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25. 2. 2008




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“Everything You Know About Marketing Online Is Wrong... Or Is About To Be”
(Welcome To The Attention Age…)

From: Rich Schefren
   Date: February 25, 2008
   RE: Why downloading one file may save your business…

Dear Business Builder,

The world of marketing – and especially marketing online – has changed.

Not in a tiny, incremental way: in a fundamental, sweeping way.

Those who ignore the change are living in the shadow of a volcano… and like the citizens of ancient Pompeii, ignorance of the threat can be fatal.

   Get This Leading-Edge Advisory Now,    And Avoid The Firestorm Tomorrow

I have been working hard – on your behalf.

When you open Part 2 of The Attention Age Doctrine, you will know for yourself that the above statement is true.

When you act on the very specific instructions in Part 2 of the Doctrine, you will pull ahead of your competitors, position your business for invulnerability, pre-eminence, and market domination – and you’ll make it look easy

If you know anything at all about me, you know this by now: when I release a free advisory, report, or manifesto, savvy marketers pay attention. I meet top-level “gurus” all the time who have read, highlighted, and made notes on my previous reports… with more intensity than most people give to products they paid money for.

Why would they do that? And why do I put more work, information, and value into my free materials than others put into their paid products? Simple…

Because I believe that in today’s “Attention Economy”, even your marketing materials must have deep, sustained value to the reader. And I work very hard to make it so with everything I and my team produce.

   What’s Waiting For You Inside Part 2
   of “The Attention Age Doctrine”

In The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2, you will discover:

How the world is changing, and why you must decide right now how and where you’re going to fit in (don’t worry, I tell you exactly how to decide in the Doctrine!)

My proven systems for multiplying results while reducing cost, effort, and stress.

Why the world is getting dumber by the minute… and why you must get smarter fast

What the Attention Age Doctrine is really all about (and why not knowing this will murder your business).

How to blast your way through information overload like a hot knife slides through butter (in Part 2 of the Doctrine, you’re getting my exact techniques for doing this).

The real secrets to building viable, sustainable business empires (I guarantee this is different from what all the “gurus” are teaching you).

The reason why “Interruption Overload” is draining the brains of your prospects – and how you can use this very problem to engage their attention like never before.

How to deal with the information that’s flooding your inbox, voicemail, RSS reader, and other inputs… without breaking a sweat (when I get done with you, you’ll make it look      easy).

The single biggest crisis that’s slaughtering and humiliating Mass Media… and very detailed ways you can capitalize on the situation.

The specific skill sets, tools, and tactics that allow you to get more done, faster and with less effort (your competitors won’t know what hit them).

How you can become the “Superman” of your market – and what you must know about Kryptonite (this knowledge will help keep you invulnerable – and no, I’m not kidding!).

Never-before-revealed methods of using Web 2.0 tools and techniques to win the victory in the Attention Age (ignore this and suffer humiliating defeat… learn and use it, and when      the smoke clears on the battlefield you’re the only one left standing).

Content Syndication: the “sneaky secrets” of getting a Free Ride to Recognition by properly using the giants of the industry (with their knowledge, consideration, and blessing).

Web 2.0 tactics that bring search engine ranking and traffic, without resorting to “tricks” or worrying about “hats”.

The truth about building buzz, “word-of-mouth” marketing, the influence of networks… and the rise of the Viral Visionary (including a simple, stunning model of how to become one!).

     And much, much more…

               Claim Your Copy NOW...
                     While It's Still FREE

Download this smokin' hot document right now, set aside 90 minutes or so, and go through it in detail.

Even more important, use the information, tactics, and tools in the report to immediately and positively impact your productivity, your progress, and your profits. DO NOT WAIT -- DO IT NOW.

Just type in your name and primary email address, check for accuracy (incorrect email addresses won't be accepted), and click the button to download your copy of The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2.

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Actual Reader Comments From Our Blog...
Mind Blowing information!
This field is moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Your report shoots us past the pack. I know that it’s very true and how you put it all together is beyond me!

Chuck Rolfe
Amazing read. Congrats for capturing my attention so completely and fully as I immediately digested all 93 pages and simultaneously completed my business plan as a result!

Thanks! Lori Mercer
JUST FINISHED DEVOURING The Doctrine 2. Finally a report that will massively change the way I do business.

Robert Fulton
Hi Rich,
Many thanks for this excellent resource! You are seriously over-delivering with this one.

Kindest, Francois du Toit
I read The Doctrine 2 this afternoon. I enjoyed it very much. With my reading of your Doctrine 2 I was able to adjust my focus and see a better, sure way through the times ahead. It really has been a great experience for me.

Mick Meredith
I’ll be honest... I’ve only heard of you recently. What I have just read is absolutely amazing. It has created a paradigm shift in me that I hope will happen for all who read it.

Thanks, Jeff Johnson
I’ve read it twice! It is not only everything Rich promised but so much more! And just so ya know, I’ve never heard of Rich before this morning! I have the inspiration and tools needed to turn my idea’s into tangible material! I cannot thank you enough Rich.

Brian Fairo
You have opened my eyes! Best report I have ever read! I read The Doctrine Part 2 in a couple hours and stopped several times to jot down all the great ideas it gave me.

Thank you, Nick

I thought this was going to be another one of those long winded ebooks. I was greatly surprised, I couldn’t stop reading it. It opened my eyes, to something that has been sitting under my nose for a long time.

Thanks Rob S
WOW! This was incredibly enlightening. I’ve read reports and other papers put out with great gusto, but this one had me going - OH S%^&! It left me speechless. I have been implementing changes to the way I work, but see I have a lot of work to do now!

Thanks Much,

George Sellers
Dear Rich:
What you said has distilled a lot of what I’ve been thinking into a manageable formula that I can start applying immediately. Thank you.

Angelina Huard
Bravo. Wish I knew about you a year ago. This is exactly what I have been struggling to put my finger on in my marketing problems and this really hit home.

Dan Temes
Great report as usual! You definitely feel my pain as both a consumer who is overwhelmed by the advertising messages AND as a marketer, trying to figure out how to build sales/profits.

Kurt Hagemeister
Awesome report Rich! By far, the best I’ve read in a long time.

Great as usual Rich! Once I picked up The Doctrine I couldn’t put it down. Opened my eyes! Thanks so much.

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