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Marketing Pond ~ Sink Or Swim


FEEL LIKE A FROG OUT OF WATER?"Currently 47357 people have joined Marketing Pond"

Discover How To Make Free Money Online!

Stop jumping around like frogs without a pond!

From the Desk of Valerie Underhill

Marketing Pond launched March 11, 2007. We are an international club. Now over one year new and over 43,000 members, it's one of the largest free downline clubs online. Keep reading to discover why we have grown so large and why we are the best downline builder, bar none!Unlike many downline builder clubs, Marketing Pond does not list a slew of programs that cost money. Nor does Marketing Pond list hundreds and thousands of programs. Instead, Marketing Pond does focus on one business opportunity that anyone and everyone can afford. We also list legitimate, longevity programs that are free and pay out free money to their members. The free money earned from the free to earn programs, more than cover the business opportunity. We have members making a few hundred dollars per month to over $3,000+ monthly in pure profit!Legitimate and Longevity is major factors when seeking to make income online. Programs that disappear rapidly (97% of all work at home programs online will disappear before one year) are a waste of time and energy. The key to making money online, is utilizing the best free to earn programs that truly will be here for you tomorrow. Make lots of free money, and invest a very small fraction of it into a legitimate business opportunity that will pay you growing residual income. Keep in mind, that business opportunity must also have a low price tag and a very good service or products. After all, who wants to spend time building up a program that is gone within three months! Who wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a business opportunity that is hot for one month and gone the next!If I could show you how to place hundreds to thousands of dollars in your pocket every month, without spending a dime, would you be interested? If I could show you how to make lots of free money online and make growing residual income would you be interested? Thousands of people the world over have answered YES to those two questions. Marketing Pond is not a get rich quick scheme. There is no costs to join or be a member of Marketing Pond, none, nada, $0, zilch. Everything in Marketing Pond is truly optional. Members are not forced to join anything. Keep in mind, we are only seeking people that really want to make solid money online. There is no hype or bull here. All of our members can make free money and make growing residual income if they wish to do so. It's really up to you how much money you want to make.Simply enrolling in Marketing Pond will not make you money. If you want to make money utilizing our system, you'll need to read and place forth effort. There is no 'bs' here. We don't play on your emotions. We give you free of charge, a system that works if you do.Whether you are seeking more ways to make income from home, looking for a team environment, interested in working a legitimate biz for long term growing residuals, or just need to make free money without spending money, Marketing Pond is the place to be. Our system can help you increase your downline within mutliple free legitimate programs that stand the test of time. Your free income will grow if you want it to. Our system can help you, grow residual income in one legitimate work at home business.If you're ready to sign up, just remember, you can in fact make very good free income and growing residuals within a great business opportunity, if you are willing to read and participate. Just placing your 'John Hancock' in the enrollment form, won't make you money.

Valerie Underhill
MarketingPond owner/administrator


Marketing Pond Member Features :

You will get a replicated website that looks like this one. You will get your own member id url. You will get your own member backoffice area. You will get member banners, ads, tools. You will get and have access to digital products. You will get and have access to the best free advertising resources. You will get and have access to all future products and resources added.

You will get 100% support.

Marketing Pond Affiliate Benefits :

You will get a simple step by step plan that places your efforts on autopilot. You will be able to place your referral id's in the free to earn programs listed which can result in a chain of duplication resulting in making you more free money. You will be able to place your referral id's in the free advertising programs listed which can result in a chain of duplication resulting in saving you time and effort. You will have access to our very active member forum. You will be shown where and how to advertise free resulting in more sign ups for you.

You will learn how to swim in the online business world instead of sink!

At Marketing Pond, the main focus is making money NOT tossing money to the wind on ebooks and hoopla!. We'll show you how to make at least $500 to $1,000 per month with $0 outlay. No tricks, No scams, No hard work.

"Marketing Pond saves you time and saves you money in addition to helping you make real money online" and all for free!

Most people in business are more than willing to advertise. The major problems are simply put, people do not know where or how to advertise. In addition, most people really don't have the budget to pay for advertising. Marketing Pond resolves these problems with the best free advertising programs.

People in general have a very difficult time making money online. This is where my term 'Backward Marketing' enters. Instead of learning how to do things the right way to really make money online, they jump in head first and have no idea what they are doing or how to do it. Many people stay in 'Backward Marketing' mode for years until the light bulb turns on or they give up.

"Marketing Pond shows you how to do 'Forward Marketing'...how to swim instead of sink"

There are very solid and wonderful business opportunities online. Marketing Pond is not knocking those. We have one international business opportunity that is affordable to the masses! In addition, we show you how to make free money online that more than compensates your optional entry into our chosen business opportunity. Marketing Pond is truly for everyone wanting to make money online and wanting an easy duplicate system...even if they have a $0 online business venture budget!

Real Member Testimonial

Marketing Pond

"Since joining MarketingPond, I have hundreds of direct referrals. I have lots of directs in another program due to MarketingPond. I have made money with the free money programs. I've received free advertising that worked. Thank You for creating such a Cool site. I'm a Very Happy Camper!"
... Denise Long, USA - Missouri.

As a Marketing Pond member, you SAVE TIME and you certainly SAVE MONEY!

The Marketing Pond member area is easy to navigate. You'll find your way around is very easy. Don't be fooled by people that say you cannot make free money online. You can start making free money, right now, TODAY!

Marketing Pond will in fact help you to reach new heights in making real money online. Whether you are new to the online business world or an expert, you'll discover an easy free step by step plan.Marketing Pond offers 100% support. And I'm not just talking about a brief cut and dry email reply either. You'll be able to communicate with members.Marketing Pond is truly your solution to making real money online with absolutely no risk.



YES! - I Want to Sign Up Right NOW!

I am taking you up on your incredible offer today at the price of only $0 and will receive the Marketing Pond Membership TOTALLY FREE!

I understand I have nothing to lose by joining 'Marketing Pond' absolutely FREE and I may cancel my membership at any time.



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