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10. 5. 2009





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      Warren Buffett Watch
      May 22, 2009 - In this Issue... Warren Buffett Over the Past Week
      Learn From Warren Buffett Learn From Warren Buffett
      Learn To Invest In 10 Steps
      Stocks Warren Buffett Owns Stocks Warren Buffett Owns
      USG: Shaken But Not Unnerved
      Warren Buffett In The News Warren Buffett In The News
      Why Warren Buffett Could Be Back On The Money
      Warren Buffett's Stock of the Week
      Warren Buffett's Stock of the Week
      Last Trade : $24.81 0.23 (0.92%)*
      Investors Are 89% Bullish and 11% Bearish*

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      Learn From Warren Buffett  Learn From Warren Buffett
      In Pictures: Learn To Invest In 10 Steps
      Tips on how you can follow in the Oracle's footsteps and become a savvy investor.
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      The Value Investor's Handbook
      Learn the technique that Buffett, Lynch and other pros used to make their fortunes.
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      The 3 Most Timeless Investment Principles
      Find out the ideas and methods of Buffett's mentor, Benjamin Graham.
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      Stocks Warren Buffett Owns  Stocks Warren Buffett Owns

      USG: Shaken But Not Unnerved (USG)
      USG is poised for a future recovery in construction spending.
      Read the Full Article »

      Energizer Keeps Going And Going (ENR, PFE, WMT, HD, PG)
      The Supervisory Capital Assessment Program results show a manageable need for capital, and even more importantly, may calm market hysteria.
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      Quote of the Week  Quote of the Week
      “Risk can be greatly reduced by concentrating on only a few holdings.”
      - Warren E. Buffett
      Warren Buffett In The News   Warren Buffett In The News

      Why Warren Buffett Could Be Back On The Money
      He's cutting back on buying shares but that doesn't mean Buffett has lost his touch... Read the Full Article »
      (source: MoneyWeek)

      Buffett Banks On Wells Fargo
      The Oracle increases his stake in the banking leader, as well as Johnson & Johnson .... Read the Full Article »
      (source: Forbes)

      What Really Happened At The Billionaires' Private Confab
      Buffett and Gates host a philanthropy discusssion in a year of financial loss, even at the top ... Read the Full Article »
      (source: Seattle Times)

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    Featured Article

    Volcano Invest Review 10/10/2008
    By admin on October 10th, 2008
    Volcano Invest Review (www.volcanoinvest.com) Before proceeding with the review proper let me alert you first about Estrella Funds. It has come to my attention and has been verified that the program ceased to pay some bigger amount investo...

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    • Volcano Invest Review (www.volcanoinvest.com)

      Before proceeding with the review proper let me alert you first about Estrella Funds. It has come to my attention and has been verified that the program ceased to pay some bigger amount investors. In fact, my own account with them was deleted along with the ratings page on their site as well. It is a very disappointing moment at this time for their unpaid customers. However, in view of the fact that all programs will come to an end, I’m positive many had profited from them during their 6-month venture. It was not a mediocre performance after all, in fairness for them.

      So let’s get it on with a quick crunch of Volcano Invest .
      I had mixed emotions after I joined last night and saw an X-HyipScript behind it. For those of you who haven’t yet encountered X-HyipScript programs, you can search forum threads about 110Daily, Invest4FastProfit, EmmaInvest, LRStream, Invest4Games, Point4Invest, to name a few. The program recently had its debut on October 6, 2008 and provided 3 Plans with it (as usual).
      Some other usual or similar important regulations were:

      1. No Payouts on a Sunday
      2. 3% RC withdrawals will be processed when it reach $3 minimum.
      3. You can only have a maximum of 5 active deposits with an accumulated total of $1,000.
      4. 3 options to choose from comes the expiry of your deposit:
      a. withdraw full amount (principal + profit)
      b. re-invest full amount (principal + profit)
      c. re-invest partially (profit only)

      Compared to previous X-HyipScpit based programs, one feature is missing though, the PAYOUT QUEUE, wherein you can see details about the time and date withdrawal was requested, amount, payment processor, time elapsed since request has been made and user id. It adds credibility if that feature is around but unfortunately we will not be seeing that here. Modifications are applaudable venturing an opinion that this was not done in a hurry.

      The 3 Plans which include the principal after term expiry have the following details:

      1.) Starter Plan wherein you can earn 105% after 1 Day for deposits ranging from $5 to$50.
      2.) Standard Plan wherein you can earn 110% after 2 Days for deposits ranging from $10 to$100.
      3.) Investor Plan wherein you can earn 120% after 3 Days for deposits ranging from $20 to $200.

      Volcano Invest accepts Liberty Reserve , AlterGold , V-Money and E-Gold. E-Gold deposits are made manually. You have to deposit through their e-gold account leaving the Memo Field empty then you have to send the batch number and other details to the admin so he can manually add it to your account. Since Altergold API is currently not working, I think you could do the same for that matter. Payments will be be processed within 12 hours accordingly.

      My personal choice among these plans is Investor Plan. My strategy would be to deposit $50 daily for 3 consecutive days (Day1- $50, Day2- $50, Day3- $50 with a total seed of $150). I will get $60 ROI from my first deposit on Day 4 and will reinvest $50 onwards giving me $10 profit daily. Honestly, I had made profits from previous X-HyipScript programs by doing that so I suggest you do the same if you have an allocation for it. You can apply that strategy on the Standard Plan too but it is a higher ROI on the Investor Plan.

      Volcano Invest is SSL encrypted so you have to add the certificate manually (usually on firefox users).
      “If you’ll get the warning or error message (Secure Connection Failed) from your browser regarding our SSL-certificate, please add/approve to trusted zone or add the exception for our SSL-certificate.”
      Volcano invest is DDOS protected under BLCC (Black Lotus Communication) taking away ddos attack alibis from the admins side if ever.

      This is a nice hyip game to play with considering the fact that the previous X-HyipScipt programs had their operations running for several weeks to 2 months before calling it quits. I’m not saying it is the same admin behind but if X-HyipScript isn’t available for sale to others, then most likely there’s no coincidence here. I’ll leave it at that for the meantime and good luck to those who will get involve with Volcano Invest .

      Reviewed by: iskofer (Oct 10, 2008)

      In other news:

      It appears that StrictPay has finally gotten their ACH deposit capabilities back after the bank that they were using put them under review. This certainly adds a lot of credibility to them as a viable choice in payment processors.

      StrictPay Members

      We are happy to announce that we now have ACH Funding available again for all members with U.S. bank accounts. We know it has been a long, and sometimes inconvenient, process for many of you, but we appreciate your patience during this trying time. In the end, it was just easier for us to switch to a new ACH provider, because we were not getting quality information concerning the situation from our older provider. And of course having to install an entirely new system took more time than even we planned for. We also wanted to make sure we did our due diligence on the new provider, and their security systems are very strong.

      With the new ACH processing system, you are going to see some fee changes, but we have made sure they are minor ones. We have unfortunately had to increase our regular ACH transaction fees. We know that anytime fees change, we cannot please everyone, but we feel like we offer many great features that offset a minor fee adjustment for regular ACH transactions.

      We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this wait may have caused, and we appreciate you continuing to choose StrictPay as your payment option. We know you have many choices and it means a lot to the entire staff that you believe in what we have to offer. And feel free to use our new Live Chat Support feature to ask any questions you might have concerning the new changes.

      StrictPay Team!

      Also Scotia Ads is making great progress as well just recently crossing the $10,000 mark in upgrades. This is a wonderful accomplishment for any program but especially for a low-roi program. I expect big things from Scotia Ads over the coming months.

      We were paid yesterday also from Surf2Sawa which continues to remain one of my top picks for surfs nowadays. The admin Joe is really on the ball and continues to maintain his site with seeming perfection. The different features that he has added including the domain name registration as well as the lottery lead me to believe that he is in this thing for the long haul.

      We were also paid by TradersInvestments , Mutual Forex Fund , MegaLido and Olympex Group

      I would also like to encourage everyone to please leave comments for us regarding the programs that we are reviewing to let us know if they are still paying and if any updates are being made.

      Have a great day everyone! Stay safe and keep earning

    • Today we will be bringing you two articles. The first of which is a review of a fairly well known forex broker and a bit of a guide so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you would like to use their services.


      ACM- Advanced Currency Markets



      Where are you headquartered?

      * Rue du Rhone 50 1204 Geneva Switzerland

      * Phone: 4122 319 22 00
      * Fax: 4122 319 22 01
      * Email: support@ac-markets.com
      * Website: www.ac-markets.com

      Year of company’s foundation 2002
      Year of company’s forex division 2002
      Number of employees 150
      Number of client accounts: 20,000
      Firm’s adjusted net capital: 3,000,000
      English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Farsi

      Account Options?

      Account currency USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF
      Type of broker Non-Dealing Desk
      Types of accounts Flexible, Mini (10k), Standard (100k)
      Commission rates No Commission
      Minimum deposit required US $5000 for standard accounts
      Contract sizes offered 100k units
      Maximum leverage 100:1
      Currency pairs offered 39 pairs
      Deposit options Bank wire
      Withdrawal options Bank wire

      Trading Platform?

      Platform Type Desktop Software, Mobile Phone, Web
      OS compatibility Windows for Mobile, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X
      Free demo account Yes
      Demo account expiration Yes
      Streaming news feed Yes
      Charting package Professional charting tools are integrated within the Advanced Trader and the Advanced Web Trader platform and the Flash platform.

      Trade from charts No
      Market commentary Yes
      Email alerts No
      Mobile alerts Yes
      Hedging Yes
      Rollover Interest Yes

      Customer Service?

      Customer service access Phone, Fax, Email, Instant Messenger
      Customer service hours 24 Hours a day
      Ability to place trades over phone Yes
      How can clients reach customer service if they have an urgent issue? Phone
      Email response time As soon as possible

      Advanced Guide:

      ACM is a Swiss company founded in 2002. The company’s headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland, with offices around the world in Dubai, Uruguay in the USA in New York. It is one of the leading brokerage companies, as managing director Nicholas Bang says “the company’s site is the second most popular place to trade currency on the net”.

      ACM provides a reliable and simple trading platform for 27 currency pairs and for gold and silver. Spread are on average 3 pips for the major pairs in standard account, and are 4 pips and over for mini account. The leverage is 100:1 for all types of accounts. The minimum deposit for mini accounts is $2,000 and for standard accounts $5,000. ACM also offers institutional accounts, in which the minimum deposit is $50,000. Demo accounts, offering real time prices and trading conditions for a period of 30 days.
      Registration process is quite long, and requires filling in personal details, employment status and financial. You are also required to submit your bank details, passport number, a photocopy of your passport and a copy of a utility bill.
      Deposits into your account can be made in the following currencies: USD, EUR, CHF, GBP & JPY.






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