterGold, AlertPay, WebMoney, StrictPay , PayPal , E-Gold, and Money Bookers. However once you join and sign up they are only in fact using Liberty Reserve , V-Money , AlertPay , C-Gold, AlterGold, Pecunix and PerfectMoney .

    When I checked the status of AlertPay the account to pay to is << admin login1@gmail.com >>which says unverified.

    To: Moy Ngar Ching Nancy(admin.login1@gmail.com) Account Status: Unverified

    After looking closer at the payment systems used AlertPay is the only one who has any type of verification, and can even still be used as unverifed. This left an unsettling feeling to see that they would list sites like paypal, StrictPay , AlertPay, web money and money bookers to lure you in as thinking they have established who they are.

    The hosting is a dedicated server which houses all of their domain series biz,.org,.info, .net and of course the .com. They subscribe to an expensive Ddos protection with Blockdos which uses the same name servers as their other clients thus opening the attacks up for the whole network. In my opinion defeats the purpose of a dedicated server then a shared name server with 83 other sites.

    In fact the server is actually hosted with The Planet on IP and the IP from Blockdos . The Planet also offers Ddos protection so it seems strange to me that they would purchase both.

    Best FX World has spend a small fortune on advertising which means that they will get a great deal of members who will put in first, and make the most profits.

    The design is nice and appealing which is one of the best things of the site. The design was done by net-color and they have 3 levels which I am not sure what they mean as on the net-color.com site there is nothing to define this.

    Over all the thoughts are on this site is that it is a gamble, there is no way to know here. The admin has spent a great deal of money so will need to continue for awhile to at least break even. Although the rate of 1.9% will take about 53 days to break even not counting processor fees. This is at best a game and play wisely, and do not invest more then you can afford to loose. My personal feeling here is that the no one will make profit unless they are in with a small amount and have lots of referral commissions.

    I will announce this weeks upgrade winner and our first month prize when StrictPay is ready. I don’t like sending too many emails to you guys. I know it can get annoying.

    Mutual Forex Fund also seems to be exceeding the expectations of everyone including the admin…lol. Today they added StrictPay to their platform which , in my opinion, is a very good move and adds a lot of credibility to the program.

    Dear Members,

    Hello to all of our new co-workers, business partners and friends. We are so excited and honored to have each and every one of you as a part of our team. We can not tell you how thrilled we are to have such devoted and passionate members.

    Well, we’ve had a very busy and exciting first month here at the Mutual Forex Fund office. We’ve experienced phenomenal growth that far exceeded our expectations. Members are flocking to Mutual Forex Fund from all around the world. We want to welcome each and every one of our new members.

    Today, StrictPay has been integrated into our site. Our account with StrictPay has been verified and allows us to process your StrictPay investment and withdrawal transactions. We have really enjoyed doing business with StrictPay Currently we are accepting investments via US ACH, Bank Wires and Virtual Money Card through StrictPay

    We are very well prepared for the long journey ahead. The Mutual Forex Fund staff is working diligently around the clock to take care of any problems you may have. We want to build a strong reputation in online investments industry that our members can trust. We have some exciting announcements coming very soon. We’re coming out with a FOREX course and contest next week, so make sure you keep up with all the latest updates.

    If you want to find more about us feel free to check the two interviews we answered till now. More are scheduled.

    Thank you for choosing Mutual Forex Fund,
    Martin Fanning

    Mutual Forex INC
    Suite 9, Ansuya Estate
    Revolution Ave, Victoria
    Republic of Seychelles

    We were also paid today by MegaLido , Surf2Sawa , TradersInvestments , Mutual Forex Fund and Grand Earners .

    Until next time Stay safe and keep earning!





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