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16. 10. 2008

 Today is Oct 16, 2008


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 Best FX World -
Online Investment


Investing online can be an easy and efficient way for self-directed investors to make their own investment decisions. Indeed, the technology now available to those investing online enables investors to seize market opportunities that previously appeared out of reach to the average investor. However, investing online does not diminish the importance of evaluating potential investment decisions and researching the fundamentals of a stock, such as a company's net earnings, P/E ratio, beta, the products a company offers and the market in which it competes. Additionally, the same technology responsible for online investing also has the capacity to amplify market risks, as well as create new risks unique to online investing. It is essential that you understand these risks before investing.

Day Trading:

The explosive growth of online investing in recent years reflects a corresponding growth in the use of a strategy known as "day trading." As the name suggests, day traders purchase and sell stocks in a short period of time in an effort to capture short-term profits created by rapid fluctuations in the prices of securities. Day trading has become a popular online strategy as real-time quotes and related market data now can be disseminated quickly to online investors. However, it is important to note that it is just as easy to lose money by day trading as it is to make money. For various reasons day trading is not for everyone.



Our Mission:

Best FX World has been established to manage the funds of company's clients. In other words, we apply our specialists' asset management skills in serving the needs of our customers worldwide. We provide full range of investment management solutions for both amateur and senior investors.

Investment Philosofy:

We believe that superior investment performance is achieved through a skillful balance of three core attributes: knowledge, experience and adaptability. There is only one way to be on the cutting edge - commitment to innovation. We do our best to achieve a consistent increase in investment performance for our clients, and superior value-add. We appreciate our clients' loyalty and value the relationships we build with each customer. No matter what country you come from, our professional managers will help you to choose investment product that best fits your demands.


What will you have with us:

* Legal Registered Company
* Support ticket, Live Chat, 24/7
* Traders with proven trading results and good monthly ROI
* Professional Design by Net-Color.com Design Studio
* You can invest with Libertyreserve,alertpay,WMZ,pecunix,v-money,Altergold,perfectmoney,C-gold, strictpay,e-gold.
* Dedicated Server with DDOS protection (Powered by BlockDos.net).
* Unique Website security settings
* Stable and real daily profit from REAL trading


All text, images, graphics and other materials on this website are subject to the copyright and other intellectual property rights of  Best FX World Corporation. These materials may not be reproduced, distributed, modified or reposted to other websites without the express written permission of Best FX World Corporation.


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  • SurfPal Review and other news 11/14/2008
    By CIFBlog Team on November 15, 2008 | No Comments  Comments


    Hi there everyone! Well it’s a tumultuous time in the world of autosurfing. Some are earning well and some are losing. Which end are you on?

    Today I have the pleasure of bringing you the review of a brand new surf called SurfPal .
    SurfPal is only 2 days old and has already seen some reasonable growth based upon the reading of the threads for SurfPal on the various forums.

    I’ve spoken at length to the admin who’s name is Enrique Madrigal ( This can be verified on his alertpay account) and I really feel like as far as intentions go he is right on point. Of course there are many factors that come into play when looking at a surf and hopefully some of our questions will be answered soon in the interview that I will be sending him later today.

    Let’s firs take a look at the plans for SurfPal . There are two plans to choose from 9% daily for 13 days with daily cashout and 130% after 10 days. Both of these are very reasonable plans but even more then that it appears that a bit of thought went into the development of these plans.

    As we all know many investors like to test the waters first and many also like to have a daily cashout plan. As a result I feel that the 9% daily plan will accomplish the credibility that is needed while at the same time getting some I got paid posts on the forums which are very important to the growth of a program.

    The second and obviously more profitable plan is the 130% after 10 days plans which, as proven by some of the bigger surfs out there like FastProfitSurf , can be sustained nicely while still providing a return that is appealing to high yield investors.

    SurfPal appears to he hosted on a dedicated server. I’m not sure yet if this hosting company provides any type of Ddos protection but that will be one of the questions that in our interview with the admin.

    The design is very sleek and appears to be a knock off of the design that is used by PayPal. While not directly affiliated of course it does appear to be similar and fairly well done.

    The admin seems to be really getting into the pal theme as I received some reff comms the other day and in the memo line the words “buddy comm. Cashout” were printed there. I guess after the success of Frogress and the whacky ways that he promotes his program that this admin took notice and decided to give it a try for himself.

    All in all I feel good about SurfPal and I think for now it will be a wise choice for Surf investors. The admin seems to be on the ball and the first couple days of growth appear to be solid. In today’s surfing world with all of the opportunities that are out there be sure to do you homework before investing in any program of this type. We are in a very good time right now friends and the ones that do the research will be the ones that come out profitable.

    In other news for today:

    FastProfitSurf completed their article contest and the 3 winners have already been paid. Here is what Paul had to say

    The best article contest is over now. Here are the winners: 1st place -user ID:1566, 2nd place -user ID: 398 and 3rd place -user ID: 189. They have already received their prizes. We’ll have an additional page starting from tomorrow where all 3 articles will be published for all of you to can read them. Also i’ll send them to some blogs if they will want to publish them. Thank you very much for taking part in this contest. Next week we’ll launch another contest. And many more will come :)


    Hopefully over the next day or two FastProfitSurf will provide us a copy of the winning article and we will get it published for you.

    We were paid some reff comm. today by HighRiseProfit which although we haven’t seen the first cashout yet continues to grow daily and gain more and more support from investors on the various forums.

    I do want to for a second touch on the controversy surrounding MegaLido . This program has been a top performer for a long time but as of recent it has been showing a number of red flags which, for me personally, spell the signs of the end of this program. Anytime I’ve seen a surf even speak of restructuring it has been a program killer. Payouts have all but stopped and it appears that the admin Michael, while still sending out newsletters, is completely avoiding the issues that are most important to the members like LR payouts. My advice is stay away. If they come back then wonderful and I sure hope they do but anyone who deposits any funds into MegaLido at this current stage of the game is in my opinion just making a donation to the Michael fund. As always I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think I am.

    My recommendation is to put your funds in the well established programs like FastProfitSurf first and then venture into the new territory like SurfPal and HighRiseProfit .

    The newest and in my opinion one of the best payment processors StrictPay continues to gain more and more market share as people start to realize the versatility of their service. As referenced by the decision by Youmilex to start accepting them as an option.

    Dear cifblog,

    as we continue to provide our members a steady income opportunity we receive many e-mails asking to add StrictPay as another deposit option. After a thorough research we have come to a conclusion that this is a safe payment pocessor used by many people. So we have verified a StrictPay account and it has been added to our program as another accepted e-currency. The deposit fee for SP is 1%. Please take your time to vote for our program on forums and monitors after you get paid.

    Edward Taylor
    Head Administrator

    We were paid today by Frogress , HighRiseProfit , FastProfitSurf , Volcano Invest , SurfPal , MegaSurfWorld , Youmilex , DailyProfitPond and Mutual Forex Fund . So until next time stay safe and keep earning!

  • Interview with the admin of DailyProfitPond 11/10/2008
    By CIFBlog Team on November 10, 2008 | No Comments  Comments

    Well hey there folks! Today I have the pleasure of bringing you the interview that we conducted with the admin of the newest and one of the hottest surfs DailyProfitPond .




    1.Thank you for allowing the Collective Investments Blog Team to interview you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How long have you been in the industry? Have you run any other online programs before?

    *First of all good day to you and your readers, I’ve been an investor for about 3-4 years running, but I never run my own HYIP before DailyProfitPond .

    2. What makes you qualified to run a HYIP/AutoSurf program?

    *I have been an investor in various forms of programs online and offline, I think my experience will help me in along the way.

    3. What makes DailyProfitPond stand out from the crowd?

    * Well the first thing that our customers notice is the innovative and slick design of our webpage, its classy design help our customer find things in our site easily, 2nd is the fast profit investment of $12 and a 144% profit in just 12 days, plus a decent referral plan that pays 12% through level 3.
    No other program of this nature has such fantastic ref. Plan.

    4. Is your program backed by investments or supplemented by outside income sources? Can you tell us more about that? Or is DailyProfitPond purely a game?

    *I have other investments Offline, which can cover some of the losses incase DPP does not go well. Also, income generated from other of our online ventures will be used to sustain our member’s payout.

    5. We have noticed that you have grown to over 1700 members in a very short period 5 days. What do you attribute your success to so far?

    *Very good team work from ALL of our staff plus effective advertising. This tells us our advertising works better.

    6. How are you promoting your program to the online public?

    *Website advertisements, forums, which our marketing staffs handle.

    7. Please tell us where DailyProfitPond is hosted.

    *For security reasons I can not divulge that information. But we can assure you that we have a good host, we are hosted on a dedicated server and do steady daily backups.

    8. What type of script do you use to run DailyProfitPond ? Does it provide the necessary security against hackers? Do you have SSL or any other security features you’d like to tell us about?

    * DailyProfitPond is running under a customized script by our programmers and designers, and it is well secured, and if we feel that the security is compromise we will upgrade to protect our clients.

    9. Do you have plans for any program changes to be made in the near future, such as enhancements, revisions of current plans, additional plan options, added ecurrencies, etc.?

    * DailyProfitPond is again a new comer in this market, There will be program changes, enhancements and other alteration to the programs, all of which will benefit our members.

    10. How long do you honestly feel DailyProfitPond could last?

    *From the very positive response, I can see that DPP will be running for a very long time. The team is dedicated to the huge success of DailyProfitPond and that is very important in a program of this nature.



    11. Is there anything you’d like to add or comment on before we conclude the interview?

    *We at DailyProfitPond will try our very best to help all our customers, for without them DailyProfitPond is nothing but a webpage, lets earn and grow together.

    Thank you so much for your time and best of luck with DailyProfitPond .

    Thank you too CIFblog for the opportunity you given us, more power to you.

    Thanks alot and looking forward to making your readers proud of this fine new program: DailyProfitPond !

    In other news for today:


    The admin of MegaLido sent out an article yesterday and it appears that Liberty Reserve deposits and withdrawals will be enabled again soon

    MegaLido is celebrating its third anniversary, we are now three months old and the biggest program on the autosurf arena, this is a very special achievement, we managed to do, in three months, what several programs tried but failed, lots and lots of programs failed during the last three months but here we are, stronger than ever and growing more than ever. You are the ones who deserve to receive congratulations on this birthday, you are a real great group to work with and MegaLido wouldn’t have gone this far if it was not for you, so thanks a lot for being a part of it, and happy birthday!

    MegaLido is a very big program and our growth rate is outstanding, I know that is very good but I’ll continue to work hard to make this program even better, we went trough both bad and good times during the last three months but we never gave up on anything, I spent several nights without sleeping to make sure things would work fine and at the end I saw it was all worth it. Efforts are necessary in order to achieve success, and both of us are doing it, it’s really nice to see most of you working hard to help the program too and you are all getting the benefits of this, I hope you are enjoying your profits like I am.

    What I have in my mind is that being the biggest program on the current autosurf arena is not enough, I want MegaLido to be the best program ever.

    The issues we had with Liberty Reserve last week are now being solved and you will be free to upgrade and withdraw using it again later today, I’m sorry if those issues broke your schedule, but they were necessary. Everything is almost ready and I believe there won’t be any problems with them again, since our discussion was very nice and things are working great between us and them.

    Don’t forget our Mega Contest 3 - Mega War is running until November 11th, there is some very easy money to be made in there. Also do not forget our bonus for upgrades made with StrictPay and for exchanges made from SolidTrustPay to AlertPay Enjoy your extra money while you have a chance.

    I appreciate your comprehension on the LibertyReserve issue and I want to say a big thank you for being a part of MegaLido ,I hope you all enjoy the way this program is managed and I hope you all enjoy your profits. I work full time on MegaLido and I see a very bright future for it, and of course, you are the cause of it.

    I hope you all have a great week, enjoy your lives, all you have to do is live it.


    I do want to take a second to mention FastProfitSurf which is a program that I really believe is going to give MegaLido a run for their money here soon. According to the admin , Paul , they are well over 2000 members and are going up up and up.

    We at the CIFBlog have been paid daily by FastProfitSurf and as of now I can only give them my highest recommendation.

    We were also paid today by ESP , FastProfitSurf and Volcano Invest .

    Until next time stay safe and keep earning!






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