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The Private Millionaire

16. 3. 2008

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This is your $4,000,000


Your $4,000,000 Invitation

This is your Private & Personal Invitation to join one of the world's most rewarding financial associations. Now you can collect over $4,000,000 in a matter of days.

The only qualification required is that you must be able to follow simple instructions carefully to set yourself up and collect all the money which is available.

You will see that this is a very easy site with few "Bells & Whistles" - it is mostly just plain text. There is nothing difficult here.

All you have to do to become rich and successful now is save this and the following pages and read them through carefully.


First Save This Page

In order to collect $4,000,000 for yourself through The Private Millionaire System you MUST add this and all subsequent pages to the "Favourites" or "Bookmarks" section in your browser as you cannot return to the pages you will access later without their precise address.

To do this automatically click HERE

Do it right now, before you lose this life-changing page. 


Our Background

Until recently entry into The Private Millionaire Organization was by personal invitation only and the whole organization operated entirely through the world postal service.

Certain events involving oil and warfare have caused problems with The World Economy however and this indicates that additional income is needed Worldwide by many people like yourself.

The Private Millionaire organization has therefore been moved online and reorganized with the intention that it should operate entirely over the Internet and provide every one of our members with $4,000,000 merely for assisting in the spread of information which will help revitalize the World Economy.

You can definitely become one of our Members and receive all this wealth if you are prepared to contribute a few minutes of your time to a good cause. Your own financial welfare.

With the growth of the Internet The Private Millionaire Organization has quickly extended its operation around the world and is helping people like yourself become millionaires every day.


We Treat All People Equally

The Private Millionaire organization does not allow negative bias on account of age, race, religion, politics or sex. Everyone has something to contribute to this world and all are equally worthy of wealth & happiness. With The Private Millionaire System everyone has an equal opportunity to enrich themselves.


You Will Be Shown How To Make Even More Money

Not only do Private Millionaire Members receive their $4,000,000 quickly but they are also taught the secret principles behind creating more millions of dollars for themselves

This is achieved by the distribution amongst our Members of a series of Secret Reports which explain just how the world of money really works and how they can profit from it:

Report 1      How You Can Avoid The Wage Slave Trap.

Report 2     How You Can Become Wealthy Through Trade.

Report 3     How You Can Advertise Almost Anything And Harvest Paying Customers.

Report 4      How Your Computer Can Make You Another Million Dollars While You Enjoy A Vacation.

Report 5      How You Can Become A $Billionaire: The Secrets You Need To know


You Keep All The Money You Collect

The $4,000,000 you are going to receive is not charity or a loan and does not have to be repaid. The money is yours to do with as you wish.

You can buy your dream home or a luxury car, retire or travel the world. Whatever you wish you can do with this money. It is truly yours & free of any "conditions".

Because of our Worldwide Membership we are now quoting the wealth being created  for our Members in US Dollars.

This is because US Dollars are the most widely known currency.

For ease of calculation, US$4,000,000 equals roughly Euro 3,047,388 or GB Pound 2,048,760.

If you have any concerns about the legality of this system please see the next page of this letter.


How Does This All Work?

Naturally you will be wondering how an organization such as ours could be so well endowed as to be able to give away $4,000,000 (or the equivalent Euro 3,047,388 or GB Pound 2,048,760 etc.) to YOU.

Being open and straightforward in these matters we have to explain here that the capital is channelled TO YOU through our OTHER MEMBERS by an ingenious and perfectly legitimate system.

With The Private Millionaire System all our Members win!

And YOU can become a Member today!

You may remember the folk tale of the little old shoemaker who was going to close down his shop because business had become so slow.

Many of the townsfolk realized how valuable his service was and banded together to help. Each citizen went to the shoemaker and bought a pair of his excellent shoes. Needless to say, this sudden spurt of business enabled the shoemaker to stay in business. It also made him wealthy.

This is what we are about:

Tens of thousands of our new Members, all recruited by "Junior" Private Millionaire Members (Not yourself), will PAY YOU DIRECTLY to purchase tens of thousands of copies of a certain Product FROM YOU for $16 each.

This information-based product will be produced and distributed FOR YOU automatically BY US on the Private Millionaire Server-Computer.

It is all done automatically: You need do nothing once you are set up.

You DO NOT even NEED your own computer to collect a fortune with The Private Millionaire System. Join us and our members will help you become rich beyond your wildest dreams.


What Do I Need To Do To Collect All This Money?

To learn how to collect your fortune with The Private Millionaire System and to obtain your first secret report. You have to fill in the 2 text boxes then click on ACCEPT INVITATION below.

First of all you need to copy the distorted letters and/or numbers into the first box.

This is to ensure you are a real person.

(If you do not see a Turing (distorted) number to copy in the box above then your web browser security settings are set unusually high. To view the number you may need to click in a bar near the top of your screen to approve access or change your browser settings back to the default level for a moment. You can then Refresh the page by using F5 on your keyboard, or the green arrows after the address bar in Internet Explorer, and the Turing number will appear)        


Finally you need to fill in an email address which will definitely reach you into the next box so we can send some important information to you.

Please be careful entering your email address as, if you register a bad one, it links to you in future and may prevent you collecting your money.

Your email will never be shared with anyone else.

Enter Email

This will take you to the next page where everything is explained and you can download the first in the series of Private Millionaire Reports:

 "How You Can Avoid The Wage Slave Trap."

This report will really open your eyes about how the world of money works.


Your Invitation into The Private Millionaire System is brought to you by:

new world enterprises

If you have any problems with getting past this page feel free to email them:






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