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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Team Orangemoon is the Future of Online Marketing!


Things have been crazy over thelast few days with the launch of Team Orangemoon. This really will blow people away when this launches. EVERY member will profit with NO SPONSORING REQUIRED. That takes away 99% of the battle when trying to earn online. See below for more info.

Everyone is so excited about this, that our NET group became the largest group there within 24hrs! We are the most active group with excited members eager to sign up as soon as possible when we launch the link on Saturday 13th December.

If you have already joined Team Oranegmoon and our group at NET, then well done.

If you haven't yet joined, then join now! We are taking thousands of members straight into a downline! The spillover will be HUGE with thousands of our members taking up positions and multiple positions! This is making a profit online at it's EASIEST!

Join up now and Get ready for some HUGE success!




This is the Internets BIGGEST Team Build and you have the Opportunity to Join it for FREE right now!


How Would You Like To Join The Latest Online Home Based Business and Watch As Your Downline Completely Fills Underneath You, Earning You Huge Profits Instantly?

We have turned downline building on it's head and have made it simple! Instead of joining a program and struggling to fill a downline, we have a team of thousands, ready to join a
downline and dominate it, earning profits for everyone!

Can you imagine what it will be like to join a program and have hundred's, even thousands of people joining under you instantly?

Well, this is your chance to join the team that will do just that!

Go here NOW and sign up for pre-launch for Free!


When this launches EVERY member will profit!



Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Truth About Silver

Hi all,

I hope you are well and if you are in the US, that you had a great Thanksgiving.

A lot of members have asked me how TAS (Truth About Silver) works, so I though that I would add the description to the blog and clear up any confusion regarding the 'Silver Coin'.

The Truth About Silver

The Truth About Silver is one of the highly recommended programs from the Search 4 Profits network and this is how I discovered it. Basically anything that 'Bill Long' (S4P admin), recommends I always assume as a great program.

TAS is basically a very simple matrix program, just 2 levels deep by 2 wide. So, there is 2 people needed on the 1st level and then 4 people on the 2nd level. A total of 6 people to fill the matrix.

This is itself makes it very easy to fill as you only need to refer 2 people into the program, then those 2 refer 2 and that's it! The matrix is filled and you earn $25. The best bit apart from getting paid of course, is that you will AUTOMATICALLY recycle, with a FREE position in YOUR 2 x 2 matrix, to help continue growth, AND, the people on YOUR Level 1 and Level 2, will ALWAYS follow you...Helping to create multiple FREE Silver Coins/$25 Cash payments!

So, basically you pay your $19 once and once only. When your matrix fills with 6 people, you earn $25, (You can either choose to have a Genuine American Eagle Silver Coin posted to you, (if you are in the US ONLY), or you have get an adpack in DRW (Driven Rapid Wealth), or a $25 payment straight into your Alertpay account. I personally have the cash payout.

Another benefit of this is that your sponsors efforts can fill your downline for you, just the same as most of the S4P programs, (full list below).

As you know, I can build a downline pretty well, (top referrer for all the Matrix Millionaire programs, 473 in MAXShares Matrix alone, so as you can see I can pretty much fill plenty of 6 position matrices with a couple of emails, which means lot's of benefits for my members).

So, Truth About Silver comes highly recommended. I have already cashed out and been paid out within a few hours straight into my AlertPay account and along with all of the S4P programs, I suggest that you get onboard with this one quickly.

If you want to take full advantage of all of bonuses and refunds that the S4P programs offer, then join the S4PNetProfits first, and then go to the 'downline builder' page to join S4PMI
You will find free upgrades, monthly refunds and even more bonuses with the S4P group of programs and the great thing is that they are all connected, so you can promote just one and recieve the same referral joining the other S4P programs under your link.
Until next time, have a great day and weekend.
All the best,

Thomas Sullivan

Everyone is raving about this new AutoSurf.
Only 21 days old! Earn 12% daily for 12 days!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

First Alert!


I hope you are well.

I have lot's of ads to get our for my Matrix-Millionaire and List-Millionaire subscribers today, so this is just a quickie entry.

First Alert:

Well, not really a First Alert, but a pre-first alert. I will be adding a new Matrix to the Matrix-Millionaire program which is incredibly financially beneficial to those who get in quick, (As you will know, if you have been fortunate enough to get in quickly when I promote a new matrix program)

I have heard great things about this new Matrix program that I will be sending out BUT as I have just joined, I haven't had a chance for a payout.

So, if you are a member of this new Matrix OR any of their prior programs, please send me your feedback regarding it. I am awaiting a reply from the owners to see if they can handle a few hundred people signing up within a couple of days, but what stands out for me is:

  • It is only a 2x10 forced matrix, which means you only need 2 people in your first level. Anything else over that spills over into the downline, ( I can personally put a few hundred into the program, so spillover is MASSIVE. Very lucky for those that get in quickly under me!)
  • You can also promote your own programs on this Matrix as it is firstly an advertising program.
  • It has an affordable monthly fee of only $7.95, which means regular increasing monthly payments.
  • As soon as you hit $15, then payout is automatic.

So, here is the link for this new Matrix below. As one of my blog readers, you have the option to get involved with this new matrix right now and be right at the top of the matrix before I go on the full promotion and add it to Matrix-Millionaire or you can hang on until I have spoken to their owners and also received feedback from existing members. It's up to you!



The questions that I have asked them is:

"When I add a matrix to my program, in the past, it has resulted in a few
hundred sign ups within a couple of days. Can your manual verification
process handle this amount of people so quickly?"

"Can I and my team members sign up for multiple accounts under their own referral URL?"

If things go well, I will be adding this within the next 48hrs. When I do, my Matrix Millionaire members will receive First Alert and then 24hrs later I will inform all of my Newsletter, Power of 3, List Millionaire and Mammoth List subscribers, (currently over 12,000).

Anyway, I had better crack on with those ads.

Here's to our success

Thomas Sullivan


Friday, 14 November 2008

Earn without the need for Marketing


I get asked often for my favourite program that people can earn from without having to any marketing whatsoever.

The main reason that people ask me this, is so that they can build up some funds so that they can join EZ Wealth Solution at the package #2 level, (which is the BIG money earner!).

Without a doubt in my mind, if anyone is looking to earn some GREAT money, then the 'Get To' programs are the best and, the ABSOLUTE best one of these is Survey Scout

In fact, it has been quite a few months since I was last with Survey Scout and they have really expanded their 'Get Paid To' arena, with the additions of:

- Get Paid to Shop
- Get Paid to Drive
- Get Paid to Read
- Get Paid to Play

I used to love it, when I was actively completing surveys etc and Now that my programs are automated, which means a whole lot more free time on my hands, I am going to get back involved with Survey Scout.

If you want a no-stress, earning program, then you will never go wrong with Survey Scout

Advertising Tip for you - With CAC (Classified Ad Central), if you are going to purchase the big packages, then sign up as an affiliate first, then purchase the package under your own referral link.
That way, you will earn yourself back the commission of $100, plus you then have a great affiliate program as well as cheaper, fantastic advertising.

Click Here for More Info on CAC.

That's it for today.

Have a great weekend wherever you are in the world.

Thomas Sullivan

Friday, 7 November 2008

Programs Update - Nov 7th

Hi all,

I hope you are well.
Here is another programs update. Please take the time to read and to action:


If you have paid for advertising on the List Millionaire or Matrix Millionaire website, whether it is top or bottom banner advertising, PLEASE make sure that you check that your banner is showing and that it links to where you want it to go before submitting your details.

I have banners which people are paying for that do not show correctly. Please check as I hate you to waste your money on an incorrect link given.
Also, any banners ads that have been submitted, that haven't been paid for will be removed after 24hrs.

Our banner advertising is proving incredibly effective, so if you wish to promote your business or program on our List Millionaire or Matrix Millionaire websites, then please click the relevant link below:



Our List Millionaire and Matrix Millionaire websites receive thousands of hits every day, so you can be sure of exposure to your program by advertising on our List Millionaire or Matrix Millionaire websites.


Our advertising co-ops for List Millionaire and Matrix Millionaire are incredibly popular. If you are a co-op member and you want to track how many hits that your link is receiving, then send us a tracker link for your LM or MM url, and we will change it. List Twister has a great url cloaker which will show you how many hits your link receives.

List Millionaire co-op advertising has now resumed. We still have some members still on old LM links but we are e-mailing them individually to get them to register for the brand new site.


The Power of 3 wil be upgraded very shortly! The scripts are being installed now and the new upgraded po3 website will be ready to be launched. What this means, if you are an existing po3 member, is that you will have to register for your new website and your old po3 links will eventually become invalid.

This is great news as I will be able to fully concentrate on proper advertising of the new po3 website as well as make some much needed upgrades and amendments to the po3 members area.
Watch out for that e-mail and update coming soon!


The most common email that I receive from members of any of my programs, is one asking how long it will take for them to see the big money.
Of course, my answer is, "that depends on how you are doing with your own!"

With the 'Millionaire' programs, these have a very simple concept and this is why they are so successful. Just fill the level #1 of each of your positions. That's it! (Plus the positions are so cheap of course!)

Don't worry about all the other levels. This is why you have a downline. They will fill those. Once you have filled your level #1, then sit back, relax and let your new downline do their work.

If everyone just concentrates on that simple premise, then success will come thick and fast to you and everyone in your downline. It is as easy as that!

Plus remember, that a matrix program wil take a few weeks before it hit's the 'money' levels. Even if everyone hit their 3 referrals in a week, then you are still looking at 6 or 7 weeks down the line, before you see the hundred's and thousand's. Patience is a virtue!

More information on how to succeed with the Power of 3 program and EZ Wealth Solution will be added to the members area with the new upgraded release coming soon.


Very excited about this new launch coming soon.

To be instantly advised of the Sponsor System sign up link as soon as I have received it, make sure that you have added yourself as my friend at my NET Millionaires page here:


The owners told me this what I can share with you:

"We ran a test on the matrix and the first 1,000 who join are going to cycle a lot of times, making hundreds of dollars in just a few days without refer anyone".

Sounds Good...do you agree :)

1000's of people are waiting to join. Not all will join of course. BUT this is in your hands. The better you focus, the more will join you, the better you take care about your personal members, the more will join you.

As soon as I get the link, I will send it to all my friends at NET, so if you are not yet my friend, add yourself today:


This is going to be very exciting when it launches.

If you haven't yet signed up for the FREE Pre-Launch, then click this link below and see for yourself why the internet home business community are getting very excited.


That's it!

I am off to get the po3 upgrade completed, so keep an eye out for that.

All the best



Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I hope you are well.

List Millionaire and Matrix Millionaire have exploded onto the

web since their launches a few weeks ago. If you are not yet a

member of either of these huge programs, then click the links below

and see for yourself why so many people are signing up.






Here is some important information if you are a member of any of

our programs:



List Millionaire

This has gone very well since we launched the upgraded new

version with most members now re-registered for their new

List Millionaire website.

Please make sure that you have completed this though:

When you log into your LM account area, make sure that you

update your program info, click on the 'update' button and

then click on your own LM referral url to check that you have

input the correct links.

If you are a LM co-op member we are in the process right now
of sending out some huge ad campaigns for your LM links only.

We are still waiting on a few co-op members on the old LM links

to register for their new LM links and send them to us.

So, if your name is on this web link below, please could you action

this as soon as possible:


These huge advertising campaigns will be going out over the next

few days. We have also secured a huge 'DollarMines' ad booked in

to go out to over 350,000 people near the end of November.

If you are not yet a List Millionaire advertising co-op member,

NOW is a great time to get onboard.

Just log into your new LM account area and follow the link to the

members area for more information.

Banner ads promoted on our List Millionaire and Matrix
websites are proving incredibly popular, with them

achieving great click-through rates, (10 in every 1000 displays).

If you would like some great advertising for your program, then

go here and click on the advertise link to add your banner:





Matrix Millionaire

MM is going amazing well, with over 1300 members now
registered and we haven't even hit full speed yet! Just wait until

this program hits levels 7 and 8!

This is when those that have signed up now will really benefit from
the huge earning potential of this great program.

I have been asked by the owner of our 3rd matrix, 'LearnToEarnMatrix,
that I ask all of you that sign up for multiple positions as soon as
you can after each other. Due to the large spillover from the upline,

members are finding that the position under their first one is getting filled

before they have a chance to sign up into it themselves.

Also, after the hacking attempt when they first opened their doors,
they will be getting a new security system in place to combat this. This will
happen shortly.


Power of 3


This has taken a back seat whilst the upgrades and new program were

Now that they have launched, we will be upgrading the Power of 3
program to
the automated versions. If you are a po3 member, expect an

email next week to confirm when this will be happening as you will need

to register for your brand new po3 website.








Sponsor System


I have had lot's of members incredibly eager to get first notification for

when this new program launches, so if you are one of those members, join
my NET team here, if you are not yet a FREE member:




NET Millionaires Club is a free social networking site, and with it, I

will be able to email you the instant this program is released, so join
if you are not yet a member and then add me as a friend, (power of 3).


As soon as SponsorSystem is released, I will email you all and we can all make a

ton of money. They have tested this new program and say that people who are first

in will make thousand's with no referring needed!


If you haven't yet signed up for the free pre-launch of SponsorSystem, then you

can do so here:




It sounds amazing and looks to explode when it is launched.

Be the first in and the first to make the BIG money!!



I look forward to welcoming you all at my NET page.







I am still receiving emails regarding this, but if you are still unsure, THIS IS A SCAM!







All the best

Thomas Sullivan






Thursday, 30 October 2008

I Love My Updates!


Me again with just a quick update on our current programs.

Let's start off with Commerce Barter. Phew! This was fun wasn't it? If you did not manage to see what this was all about when I originally sent the link out, you didn't miss anything. It just sent a few heartbeats racing with the prospect of earning thousands for.. well, nothing actually!

Anyway, after a few emails etc, this is definitely a scam, so stay away and PLEASE do not put any of your own money into it, however tempting it sounds! No company is going to pay me millions for a $100 pay off! Here is my screenshot of my Commerce Barter account;

So, as you can see, I have been a member for 2 days and have accrued half a million already which will be...well, 1000% of $540,288!! Yep! Stay well clear!


Sponsor System has really peaked a lot of people's interest with many people now signing up for the pre-launch.

Here is the spiel, but I believe the low cost coupled with no referring required are what has got people excited:


Even if you failed in recruiting and just can't refer others...this is for you. You will be extremely glad you joined. If you are an active business builder...you will laugh all the way to the bank

Sounds promising and you can sign up for FREE here:



List Millionaire and the Power of 3 will be undergoing upgrades with the script for List Millionaire ready to be activated in a few hours time.

I have sent e-mails, but if you are an existing member, you MUST re-register for your new LM referral url, plus you will need to update your links via your new account area.

Matrix Millionaire has proven so successful in just a few days, that we took the step to upgrade all of our existing programs to the same script.

To see what the script will look similar to, click on the Matrix Millionaire link at the top of the page.

Matrix-Millionaire members will be receiving the link for the 3rd matrix sometime over the next week. We will then allow them time to position themselves before we globally promote it.


That's it fo today. Its 10:45pm and I still have so much work to do.

Until next time

















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