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16. 3. 2008

Welcome Pesak!

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Read this page, scroll all the way down and choose the option to take advantage of this, or not. Then click on the button that will appear to get to the next page.

Attention:  Your One-Time Chance To Go For The Gold Membership...

Alexander, YOU Are Now Just One Step Away From
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From: The Desks of Colin Kinkert & Frank Bauer
Date: Sunday, March 16 2008

Dear Alexander,

For a Limited Time we are allowing you to steal our Gold Membership level that normally costs $97 Per Month, for a small one time investment! This means, for a one off investment, you will own a LIFETIME Gold membership to THE hottest NEW affiliate membership site on the PLANET!

As a Free member, this revolutionary site gives you amazing leverage but as a Gold Member there isn't yet a word powerful enough to describe this astonishing offer!

Emailing 30,000 members in a quality, targeted, safelist would normally cost you $247+ for every email; here is your chance to email 3,000 members every 3 days (30,000 per month)...for LIFE!

This is only part of the offer though! Gold Members also get to display an ad at the top of ALL emails sent by free members! The spot is rotated between Gold Members and this feature alone is worth the One Time Fee for LIFETIME membership.

"ViralURL is far better then any other List Building Service..."

Todd Gross, Owner of PreSaleVideos.com

Just see what some of our members think about the ViralURL Gold membership...

"Thanks for paying me $743 to advertise my business!"

"Hi Frank and Colin,

All I can say is Thanks! The reason I signed with ViralUrl was to access the Gold member mailer. It took me 1 year to build a list of 3000 myself...

...with your Gold Mailer I instantly got access to 30,000 members per month to send my solo ads to!

And by promoting my affiliate link to my existing list I had over 80 free ViralUrl referrals, out of the 80 free referrals 7 upgraded to Gold Lifetime Membership.

Guys... I'm amazed... Thanks for paying me $743 to advertise my business to a fast growing and responsive ViralUrl membership for LIFE!"

Jason Lamure about ViralURL...

Jason Lamure, Owner of My-Easy-Promoter.com


"The one time offer is something that everybody should get"

"Wow Colin, I think you have created the next killer app.

Every once in a while a new application is released that really makes a difference in marketing.

Mark Joyner built his empire with the first startpage exchange.

John Reese with his system of popunder advertising.

Mike Filsame with Instant Buzz.

In my opinion ViralURL is the new killer app. The combination of URL cloaking, tracking and listbuilding is just awesome.

And the one time offer is something that everybody should get. I mean - just The power to send 30.000 e-mails a month - wow!

I highly recommend ViralURL to everybody. This is a must have."

Rune Fjortoft about ViralURL...

Rune Fjortoft, CEO of MLMProNews.com


"I have two paid accounts and I highly recommend this..."

"Frank and Colin,

It's Jane Mark from JPE advertising.

Congrats on your great new site.

I have been using it for over two months now and mailing to 3,000 members every three days at their contact addresses. The results are superb.

In fact, I like the site so much I have two paid accounts and I highly recommend this to anyone who is a serious marketer on the net.

You guys really did a fabulous job.

And the one time offer is something that everybody should get. I mean - just the power to send 30.000 e-mails a month - wow!

I highly recommend ViralURL to everybody. This is a must have."

Jane Mark about ViralURL...

Jane Mark, Owner of JPEadvertising.com


"This is a Home Run!"

"I've been working very definitely on this project for a few days now and I have to tell you Frank & Colin, this is excellent.

The program is put together incredibly well. I haven't even mailed to my own list yet and I am bringing in downline left and right.

The program is put together incredibly well. I haven't even mailed to my own list yet and I am bringing in downline left and right.

I have only used list builders as of this writing. I have never had anything ~pull~ in a listbuilder mailing list like this does. Who can resist this?

If you go with the Gold upgrade you get to mail 3,000 random users every 3 days, cloak as many URLs as you want and have your ad randomly rotate on thousands of websites.

Thats not counting the hundreds of dollars worth of materials I received, software, ebooks, free marketing opportunities and so much more in surprise bonuses.

On top of that, I can even make money in various ways just telling folks about this. I already made three sales.

I expecially love the link tracking, I can tell exactly where my hits are coming from all the time. Since I only just got started, what will happen after I incorporate all the promotional tools into my marketing? I can only imagine. The skys the limit with this.

I recommend this program 300% to the marketing community. This is going to change a lot of things for the better for a lot of people, especially affiliate marketers who love to use ClickBank and other affiliate programs with long URLs. This is a Home Run!"

Anna Mattingly about ViralURL...

Anna Mattingly, Owner of LazyLiving.com



Just think about it... the lowest cost we found for buying 30,000 double opt-in co-reg leads alone would be $3,900... which won't be as high quality and then you have to mess around with complex systems to email them.

We don't stop there though as Gold Members can also build a 7 level downline on Auto-Pilot that you can email every 5 days ON TOP of the 30,000 random emails a month!

Also, let's say you send those 30,000 an offer that converts at just 0.5% and earns you $10 for each sale. That means you will earn $1,500 for that one mailing!

Now, of course we don't just expect you to just take our word for it, take a look at the results one of our Gold members has experienced...

"Over Two Hundred Opt-In From 1 Mailing!"

"I MUST share with you how I appreciate the service from this 2 smart guys Frank Bauer and Colin Klinkert.

I'm a while around in this arena and I never got with any other service like this so many optins from 1 mailing. WOW!!!

I decided to take the OTO and now I know this was a very smart decision. :-)

It's not from this earth. This kind of results have blown me away, kicked me out of my chair, have made my day the next day, made my head spin after I turned on my PC and saw I had OVER TWO HUNDRED OPT-INS to my site!

This alone is worth $400 and that was just with one mailing. I feel like Mr. Wonderful. LOL

Thanks again Frank & Colin. You made a wonderful job. I'm looking forward to the next mailing and I can do that each and every 3 days to 3,000 fresh eager members. FANTASTICO!!!

You guys better take the OTO or you leave a lot of money on the table!! Or better... don't do it so you leave more to me. ;-) Just kidding. DO IT!"

Frank Astheimer about ViralURL...

Frank, Owner of EarlyBirdMarketer.com

At this point you are probably expecting us to charge at least twice the amount we are asking you to invest, but wait... there are yet more features:

The ViralBar shows text ads on it too, and as a Gold member you earn twice as many credits as free members as well as being able to make your ads bold italic and underlined! Free members can have one ad in rotation, as a Gold Member you will be able to have 5 ads rotating!

And that's not all... there is more! :)

As a Gold member you earn more referral % per referral upgrade (up to 60% instead of up to 40%. This means, by refering just 2 Gold members you get it ALL free!)

But that's not all you get, we even have several fantastic bonuses you, too many to mention them all here. But let you just pick out two that I am sure you will love...

Free-Ad DepotBrought to you by Jane Mark & Phil Basten of FreeAdDepot.com...

"10,000 Advertising Credits at Free-Ad Depot. Top Marketers Advertise Here. One of the Most Popular Advertising Sites on the Web." (value $125.00)

And here comes the next bonus for you...

Free Traffic BarBrought to you by Garland Coulson of FreeTrafficBar.com...

"25,000 Free Traffic Bar Ad Credits Package. Display Your Ads On Your Customers Browser And Reach Them While They Browse Their Favorite Online Store Or Catch Up On News On CNN.com." (value $31.23)

But that's of course not all... there is so much more for you in the members area, we would have to make this page 10 times bigger. Since we value your time, we decided not to make you read more then necessary and will leave this for you as a surprise that you will surely appreciate.

By now you must be thinking that we are going to ask $497+ for this once in a lifetime opportunity? Well we are not even asking $297! In fact for a One Time investment of only $197 you can get EVERY feature listed here and more as part of your LIFETIME Gold Membership!

BUT... Only if you ACT NOW! We will only sell a limited number of Lifetime Gold Memberships to ensure that the quality of the offer stays well beyond the price! You could earn back your investment as fast as your FIRST mailing, let alone your first month! Just Imagine how many times you can double your investment in the months and years to come!


YES - Colin & Frank!

I know this Is A One-Time Special Offer And It Will Never Be Made Available To Me Again.

- I can't wait to upgrade to 'Gold' membership and email 30,000 every single month for life.

- I can't believe how much you are offering me today, at such a low insane price!

- I know anyone would have to be flat out insane to pass on this special deal.

Thank You...
I Get All This For
Only $197

Only $97.00/mth.
$197 USD One-Time
(For A Very Limited Time)

2Checkout.com, Inc. is an authorized retailer of ViralURL.com

Secure Your order is 100% safe, secure, and private! Secure
 Credit Card

This is the only offer you will ever see for this...


If you have any questions about the ViralURL system we'd love to help you out. Feel free to contact us any time.

To your success,

Colin Klinkert     Frank Bauer
Colin Klinkert
CEO, ViralKing.com
&Frank Bauer
CEO, Add2it.com

Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer

PS: This is a one-time deal for new members of ViralURL.com. You will not see this page again, so we urge you to take advantage of this amazing deal, and save yourself a bundle. Go ahead and secure your Gold lifetime Membership. You won't see this offer again, so please take advantage of this right now.

PPS: A great leader has good decision making skills. We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road - They get run over! Take action now!

Don't Wait... Upgrade Now!

"I feel like I've hit the Jackpot!"

"I was a bit skeptical of the 'list builder' Gold Membership, but I have to say that each and every time I mail to the ViralUrl list I get 40+ optins!

This is going to grow our income exponentially in 2008!

I feel like I've hit the Jackpot!

Thank you!"

Rune Fjortoft about ViralURL...

Melanie Milletics, Owner of SponsoringSuccess.com


Upgrade To The ViralURL Gold Membership Now!

YES!! I want this great offer now!

No thanks. I will pass and go get my Free Membership. I know I'll never be given this opportunity ever again and I'm OK with that. I also understand that these options will NEVER be made available to me again. I wish all the luck to those that buy this offer and will make money with it. I am ready to pass on all this.


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