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Graphite Portraits

from Photographs


Looking for that perfect personal gift?
Here are a few samples.

  Graphite portraits are executed in powdered graphite (pencil) on acid-free paper. Basic portraits are single face on 11.5" x 13.5".
  Click to enlarge image

 Inga is a flight attendant and a cat person.  Her husband wanted a portrait as a family Christmas present.  The original portrait also contained an image of her cat.


 Detail: this is a partial view of the finished portrait.  

  Click to enlarge image

 Bud is a cowboy.  I met him at a rodeo in Scottsdale, AZ. He did not commission a portrait but I liked his face and decided to add this to my collection..


 Detail: this is a partial view of the finished portrait.  

  Click to enlarge image

 This is a beautiful girl that I met while painting in Mexico.  She was an absolute delight and I executed two portraits of her.  The other was my gift to her.


 Detail: this is a partial view of the finished portrait.  

  Click to enlarge image

 This is a professional model that had just the right face for a project that I was working on when I met her.


 Detail: this is a partial view of the finished portrait.  

  Click to enlarge image

 I painted a lovely family group consisting of a stunning mother and her two beautiful daughters.  This is a study of the younger daughter.





  • Two or more good-quality photographs where the face is at least 1.5" from top of head to chin.
  • Full contact information including physical address, best phone number, and valid e-mail address.
  • 50% down payment deposited with Pay Pal. For payment information, click here.
  • Portraits will be completed as soon as my schedule allows, normally within 10 days.
  • The finished work will be scanned and e-mailed for approval before final payment and delivery.
  • The final payment to PayPal is due upon approval. S&H will be added to this payment.
  • The commissioner will receive an e-mail confirmation of shipment.
  • Delivery will be completed by ground courier.
  • If there is any problem, contact me here.
 To order by e-mail click here

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