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30. 7. 2009



In part one of this blog, we looked at two fundamental marketing concepts: attention and interest. In the second half of this two-part blog, we will look at the next two components of the ADIA formula that is geared to increase your conversions: desire and action.


Once the visitor is convinced that you have something to offer that they are interested in, it is time to take it to the next level. Bring on the emotions. Create a desire to own your product or service by engaging the customer while describing your terrific product or service. Bring on the customer testimonials and strong benefits, and bring the product closer to the customer, more personal.

This is where your time spent on market research will really start paying off. The more you know about your prospects, the more you know how to engage them. Learn about their needs and wants, and you will know how to appeal to them. Look into behavioral targeting techniques.

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Affiliate marketing, just like any marketing activity, is chock full of fancy acronyms. We have EPCs, SEO and SEM, PPC, OPMs, CTRs, SERPs, and whatnot. But every once in a while, it pays to remind ourselves of some of the slightly older acronyms in the realm of marketing.

Far from outdated or irrelevant, marketing textbook material can be useful in fine-tuning a website to increase conversions.

Affiliates, meet AIDA.

In part one of this two-part blog, we will look at one of the fundamental marketing and sales concepts: AIDA (which is an acronym that stands for Attention – Interest – Desire – Action).

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Zappos Acquired by Amazon!
Yep! It’s true! It’s a done deal. And what’s really amazing is that they are buying it for less than 1X revenue which is a really, really low (usually companies get 3X revenue at least). This is just another indication of the depressed M&A market.

According to the article at PCW, “Under the terms of an agreement announced Wednesday, Amazon will acquire all outstanding shares and assume all outstanding options of Zappos in exchange for approximately 10 million shares of Amazon common stock. Those Zappos shares are worth about $807 million. In addition, Amazon will give Zappos employees about $40 million in case and restricted stock.”

Google Slap for Product Review Sites
Dr. Glenn Livingston of Rocket Clicks, posting on the Perry Marshall.com website, says that he just “got word from several affiliate marketers that Google dropped the hammer today on affiliate review pages. Many pages went from quality scores of 10 —> 1 overnight.”

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20368012If you’re serious about maintaining your site’s presence in the search engines, then you should never stop working on incoming links.

Here is a look at three tactics you use to increase the number of online links to your site.

Tactic #1: Write an Article

But, don’t just distribute them to article services. Send copies to all those webmasters who’ve already linked to you, with new-link HTML. You should also get a new URL, create your own blog or build a content management system, and recycle all your articles into it.

In this case, incoming links are an additional benefit of an already sound traffic building strategy. So when you think incoming links, don’t just think search engines or page rank — think traffic, too! This will help you choose better and better link partners, ones that not only keep you indexed and ranked, but that also send you quality visitors — and increase your revenues long term.

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july09-cAre you ready to become a super affiliate? Do you even know what that means? For some it’s a tough decision — whether to maintain their current level of success, or to go the extra mile to achieve the status of super affiliate. If you’ve thought of reaching higher, the July issue of Affiliate Classroom magazine is here to help you out.

Katalin Torok’s article might be just what you need to decide. “15 Personal Questions for the Aspiring Super Affiliate” will show you a few qualities that you’ll need — including commitment, and a business mind-set. These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you take the jump onto the road to super affiliate status.

Then, Mark Thompson’s “Becoming a Super Affiliate” article reminds you that becoming a true super affiliate takes a good deal of time and refinement. He shares some of the things you need to do to become a super affiliate, including:

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New Share Results Site and Interface

Chris Sanderson of AMWSO says, “On Monday July 13 we can look forward to a totally redesigned Share Results affiliate network! A range of new changes are just the start of many great features and services being added by to the Share Results system over the coming year.”
Which Offer Should I Use?

Derek, posting on the Click Consultants blog is talking about split testing. He says it doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to “understand what exactly you’re doing when testing different offers and deciding which offers to use.” He goes on to explain the process very well.
Finding High-Paying Niche Affiliate Programs

There’s an interesting post on the Affiliate Classroom Blog posted by Evelyn Grazini. Evelyn says, “The best advice to pick your perfect niche is to start with something you already know about. Maybe it’s gardening, home improvements, dogs, cats, etc.” and she goes on to explain how to go about doing just that. Good advice!

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14727233This is about as low tech as you can get … and can be surprisingly effective. It’s also a good way to gather your family and friends in an effort to test out your customer support skills.

So, what is this effective, low-tech method we speak of? We speak of getting you started with the art of customer support by enlisting the help of those who are closest to you and are most likely to teach you the wrong way and the right way to provide customer support in a loving, safe way.

And for those of you whose eyebrows are currently raised, think of it this way: if you are new to offering customer support, wouldn’t you rather learn what work and what doesn’t work from those who love you and are more likely to accept any mistakes and errors without demanding a refund or writing a negative post about you on their blog?

So, how do you get started?
For starters, choose a product that has wide appeal, can be downloaded instantly, and pays a nice big commission (try ClickBank for ideas).

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hobby1When you ask many of the big Internet marketing gurus what niche you should start with, most of them will say something like — anything BUT the Internet marketing niche. They say this for two reasons:

  1. You will be their competition.
  2. More importantly, there are so many well-known gurus in this niche that it’s very hard for a beginner to get noticed.

The gurus are not really afraid of the newbies for reason number two — but it is something to consider when deciding what niche will be your first.

The best advice to pick your perfect niche is to start with something you already know about. Maybe it’s gardening, home improvements, dogs, cats, etc.

Then all you need to do is find good niche affiliate programs, and write articles that link to them.

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news_May_29_09Launch Tree LIVE – July 23–25 in Las Vegas

On the Affiliate Classroom blog, Tennyson Rog is talking about the big Launch Tree live event that will take place in Las Vegas July 23-25. Tennyson has posted the schedule of events. This is one you don’t want to miss!

Squidoo Cracks Down on Overly Promotional Lenses
“Squidoo has marketers scrambling after announcing they are cracking down on spam, porn, junk topics, overly self promotional lenses and plagiarism.” That’s what Linda Buquet has posted on the 5 Star Affiliates blog. Interesting post…you should read it.

Google Cracks Down and Bans AdWords CPA Scams
On the 5 Star Affiliates blog, Linda Buquet is blogging about a new Google advertising wrinkle — and this is a biggie. Linda reports that the letter Google sent out to affiliates using the Google Money Tree scam read in part, “It’s come to our attention that you have submitted ads that promote Google Money Tree or ads that promote a misrepresented affiliation with Google.

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slapping1.jpgThe word on the net lately is that Squidoo just got slapped by Google!

According to a post on the 5-Star Affiliate Blog, apparently some spammers started abusing the system, resulting in Squidoo lenses getting dropped (or lowered in rank) in the Google search engines. The Google Slap resulted in Squidoo taking measures to control spam. Unfortunately, they have to punish honest affiliates along with the spammers until they find another way to eliminate the fraud.

Two of the major changes mentioned in the 5-Star Blog include:

  • If you have a new lens, you need to have more than three modules (not including the introduction) or it will not appear to be publicly published, even if it has been.
  • No more iframes

This is very unfortunate, because Squidoo was one of the main social sites that was actually set up with marketers in mind. I hope they can figure this out, get rid of the spammers, and let the rest of us go on providing valuable content in an honest affiliate marketing way.

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3 Tops Reasons Why You Must Have Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website
By: Mal Keenan

Budding entrepreneurs entering the affiliate marketing business invariably struggle with many questions on the setup, methods and strategies of their new business.

In dealing with prospects on a daily basis the same question arises time and time again:

Should I get your own website? Do I need one? Will it make a difference to my affiliate sales?

If you have ever joined any affiliate programs at all then you will know that every affiliate program provides you with your own version of the merchants sales page - coded with your affiliate link, in order to track sales.

Technically it is possible to make money promoting this turnkey site that the merchant has provided. In my professional opinion and from my own experience though, this is NOT the way to go if you are serious about making your affiliate business a full-time enterprise.

Let me explain why - giving the most important points against using the affiliate website:

1. By far the most important factor is that the affiliate program can go out of business at anytime leaving any promotions that you have done for your affiliate site useless. If you have links on the www pointing to an affiliate page and the company is no longer in existence then those links will fail to work.

If you have your own website then YOU are in control. You can simply point the link on your end to a new company and thus give you a chance of building a new income stream.

2. It is undoubtedly of massive importance that you build your reputation online. If you only promote another persons website, even though it will bring you commissions, it will usually have the name of the product owner on this site. So, in this case, you are building the merchants' reputation and web presence instead of your own. Branding your name and business online will lead to further success so it's better to get YOUR name out there right from the very start.

3. Point 3 is, that with an affiliate page you don't have the ability to make changes to your webpage. Again, this is a business, so you MUST add your own uniqueness and some personality to the aspect of this business that you are presenting to the public. You CANNOT do this with the affiliate site that the merchant provides - ONLY with your own website and domain name.

So by now you may be asking for the solution. The only answer is to get a website and build YOUR own web presence and brand rather than someone elses. This way you can promote any affiliate programs you like from your new site AND you can change the links, content etc. as often as you require.

This is how I personally do it. If you visit my own sites you will see that I have added loads of my own content BUT each of the links from within that site point to affiliate product from which I will get a commission for evey sale that is made.

Do you see how this works? Do you see how it is a much better strategy than promoting an affiliate page that will NEVER belong to me?

Now, at this stage you may be terrified as to how you where you would even start to acquire your own business domain name and website.

The process is actually quite simple, once you actually begin to push through the fear and take action.

If you don't see the importance of having your own website now then believe me, it WILL become clear as you get a better understanding of online business.

For a few dollars per year for a domain name and hosting you are much better to have an affiliate website than be without one.

About The Author

Checkout Mal Keenans' Top Rated Affiliate Marketing Secret Resource Site: http://www.malkeenan.com

Discover How You Can Have Your Own Affiliate Website Up and Running Today. Download My Free Success Guide for All the Details: http://www.freeadvertz.com/

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