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31. 12. 2008



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Free to Download Game Client  (Latest Version:1.8.01   Size:about 1.04G)
Notice:You can use either Downloader or BT to download.
            If you are using Windows Vista, please do not install the game in Disk C.

      *We highly recommend you use our official downloader tool to download the game client.
      *If you don't know how to use this downloader, click here to find out.


      *Download Official Downloader >> Run Downloader.exe
      * If you cannot download normally, please try other methods.

BT Method (Latest Version 1.8.01)
Choose one of the links below to download the client
* We suggest using uTorrent to download the client seed file.
* If you still don't know how to use uTorrent to download the client, please click here.
Download the Tool >> Install the Tool >> Download Seed File>>Run Seed File
Complete Patch
If your game client cannot be updated automatically, please download the patch below to update it manually.
Instruction: From 1.5.06 to 1.5.07
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Instruction: From 1.5.07 to 1.8.01
Download Patch >> Run Patch >> Auto-install complete
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November 21, 2008

From: Jordan Hall

RE: Your Residual Fortune


Dear Marketer,

Let's be brutally honest about this whole online thing...

Anyone who says that they enjoy 18 to 20 hours a day with their eyeballs glued to a PC or laptop screen just so they can keep up their lifestyle or keep the money coming in online -- is probably full of it.

I mean, unless you enjoy being holed up alone at your computer, ignoring family and friends, and surviving on caffeine and Visine, you might just be wondering if there is a better way?!?

I mean... let's face it... when the sun is shining and the weather is perfect wouldn't you like to be able to spend your day outside soaking up that sun a little?

And when the weather is not so perfect, could you use some time catching a movie, being with your family, enjoying time with your friends, or maybe just catching up on some rest and relaxation?

So really -- do you WANT to be constantly chained to your desk or would you prefer to be able to do the things you love whenever and wherever you want?

Wouldn't you truly rather say, "Yes" to life's pleasures and lazy financial freedom? --

You can...

If You're One Of The Smart 1000 To Act Now, You Could Wake Up To Hundreds Or Even Thousands Of Dollars Every Morning Without Lifting A Finger...

Imagine waking up tomorrow when you're rested and ready for the day... no stress... no anxiety about trying to make money online...

Because you know that when you do decide to hop on your computer, you're gonna see hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in recurring payments like these...

Now imagine that this could be done with true pushbutton ease... in fact, just with one simple click, money could be pouring into YOUR accounts.

Hard to wake up in a bad mood when you know that you can make hundreds or thousands per day without even lifting a finger isn't it?

Continuity Cash Continues To Flow Into Your Accounts Month In And Month Out Whether You're Working Or Not...

There's a lot of ways to make money online aren't there?

You could be an affiliate marketer and get paid generous commissions to sell other people's products -- great because there's no customer service hassles or product creation to worry about, right?

You could be an AdSense marketer and collect a nice income straight from Google simply for getting people to click links on your page.

You could be an SEO marketer and generate a fantastic income by getting your products or other people's products on the front page of Google - sweet because this is free traffic!

While these are ways you COULD make money online, and there are even more I have not mentioned, you know what?

All of the above -- and every other method of making cash online besides what I am about to share with you -- take work... and LOTS of it.

As an affiliate you have to keep driving traffic and keep putting people on your affiliate links, whether by Pay Per Click, email marketing, or search engine traffic to make money each month -- when you stop, so does your income!

AdSense has become MUCH harder since the Google Slap and while it might be a nice way to generate some lunch money, you're likely not going to retire from it...

And SEO -- this takes a lot of effort to get to the top and stay there... one algorithm change and you could be instantly wiped off of Google and lose your entire income stream.

Well, there really is only one lazy easy way to generate an incredible online income, where you just do the work once and then profit every single month, like clockwork, and with pushbutton ease.

And that's if you're one of the first 1000 to secure your copy of...

Turbo Continuity

"Do NOT Try To Create A Continuity Program Without This!"

Hi Jordan, 

It's no secret that continuity programs are one of the best ways to build an online income stream. I've told people that for years, and even included the technique in the advanced material for my recent Get More Buyers course.

But I have to say, when you showed me Turbo Continuity, I knew this was the tool people need to implement what I've been teaching. 

For anybody reading this, Turbo Continuity boils down everything you need to build a successful continuity program into a tool that's push-button simple. It's really a complete online marketing engine for building monthly profits that'll shock you. 

For example, Jordan's software, which he originally created for himself, lets you build in promotions for other continuity programs that can explode your income. That "continuity stacking" feature alone is worth the price, in my opinion.

But when you see what else Jordan's including…I don't know how anybody can pass this up. The software alone lets you fire up hugely profitable monthly income streams, but the education he's giving you can multiply that income to levels you won't believe. 

So Jordan, well done. If I had had your software years ago instead of having to do everything from scratch, I could have seen success much sooner. I'm jealous of the people who will have this from day one! 

Michael Rasmussen

Turbo Continuity is the program you've been searching for -- and you may not even have known it... but if you're craving more time and more money, then it's EXACTLY what you need.

Here's a quick look at everything that's included for you in this compressive continuity program that's available only to the first 1000 smart marketers that take fast action...

Turbo Continuity Software

Turbo Continuity is a life changing and powerful software program that will transform your business, allowing you to make more money for less effort.

Far less effort!

With one click upsells and many other incredible innovations inside a program designed to be simple to use for anyone, you could see your income explode right before your very eyes.

And the best part is now you will finally have the free time to enjoy your newfound wealth!

Here's just a hint at what it can do for you...

Customer And Affiliate Management Solution - Like other marketing based programs, Turbo Continuity also provides a full set of management features which allow you:

Set up and control a full fledged affiliate program

Accept, manage, and track all your customer orders

Create membership sites with password protected members areas

At a glance reporting for earnings, commissions, etc.

Authorize.net & Paypal integration (ClickBank processing soon)

This is where similarities to other programs stop... because the rest of Turbo Continuity is engineered to create staggering recurring income for you, and frankly there's nothing else like it available online today!

Easy Continuity Integration - Turbo Continuity allows you to easily add continuity to ANY part of the sales process, dramatically increasing the number of people sending you payments each and every month!

Built In Nickelmania Component - The psychology of nickelmania programs makes it almost impossible for people to not buy. Turbo Continuity's forced continuity feature in conjunction with this psychologically charged technique means nothing less than a rapid fire explosion of new recurring customers!

1-click Upsells - This incredibly powerful feature means that now your customer can add another of your offers to their cart and pay for it simply by clicking the box... all without having to fill out any credit card info a second time. This of course means dramatically higher conversions for you and in return, a lot more money, FASTER!

Continuity Stacking - This powerful function actually has people calling me and pleading with me to sell right now, as I write this, before the program is even publicly available. Why? Because with Turbo Continuity and it�s stacking feature, now you can add forced to continuity to many products across many markets and if per chance a specific buyer has already signed up for that continuity offer before, Turbo Continuity instantly recognizes them and shows them anything else you like, including another continuity offer, a bonus, or even a partner�s continuity offer, (and their sales process does the same thing for you)!

This means no confused customers and definitely NO wasted sales processes. You�re maximizing visitor value in a way that has NEVER been done before! Not to mention the partner continuity offer component is like an instant marketplace for you, meaning more traffic, visitors and sales that you didn�t have to do anything for!

Continuity Bumps - Ever wished you could get better conversions on your Upsells or OTO�s, because you knew that was more money in your pocket? Well, with Turbo Continuity and continuity bumping, now you can virtually assure yourself fantastic Upsell conversions, without all the hassles of creating long OTO sales letters or Upsell letters. With this powerful feature now you�ll be able to add an extra offer to your buyer�s order, with a simple click of the box, after they�ve already been added to your forced continuity program.

That one simple click you can double your continuity� and of course your income will quickly skyrocket! Frankly this component alone is worth the price of admission for Turbo Continuity!

And much much more!



Turbo Continuity Training Course

You wouldn't want a car that came without an owners manual, would you?

I would think not -- a powerful machine like that -- you'd want to make sure you had the info you needed at a glance, when you needed it.

Well, I wouldn't just hand over the potent Turbo Continuity software to you without an owners manual either -- and that's why you're also getting this comprehensive Turbo Continuity Training course.

It's one part software users guide and one part continuity training -- and all parts engineered to help you make money fast!

Here's a quick peak at what you'll find in the Turbo Continuity Training Course...

Quickstart Rapid Profit Guide - For those of you that are gung ho and ready to go -- as in make money immediately, well, you may just want to kick it off with the quick start guide which will have you and your new profit pulling software up and running in a matter of minutes!

Installation And Set Up Guide - This step by step guide will help you through the easy installation and use of your powerful new Turbo Continuity program.

How To Make Continuity Make Sense - While we'd love for it to be true, continuity should not be used everywhere. Discover exactly when and where to use continuity for the best possible results!

Profit Through Problem Solving - Uncover the problems that continuity solves for people and how to use that for incredible monthly income!

The Most Profitable Markets - Learn the top secret techniques for locating the most profitable markets to roll out your new recurring model into for the fastest possible cash!

Sustainable Content Concern - Figure out how to quickly determine if you can sustain a recurring model in the market of your choice -- you DON'T want to find out the hard way that you can't!

Congruent Market Profits - Discover what congruent or "side" markets are and how to determine if your niche has some that you can monetize with your Turbo Continuity software!

Which Model To Use - Find out how to determine which continuity model is best for the market you're entering... this is crucial and should not be missed!

How To Get Content - Learn about the 5 most common methods of content creation and determine which method affords you the most amount of free time for the most amount of profit!

Hyper Advanced Traffic Techniques - Every offer needs traffic to survive and thrive and I won't leave you hanging there! Discover 4 potent traffic techniques that will send a wave of targeted visitors to your offers!

Setting Up For Continuity Stacking - This is a highly profitable and EXTREMELY powerful technique that can only be done through Turbo Continuity... discover how to set your products up with stacking for maximum money in minimum time!

And much much more!



The Continuity Arsenal

The Continuity Arsenal videos pick up where your Turbo Continuity course ends, by discussing one of the more common techniques...

And then by delving deep into the 7 most advanced continuity models. With these methods, tactics, and techniques you'll quickly dominate ANY market you choose.

Here's a quick look at the methods that will be revealed:

The Straight Sell - This method is great when you're just getting started and will work with almost any content and any kind of traffic -- it's straightforward and an EASY moneymaker for you!

The Over-Deliver Method - Discover why you can use literally any kind of content you want for this method and how it results in astonishing "stick"!

The Nickel Sale - See which traffic you MUST use for this model to work and how it can completely explode your recurring income at breakneck speed!

"Poppers" - Find out why this secret $1 webinar technique is the PERFECT complement to continuity and see just how its done!

Community Sites - Learn why this method is only for those marketers that WANT to spend time working each month but how it comes complete with built in buyers that want whatever you sell.

Software As A Secret Weapon - Discover why this is my favorite technique and how it can virtually lock in your recurring income for life!

The Free CD Technique - See why this is still one of the most popular continuity models and just how easily you can create the content for it!

Bonus "The Free Chapter Technique" - Discover the exact steps behind this secret and perhaps "sneaky" tactic that can instantly catapult your monthly profits to new heights!



Mike Filsaime Video Tutorials On Maximum Ad Profits...

Mike Filsaime is widely known in the Internet marketing arena for his smashmouth launches which generate incredible industry buzz and support.

Where Mike does not seem to get enough credit is in the brilliance of his back door profit models.

In these 3 powerful video tutorials Mike walks you step by step through the Ad processes which help him to generate thousands in new monthly income.

In fact, here's a sample of what you'll discover in these videos from Mike:

Why moving to an all graphic advertisement seemed like a VERY good idea, and how it turned out to cause problems for him and his partners.

The ingenious method he used to turn his partners thank you pages into wildly profitable funnels for his forced continuity program!

Discover the EXACT processes a buyer experiences through one of Mike's ads so you can easily replicate this for your own business!

Find out the SHOCKING amount of money that can be made every month from even a small number of new sales per month -- and why this happens!

And SO much more!



Jeff Dedrick Video Tutorials On Generating More Money From Your Continuity Program

Jeff Dedrick was an offline millionaire that quickly parlayed that offline success into a thriving online business.

A significant part of that early online success can be attributed to Jeff's affinity for continuity models.

In these 2 powerful video tutorials Jeff takes you behind the scenes of one of his highly profitable sites and he lifts the curtain on everything he is currently doing to generate more income from his continuity sites.

In fact, here's a tiny fraction of what you'll uncover in these videos from Jeff:

How to properly use an existing members area to EASILY pull money from your visitors wallets every single day!

How one single ad could be generating $500 - $800 per month just by itself and how and where you need to place this ad to pull the most money!

The absolute BEST way to drive significantly more cash through your exiting products every month!

How to take a mistake that Jeff made and turn it into hundreds if not thousands of dollars in cash for you!

And SO much more!



Matt Bacak Video Tutorial On His Advanced Free CD Continuity Tactics...

Matt Bacak has made many millions of dollars with his free CD strategies and if you've seen other marketers doing it, it's probably because they're copying his techniques themselves.

In fact, Matt may just be the godfather of online continuity income!

In this valuable video, Matt is not simply regurgitating the same old crap you already know, either.

He's handing you the EXACT methods he recently used to generate over 14,900 new customers and over $300,000 pre month in recurring income, all in 7 days.

In fact, here's a glimpse at what you'll uncover in this amazing mp3:

What exactly you need to do to make $5000 monthly recurring income FAST!

The six things you NEED to have if you want to generate a recurring monthly income online!

His top 5 methods for building a monthly recurring income in no time at all!

Which ultra profitable market you absolutely should get into if you're not sure which niche to attack first!

And SO much more!


Kevin Wilke : The Anatomy Of A Perfect Continuity Program (Includes Video, Slides, Transcripts, Audio, & Workbook)...

Kevin has been successfully marketing on the internet since 1996 and he is a master at maximizing revenue and profits with websites and putting them on autopilot - working less and making more.

Many of the top affiliate programs on the internet see Kevin among their most successful affiliates and he has become widely known for his ability to create extremely profitable continuity based sites..

Now Kevin is going to show you the anatomy of a perfect continuity program through video and audio tutorials, and an extremely valuable workbook.

Here's just a small sample of what you'll uncover here:

His EXACT 5 step process to incredible perpetual profits, or recurring income!

The trial program - one month or two - which works better and why?

The worst possible thing to do if you want to create a continuity program (and how not to do it)!

Customers WILL leave continuity programs - Kevin describes how you can retain those monthly members for as long as possible (nobody ever talks about this and it can mean a LOT of money for you!)

And SO much more!


Everything above is yours today, if you become one of the smart 1000 marketers to take action by securing your copy of Turbo Continuity..

And no other program combines the powerful push button software with these top secret millionaire continuity tactics, like Turbo Continuity does.

If you wish to change your life for the better, then this is exactly what the doctor ordered for you and your business. But, you don't just have to take my word for it...

See For Yourself What People Are Saying About Turbo Continuity...

"Listen, anyone serious about doing REAL business online... needs to buy TurboContinuity."

Hey Jordan,

I've been working hard for the past few months creating a script VERY similar to TurboContinuity (just for my own use though – not for resell)

I knew that such software would send my profits thru the roof, as I've seen how all the top marketers are creating insane profits using 'forced continuity' along with the one-click up sell technology.

To make a long story short... I paid some top programmers from India close to $4,000 to create this software for me, and then (just a few days ago) I found out you were about to launch TurboContinuity– which is just what I wanted plus A LOT more.

I literally wanted to cry when I saw your software and all its features.

I totally feel like I threw $4,000 down the pipe, given that you are selling TurboContinuity at a totally ridiculous low price, and that it is much more featured-rich than mine.

Listen, anyone serious about doing REAL business online... needs to buy TurboContinuity.

The software is worth its weight in gold. After all, if you were to hire a programmer to make this software for you from scratch, you will easily spend $4,000 (a lot more if you hire programmers from USA)

Besides, not only are you going to spend a small fortune, but you're also going to have to deal with the headaches that go along with managing programmers (believe me, it's hell)

Here's the bottom line:

TurboContinuity is extremely POWERFUL software.

TurboContinuity is MORE than just software (the training material is just as powerful).

So if you want value for your hard earned money, you can be sure that every penny you invest in  TurboContinuity will be darn well worth it. Period.


Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now

"I had the privilege of testing Jordan's Turbo Continuity software, and all i have to say is WOW."

I had the privilege of testing Jordan's Turbo Continuity software, and all i have to say is WOW.

Listen, if you want to increase your sales and income then you must get Turbo Continuity.

This is without a doubt the best thing i have applied to my online business.

i will be using Turbo Continuity in all of my future products i release.

Also the concepts i learned inside Turbo Continuity are absolutely amazing. The concepts that Jordan has shared are worth gold, and i can't believe he's letting you have it for such as ridiculously low price!

Thanks Jordan

Jani G


Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now

"This is absolutely the best I have seen."

Hey Jordan,

This is absolutely the best I have seen to putting all the tested marketing secrets in one place to build my business the best way. You always put together top-notch software for helping any online business grow beyond
anyone's dreams.

With creating the proper residual income models, selling products, promoting the best way, plugging in offers, building my customer base, and making my business recession-proof, Turbo Continuity is the cream of the crop!

I'd be nuts not to grab this!

Paul Klein


Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now

"There is nothing this powerful and robust on the market--I know because I've been looking!"

Hey Jordan,

I want to send you a quick note to thank you for sharing Turbo Continuity with me.  I've been looking for a solution like this for a niche site I'm working on that will allow me to have a 1 click upsell. 

There is nothing this powerful and robust on the market--I know because I've been looking! 

Not only does your program do what I need it to do, it also has opened my eyes to new concepts that I'm excited to use like continuity stacking.  Learning this concept alone is going to add thousands of dollars to my monthly income!

Thanks again,
Jacob Stein


Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now

As you can see from the feedback from these real users...

I could easily stop right here and you'd have nothing less than a comprehensive course and potent software application that would nearly instantly explode your income every month.

But... I'm not stopping... far from it.

In fact, as you're about to discover, I'm going to do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure you succeed with Turbo Continuity.

That's why, in addition to everything described above...

When You Take Action Today You're Also Getting These Incredible Bonuses Valued At Over $2622.00!

Bonus #1 - Lifetime Updates of Turbo Continuity (Worth $997)

While Turbo Continuity is already the fastest and easiest way for you to generate an incredible recurring income...

And while it already includes the ability to one click upsell your customers using Authorize.net & PayPal....

And while it contains such cash sucking cutting edge features such as Continuity Stacking already...

I'm not done with this yet... in fact, I have several more features on the drawing board with my programmers to help you make even MORE money.

As one of the elite 1000 marketers that secures your copy of Turbo Continuity today, you'll be entitled to unlimited lifetime updates. When I release new versions of the program, you're going to get those updates instantly.

This alone is worth $997, and it's yours free as an owner of Turbo Continuity!


Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now

Bonus #2 - Strategic Training With Me Worth $997

While the comprehensive training courses includes with Turbo Continuity will quickly have you generating a staggering recurring income, I REALLY want to see you succeed.

So much so, that I will hold your hand personally and walk you right up to it, if you're one of the 1000 smart marketers to grab their copy.

And when I say, "hold your hand personally", I mean it, because with this free bonus, I'm also giving you personal strategy sessions to make absolutely certain you use Turbo Continuity to make more money.

This strategic training will include Three 20 minute strategy calls with me personally, weekly mastermind calls, AND weekly Q & A calls.

if you miss any of the calls, no worries there, because I'll also record them and upload them for you to view at YOUR convenience.

You won't find this kind of passion or dedication to your success anywhere else -- and it's included for you free, when you become one of the elite 1000 marketers to secure your copy today!

Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now

Bonus #3 - Nickelmania Exposed (Worth $37)

Nickelmania Exposed by Gary Ambrose, reveals EXACTLY how Gary generated a fortune while building an enormous list through his "nickelmania" concept and script.

This complete accounting of that promotion will give you VERY valuable insight into the ultra profitable nicklemania concept.

Once you've seen this bonus ebook, yours free today, your eyes will be open to how EASY it is to create a substantial monthly income -- FAST -- by using this same method.

The barrier to entry for your customers almost disappears, sending conversions through the roof and putting more and more customers through your continuity programs, each sending you payments every month!

If you'll recall, the nickelmania feature is built right into your new Turbo Continuity software, so this ebook will help you to quickly begin formulating new product ideas around this profitable concept.


Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now

Bonus #4 - Ad Influence (Worth $37)

Ad Influence, by my friend and marketer Eric Louviere has helped thousands to earn significantly more income.

And, it's included for you free, today, once you secure your copy of Turbo Continuity.

Use this powerful guide to quickly boost response with your advertising and marketing, no matter what profession you are currently in...

In a very direct and to-the-point manner, this ebook explains exact procedures for constructing your sales messages..... to dramatically boost your conversions!

Here's just a fraction of what you'll uncover in Ad Influence:

Discover the fascinating tricks of Human Nature and how you can use your prospects' emotions to accumulate profits!

How to use persuasion skills to get more out of life, business and relationships: In every aspect of life, persuasion can boost your results

Eric's point-by-point systematic process for writing copy: How to properly format, structure, and edit for maximum results

Eric's 7 Masterful Formulas for turning prospects into buyers at breakneck speed:  These formulas are my hidden secrets for grabbing prospects, holding onto them, and closing them!

How to craft headlines that capture prospects and get them to invest in reading your entire sales message from start to finish!

And so much more!

Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now

Bonus #5 - Quick Video Marketing (Worth $397)

Quick Video Marketing by Jeff Schwerdt, currently sells for $397 and it's also yours free...

If you're one of 1000 to secure your copy of Turbo Continuity today!

Video is taking the ‘net by storm. And for good reason!

Using video you will:

Connect and build rapport with your prospects faster than a New York Minute so you build the trust necessary to make them lifelong customers.

Video also makes it easy to get that all important first sale – just by getting visitors to click PLAY. It saves time over writing sales copy, opt-in pages, and blog posts... AND video products have two to three times the perceived value of others.

Jeff's highly acclaimed course shows you how to do all of this and more, even if you've never shot a video before in your life, and even if you have an old outdated camera that you thought would never work.

This step by step course will pad your pockets and have you quickly integrating video into your marketing, catapulting you ahead of your competition, and again, it's yours free, a $397 value, today.


Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now

Bonus #6 - "Own Google" With This Howie Schwartz Video (Worth $97)

Howie Schwartz is known throughout the Internet marketing community as the guy that "owns" Google...

Because it's like second nature for him to swoop in at grab top spots in Google in almost any niche he pleases, and all at a lightning fast pace...

Whereas many marketers spend months and years to get their sites on the front page of Google, Howie does it in weeks and sometimes mere days, even in HIGHLY competitive niches.

If you're one of 1000 to secure your copy of Turbo Continuity, you'll get instant access to this exclusive video series where you'll watch Howie "OWN GOOGLE" and dominate a niche market.

You can swipe and model these techniques by watching over his shoulder step by every single step to become the "authority" in your own niche so you can own Google too!.

This is incredibly powerful stuff, available only right here and right now, and available to you for free today, when you secure YOUR copy!


Click Here To Secure Your Copy Now

Turbo Continuity is the equivalent of "no stone unturned"... it is EVERYTHING you need and more to begin generating a staggering online income...

Income that continues to flood your account each and every month!

From the extremely powerful automated solution that puts forced continuity, one click buying and so much more in your hands to the multi million dollar recurring income secrets you'll discover...

Turbo Continuity is a life changer... and it's about to change yours...

Let's Recap What You're Getting Here Today When You Become One of 1000 To Secure Your Copy...

Turbo Continuity Component Value
Turbo Continuity Software $4000
Turbo Continuity Course $997
The Continuity Arsenal $297
Mike Filsaime Expert DVD $97
Jeff Dedrick Expert DVD $97
Matt Bacak Expert DVD $97
Kevin Wilke Expert DVD $97
Lifetime Software Updates $997
Strategic Training With Me $997
Nickelmania Exposed $37
Ad Influence $37
Quick Video Marketing $397
Own Google Video $97
Total Value $8,244.00!

As you can plainly see this is NOT just some offer -- this is an opportunity... an opportunity for you to put your hands on a comprehensive course and software program designed to help you make more money...



Imagine... Starting Today You Could Be Working Less While Making More Money Than Ever Before!

By now you may just be wondering to yourself how much you'll need to invest to put this powerful software and top secret continuity training program.

And since you'll not find another program like this anywhere else, you may be thinking this is going to be a good chunk of change...

Please read on...

The Turbo Continuity software itself, engineered to quickly and easily generate a significant recurring income, would cost you several thousand dollars, and several months of blood, sweat, and tears to build yourself.

If you read what Gabriel had to say about Turbo Continuity above, you'll see he paid a programmer $4000 in cash for a program that doesn't do a fraction of what this will do for you..

And that's the tip of the iceberg because today you're also getting a comprehensive training course, stuffed with step by step directions and million dollar secrets for generating a fortune with continuity.

And, I'm including the valuable bonuses worth $2622.00 combined, designed to put me within your reach and to virtually assure your success.

Is all of that worth $4000? You bet it is... but, you won't have to invest anywhere near that amount today. Because although Turbo Continuity will help you generate a lifetime of astonishing recurring income, I've made it incredibly affordable.

In fact, I'm pretty much giving this away to you on a silver platter. You see, if you act right now, you can put the power of Turbo Continuity in your grasp today for just...

$997... No... $697... No...

Even better! Just $497 for everything today.

That's right... this powerfully profitable software application, the step by step million dollar continuity secrets in the Turbo Continuity course, and the bonuses which put me within your reach for help when you need it are all yours today for just $497!

Sold out!

As if all of this were not enough, I'm also going to shoulder every bit of the risk with my...

30 Day Iron Clad 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

There's no question that this software can change the way you do business online and begin generating an incredible recurring income for you.

In fact, I'm 100% confident that if you follow this course and use this software you will make far more money than you invest.

But, I'm about commitment and over delivering, so I am going to take it one step further and give you a chance to think about it for 30 full days.

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