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22. 4. 2008

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  • “Who Is Daegan Smith . . .
    And How Can He Help Me Become More
    Successful In My Online Business?”


    It’s Daegan here . . .

    I wanted to take a few minutes and introduce myself and give you a few suggestions on how you can get the most out of what I can teach you.

    But first, let me answer “Who is Daegan Smith and the secret be WHY he’s called -The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead?”

    To tell you the truth, I’m actually a very normal guy who simply got sick of wasting money following advice and techniques that simply didn’t work to grow my home based business that I thought would help me get out of a job that I couldn’t see myself doing for the next 40 years only to retire broke.

    I’ll skip the boring stuff, but the event that changed my life was simple . . .

    One day, I woke up to take a shower like I did everyday before hitting the streets as an outside sales rep here in Washington DC when it hit me.

    I realized I had gone through the same routine everyday for the past year, and I asked myself . . .


    “What will happen if I continue down this same path?”

    The image that shot into my mind scared me into action.

    It was me, a little fatter, and a little more cynical, doing the exact same thing.

    I knew right then that wasn’t the type of life I wanted to live. I had to “figure” something out.

    Well, “figuring something out” wasn’t exactly easy or straight forward for me.

    I spent the next few years losing money and driving myself crazy trying to “create” financial independence for myself in the home business arena.

    I was taught to buy and call leads and so I did. If that was the way to wealth, then I was I gonna do whatever it took.

    The problem was I got no where fast.

    I spent tons of money that I didn’t have while getting rejected in demoralizing ways over the phone calling prospect that I paid for, but the icing on the cake was I didn’t make a single cent to provide any justification for the abuse I was putting myself through both mentally and financially.


    The real “break” for me came when . . .

    I stopped listening to the “common” advice out there and really put my business on hold to see what would realistically work for someone like myself.

    While I was breaking my back and my pocket book calling leads I noticed that there were others out there making great strides without the constant rejection and hassle of the process I was using.

    I learned a great deal from these “street smart” people.

    I noticed that they didn’t do any of the things I thought were necessary like buying leads, in fact some of them even had people join their business without calling them.

    This was completely mind boggling to me, but the more I studied the more I started to understand the science behind how.


    To make a long story short . . .

    Once I had the basics down I entered the home business arena again with a new business.

    This time, not because someone told me to, but rather because it “fit” the way I wanted to grow a thriving and profitable only business.

    Actually you may not believe this, but the way I found my business was online in a forum.

    I joined under a person in Malaysia who to this day I’ve never met. Just goes to show you how the world is changing, and luckily for my Malaysian friend and myself my research and plan paid off.

    In a surprising short period of time I went from a person who couldn’t recruit a person to save his life to a person, and I remember this day like it was yesterday, who could recruit several people into an organization without even being there.

    My first “test” landed me 16 people in my business without calling them.


    It was like magic just seeing them just “show up”.

    Fast forward a few years and that initial 16 turned into 7211 and counting of which 457+ I personally recruited without picking up the phone.

    You can believe it or not, but that is REALLY how it happened, and continues to happen to this day . . .

    Imagine the surprise of my Malaysian friend who suddenly had thousands of people under him, all from some guy in Washington DC he never met. And that’s the way I got the name . . .


    “The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead”

    Since that time I’ve spoken on stage with highly successful entrepreneurs, I’ve earned upwards of $85,174 in a single month, and I’ve gotten the home business thing down to quite literally the push of a button, but most important to me is the success stories I’ve accumulated.

    I invite you to view them for yourself and I truly hope one day that I’ll be able to add your story to the list. http://www.daegansmith.com/success.html

    My biggest wish and drive has always been to “make it” by helping others “make it”, and these success stories just prove to me that a dream with a enough desire behind it can happen for anyone.


    I have come to believe something that I think is very important . . .

    If you don’t know how to properly market yourself and your business then you’re not going to make.

    See, it’s more than just about putting people into some opportunity. In fact, it’s a lot more.

    And if you don’t get the rest handled you’ll eventually give up. It’s about setting up a long term business, with real stability, real marketing, and ultimately something you truly enjoy and YOU and only you control.

    If you don’t do this you’re at high risk of never getting any where or even worse, building a business only to see it crumble before your eyes (I’ve been there too and I’ve learned that lesson.)

    On the other hand if you DO know how to set up your business such that you control it your not only going to sleep better at night knowing you’ve got real stability, but you’ll most certainly grow wealthy in a shorter period of time than you ever thought possible.


    Why Should You Believe That I Can Help You?

    As you know quite well, there are a lot of people running around out there trying to convince you that they have all the answers.

    Well, unfortunately for you, I don’t have ALL the answers and most likely never will.

    But I do believe that I have SOME of them (and I think the answers that I do have are SOME of the most important ones.)

    The question you’re probably asking yourself is “Why should I believe what Daegan says?”

    My answer to that is that I agree with you you shouldn’t just blindly believe me. In fact, I recommend that you approach my material with a healthy does of skepticism.


    I want you to try to learn from me for free first

    If you sign up for my newsletter by using the form at the top of this page and I’ll send you my daily newsletter with my most important tips, advice, and concepts of how to create a successful online business with the least amount of resistance and the highest level of profit possible.

    Try it out.

    You’ll see very quickly that I’m not one to waste your time on things that don’t work, and to be honest not only will you learn quit a bit, but I think you’ll truly enjoy my unique of method of teaching.

    In fact if you’d like get a “preview” head over to my blog to see just what I’m talking about: http://daegansmith.com/blog2

    Feel free to leave me a comment. I invite your feedback, in fact . . .

    There is one other area of my site that I’ve create specifically for your feedback and question. It’s called “The King’s Court”: http://www.daegansmith.com/kingscourt

    Hang out, ask question, and either I or a member of the community will be there to help.

    I’m about the most transparent person you’ll come across and the reason is that’s what I personally expect from my teachers.

    The fact is that I’m learning and growing all the time, and your interaction helps me be a better teacher and as I develop new techniques your insights will help me share those better.

    I’m a person and as a person I have my own personal brand of flaws, but I also think my programs are truly unique, lessons that no one else can or has teaches and I stand behind them. I honestly hope that you get immense value from them.


    “Get My Complete Unabridged Story From $7591.57 In Debt To $85,000+ Per Month For Free”

    I believe that trust is something that must be earned.

    I can say all I want to you, but until I’ve proven myself it’s all just words so that’s why I suggest you first start with my free daily tips newsletter and interacting on the site here to get to know me a little better.

    The next step should be my free cd: http://www.recruitlikecrazy.com/freecd


    It’s really the best place to start. This CD contains my entire story from failure to success.

    One of the things I never got when I started was a total blueprint in the way of a step by step success story. I was always told “just keep calling leads and eventually you’ll start making lots of money”.

    But no one ever explained to me how a person can go from nothing to living a life of independence through an online business so I had to piece the process together myself.

    Some of the things I tried worked extremely well and others flopped, but the only way for me to figure it out was to try with all I had.

    Well, on this CD you’ll get to see, as I explained to a live audience at the “Putting The Net In Network Marketing” conference in Salt Lake City Utah, my exact path to success.

    The success and failures I had, and the exact process I used to go from nothing to something pretty darn rapidly.

    I want you to start here for two reason. One: I wish I had this knowledge a few years back. Two: It’s no risk. All I ask it that you pay a small fee for shipping, and other than that the CD is yours to keep and listen to for free, so there is no risk to you here.

    This gives me the chance to prove to you how I can help you along your path, and it gives you a FREE peek deep into my own brand of online business success. You can find all the details here: http://www.recruitlikecrazy.com/freecd

    I think my BEST ideas for beginners are on this CD. My other programs are designed to help those interested in getting more “advanced and in depth” education.

    My free newsletter which you can access at the top of this page and my free cd http://www.recruitlikecrazy.com/freecd  will teach you everything you need to know to get started in online wealth creation for a realistic standpoint. If you want to become a true “Master” then you’ll consider investing in my other programs.

    Next would be . . .


    “The Maximum Profit Online Home Business System”

    My second program which is actually available as an online eBook is called “The Maximum Profit Online Home Business System” and is actually an updated version of a one of my early products “Net MLM Profits”

    This eBook is heavy on the MOST important subject I think that it’s crucial for online business entrepreneurs to master . . .  “MONEY!”

    In this guide you’ll learn the three most important profit models I’ve used for success both in recruiting and earning guaranteed income in my business.

    The reason this is so important is because one of the biggest problems I encountered in my early days was money. I would invest in leads and because I was deficient at recruiting I never recouped a dime. I went deep into the whole.

    My second go around, I made money my major concern and what I found was, if I focused on creating income in my business everyday the rest of the stuff was easy.

    After all . . .

    Once you have all the money you need to advertise getting leads is easy. Once you’ve got all the leads you need recruiting becomes a piece of cake.

    In this course we deal with the issue of money in depth, and I share my three most heavily used models of insuring profits so the rest is easy.

    If money is something you want to handle now in your business then I suggest you review all of the details here: http://www.recruitlikecrazy.com/profits


    How To Double Your Recruits And Profits

    If you’d like to double the number of people enrolling into your business even if you’re following my advice to a tee up to this point, there is ONE sure way to do that. It’s called “Power Prospecting” and you get all the details here: http://www.daegansmith.com/powerprospecting


    "Behind Closed Doors"

    Have you every wondered what your upline who’s making the big bucks would say if you could just sit him down and pick his brains for a few hours?

    What about one of those GURUs who’s making the big bucks, ever wonder what’s REALLY most important to grow his business?

    It’s pretty tough to get me on the phone personally to tear your business apart and build it back up again, but every once in a while I do.

    And when I do, the person on the other end of the phone does well for themselves afterward. This is the ONLY private consult I’ve ever had recorded, and a quick listen through will tell you how powerful such an interaction can prove to be.

    Pound for pound this little audio recording may be the most valuable lesson you EVER receive, straight from the “horse’s mouth” to say, on “how” to really make the big bucks online.

    Forget the hype, just get the story straight right here: http://www.recruitlikecrazy.com/privateconsult

    What’s The Next Step?

    If you decide to take this whole working for yourself and living a financially independent lifestyle thing “seriously” and you’d like to get more in depth education, then here’s your next step . . .


    The Live Webinar Events Series . . .

    I’ve always found that I’ve learned the MOST in situations where more experienced marketers have given me the opportunity to peer behind the scenes in their business and let me get a good look into what’s REALLY going on.

    I don’t know about you, but it really removes the mystery for me when I can SEE the good to say.

    At that point nothing is left to question. It goes from a situation of trying to piece everything together for yourself to literally following in the footsteps of someone who’s been there before.

    Because of the invent of webinar technology I now have the opportunity to give you the opportunity to peer behind the scenes of my business and not just learn my best practices but actually see them live while simultaneously learning to apply them to your business as well.

    These events are held weekly for the most part. Some are completely free, some, because of the nature of content, are nominally priced. For an updated look at our upcoming events I invite you to visit our events calendar here: http://www.daegansmith.com/events.html


    Limited Access Opportunities . . .

    Some of our educational materials have limited access. The reason for this is simple – I want to give you the chance to get to know me and my style of teaching BEFORE you jump in head first.

    So the education resources listed below are NOT available openly, but you can join the “Notification” list for each and I will notify when the periodic limited access window opens.

    To join the list simply select the course material that you would like more information on and fill out your name and email address to join notification list.


    The Email MLM Formula

    I think of my Email MLM Formula home study course as the ultimate push button recruiting bootcamp.

    It’s probably the most advanced and certainly the only of it’s kind in existence.

    This course will certainly give you all the strategies you’ll need to recruit at the push of a button.

    I say this is a unique learning opportunity because this is certainly NOT an academic course. Rather it’s more akin to a behind the scenes video journal.

    I take you day by day through “what I do” to recruit up to 75 people per day and show you how to set it up yourself to achieve the same ends.

    I originally created this course comprised of over 12 hours of live video after being given the opportunity to speak at the “Put The Net Into Network Marketing” Seminar held in Salt Lake City Utah in the Summer of 2006 (You can actually get the full live recording of that presentation here: http://www.daegansmith.com )

    After stepping of the stage I realized for the first time that the way I and my team were “doing business” was vastly different from the home business community at large. It was a completely new way of thinking for them.

    I was swarmed by the audience with questions about how to do what I was doing.

    Of course, right there I couldn’t show them everything so I decided to record everything I was doing along with the results in using email to recruit at will live.

    More than any other course I have offered this course has change more lives than anything I’ve created hands down. You’ll see what I mean when you see the details: http://www.daegansmith.com/emailmlmformula.html 


    The Email MLM Swipe File

    This is a tool more than a course and a potent on at that.

    After recruiting some 457+ people through relationship based email I archived the statistical best of the bunch into a humungous “Swipe File” that any user can simply plug into their marketing and achieve the same results.

    This really is a resource for the lazy network marketer who wants to recruit but doesn’t want to do any work at all.

    You can read more about this one of a kind swipe file here: http://www.daegansmith.com/emailmlmswipefile.html

    A Few Powerful Lessons From My Teachers . . .

    I don’t think it’s healthy only to learn from one perspective, and although I think I’ve got a lot of things figured out that will put people in your downline and more money in your bank account I don’t have all the answers.

    The reason that I have the knowledge and business that I do is because I’ve learned from many successful teachers in the past, so I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t let you know about those rare teachers that have had the biggest influence on my life.


    Network Marketing Must Have’s

    On the network marketing side of things, there is one person above all that I’ve learned the most from. His name is Robert Blackman and I personally own and use almost daily everything this guy has.

    There are two recommendations I want you to seriously consider.

    The first is for the new network marketer who needs to learn the ropes. Robert’s MLM Big Money is like getting a crash course in everything network marketing related and I truly think it’s something every network marketer should own and refer to constantly.

    You can review the details here: http://www.daegansmith.com/mlmbigmoney.html

     The next course is food for the soul. It’s got me through some pretty tough times in my business and has really empowered me more than just taught me.

    The MLM Mastery Course is a MUST have in my book, and you can get it for a free 30 day trial period here: http://www.daegansmith.com/mlmmastery


    You Can Make A Living Online

    I don’t want to say anything more about this course except, after I took it less than 6 months later I was making a full time living online. This one comes with my highest recommendation of all because this course changed the entire course of my life for the better.

    I can’t force you to invest in this, but if I could I would because from the bottom of my heart I think it’s that important: http://www.daegansmith.com/makealiving.html

    Once you digest this course, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to invest in everything by it’s creator, Mr. David Vallieres.

    He’s created an “Advanced Email Marketing” course that I consider almost as impressive as “You Can Make A Living Online.

    For sure, I recommend you invest in “You Can Make A Living Online” first, but the “Advanced Email Profit Loop System” comes in at a very close second. Here are the details: http://www.daegansmith.com/profitloop.html


    The Millionaire Maker’s Influence

    Dubbed the modern day Napolean Hill, Dan Kennedy is the MOST influential direct marketing expert on the planet. He has influenced my thoughts and actions more than any other marketer ever.

    As far as I am concerned if you’re TRULY serious you NEED to buy every course this man has ever created. There would be no attraction marketing, no recruiting at the push of a button, if it were NOT for his Magnetic Marketing course. Here is where to get it: http://www.daegansmith.com/magneticmarketing.html

    Recruiting is good, and you can make a fine living from it, but I’ll tell you a quick story to explain why it’s not the end of the journey. . .

    One of my good friends recently went to a network marketing weekly meeting for one of the largest network marketing in the world. If I said the name of the company you’d know it.

    He came back and told me it was a great experience.

    He learned that the TOP earner in the company had been there for 15 years and now earns some $1.2 million a year for it. I was surprised.

    Don’t get me wrong, that’s good money, but for 15 years of effort not good enough. If you just possess a few additional skills past recruiting you can attain that level with less work in far less time.

    At the top of that list of skills is the ability to put words on paper that force people to send you money. You master this skill and the sky is the limit.

    This skill is only for the most serious of marketers, and if that’s you then I strongly suggest you take the ceiling off your income and acquire this skill yourself as I have by absorbing everything from Dan Kennedy’s “Copywriting Seminar In A Box” you’ll find the details here: http://www.daegansmith.com/copywritinginabox.html


    So Now What Should I Do?

    I’d like to wrap this up by pointing out a couple of things and by making a couple of recommendations.

    First let’s discuss the future.

    There’s an old saying that goes “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting the same results.”

    In other words, if you want different results in your business then you’ve got to do something DIFFERENT.

    Success in your home business surely isn’t an accident. I can attest to that personally. You’re not going to just wake up one day and have a huge downline and never have to work again.

    You’ve got DO something, and that something is going to have to be different if you want different results.

    The only difference between you and I is that I had to learn everything the hard way. I spent years and tons of cash failing first.

    You have the opportunity right here right now to take advantage of all the hard work and time I spent figuring all this out. And it’s not going to take you years.

    What took me years you now have the opportunity to learn in just a few hours through the resources found above.

    If you’re just starting and you’re on a budget start with my newsletter which you can join via the form at the top of this page and my free CD: http://www.recruitlikecrazy.com/freecd.

    Next pick up the instantly available “Maximum Profit Online Home Business System” at: http://www.recruitlikecrazy.com/profits

    Take some time to let these ideas sink in, but be sure to come and interact in the King’s Court where the community can help you work through your question and hurdles as they come up.

    Then if you’re ready for more advanced education make sure you attend as many of our live webinar events as you possibly can, and don’t be shy!

    There you’ll learn first hand for very little money how get things jump started in your business and you may get an invitation to access the more advanced courses like “The Email MLM Formula”

    If you start to take this online business thing seriously, I suggest you pick up the “You Can Make A Living Online Course” it’s a life changer.

    After this, if you get the marketing bug as bad as I have you’ll want to start learning as much as you can about direct marketing and the first place you should turn is “Magnetic Marketing”  

    By this point you’ll be making some serious money and you’ll have the expendable income to invest in the other educational course here.

    Everything you find here addresses slightly different aspects of online wealth creation.

    There are common themes and theories carried through them all . . . but each one takes an idea (or many ideas) and goes deeper with them.

    If you have any question or concerns be sure let me know by email at info[at]getnetmlmprofits.com and I’ll be sure we get back to you.

    Thanks for your time, and I’ll be in touch soon.

    To the top,


    “The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead”

    P.S. Make sure you book mark this site, so you can come back anytime you want to check out my different programs.



    Copyright © 2008 Daegan Smith. All Rights Reserved





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