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Here are the links where you can exchange links with our other high traffic sites. Your links will be permanent as long as you stay linked to us. Your link will be approved automatically as long as you have a link back to our site on yours. Also these pages are very search engine friendly so your ads will be picked up by the search engines. It is free so why not exchange links with all of our sites?

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Does Exchanging Links Really Work?
Hi it's Matt from Quickregister.net . Does exchanging links with other sites work as a way to get traffic and visitors to your website? You bet it does! I had been recently spending lots of time getting link exchange partners with my busy forum The Free Ad Forum.

This is a great way to get free traffic and free advertising but I have a better deal for you. Put away your wallet because this is 100% free. Real free traffic. You pay zip, nada, zilch, zero. Why not place your free, permanent advertising on ALL of my sites? I have been promoting these sites for years and now you can benefit from the traffic. My sites range from about 40,000 Alexa to around 200,000. This means that if I have an Alexa ranking of 40k that there are only 40,000 sites on the internet which are busier than mine. Considering that there are millions of sites on the internet this is very busy. This type of traffic translates to about 300-600 people per day signing up for my newsletters.

All you have to do is go to http://www.quickregister.net/linkexchanges and bookmark this site. It has all the direct urls to my different siteÌs link exchange pages. You can then exchange links with all of my sites. Yeah, I know all the SEO geeks say that link exchanges are out. Well stats do not lie. I checked my webalyzer stats and I am getting lots and lots of traffic from link exchanges. Also I checked and many of even the sub directories of my link exchange directories are getting lots of natural traffic from the search engines. I am going to post a video on the Quickregister.net Website Promotion Tips Blog showing my webalyzer stats and exactly where the traffic is coming from. By the way it has not hurt my SEO one bit. Go ahead and type in "free search engine submission services" in Google. I am number 4 right now. All the other sites ahead of me are major SEO companies with many people working for them. I did all this in my boxer shorts from my condo. So this link exchange stuff works and it is free.

See http://www.quickregister.net/linkexchanges to start getting free permanent traffic now. Thanks for reading I hope you find this free advertising method gets you is an effective marketing tool in getting visitors to your website.

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