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My visit with the psychiatrist this morning was…


HPM Technicians Learn How To Get Into Their Customers Heads And Activate Strong Buying Triggers
HPM Technicians Learn How To “Get Into Their Customers Heads” And Activate Strong Buying Triggers




First thing, let me list the resource links that are in today’s blog:

Hidden Persuader Marketing: Get On The Hidden Persuaders List
Frank Kern Send Me This To Give You: Smoking Hot Video Like MTV
Unimax Services Main Portal Site:  See Our Top Offerings Here

Ok, so what about  the psychiatrist ???


Did I go to a psychiatrist this morning because I am Kooky?  You Bet!  :- )

Why else?  As I told him, I was interested in learning better communication skills..  ( more on that in a sec  And because we all filter, experiences and communications from past experiences, and I want to learn to more effectively, be - and understand - the here and now - as in, I want to learn how to THINK, respond and communicate effectively, correctly and from the current situation, and NOT from something that happened when I was six…

AND… I want to LEARN how the shrink… er  psychiatrist, communicates, and to see what I can pick up from him so I can add that to my communication skills when writing website copy… Right?  Pretty cool idea huh?

And for some of you in the know, so I can add that to the stuff I will be teaching with the Hidden Persuader Marketing Course come Jan 01 of 2009!

What I want to promise you, [[firstname]] is the best course/help/instruction/techniques… you have EVER had access to, when you go to sell something online…

I have some people helping with this project, that you WOULD NOT BELIEVE…

Mr. “X” who is a TERMINATOR  And quite honestly, I can’t  tell you his name and today have to black out his face when  he shares someof the most powerful hidden persuader  marketing techniques ever, known, taught or used.

And yes I meant TERMINATOR, like the movie.. this guy is a machine, he’s a stone cold sales killing machine…

Once he’s on a target, it is all over.  I’ve got him  coming in to teach you, as he has  taught me, some of the most powerful stuff on the planet…

You’re going to learn to sell, as easily as anything you have ever done.. this stuff is the Shock & Awe of Hidden Persuasion… and you will get the insiders view of exactly how to do it!

As a matter of fact, I can safely say that if you are NOT in the HPM group, you will probably never have access to this compulation of materials again in your life!

Want your websites to sell?  You had better get in on  the Hidden Persuader Marketing Group I’m putting together.

There will only be 50 technician spots sold on the launch so if you have ever been interested in having as many websites as you wanted, all selling BIGTIME, then you absolutely do not want to miss this event.

Hidden Persuader Marketing Sign up: Get On The Hidden Persuaders List

Mostly today was to let you know I am already adding some sources to the HPM material.. and that we have one of the most powerful HPM Technicians in the World - if NOT the most powerful.. WAIT TILL YOU SEE THIS GUY IN MOTION!!!

And that you need to get on the list, because of how severely membership will be limited… I’ll have materials ( grab free reports in the other HPM blog posts ) for many of you, but it will be my personal insiders group that is limited to 50 when we launch…


Paul Darby
Team Unimax

P.S.  Did you get the email, where I told of Frank Kern sending me an email about his new project and inviting me to be one of the people who announced it?

WOW!!!  how exciting!  I would appreciate it if you would go and look, because you will get more than you bargained for with his video + I want to have a strong showing from the Unimax Subscriber/customer and friend team!

Frank Kern Send Me This To Give You: Smoking Hot Video Like MTV


Oh yea - and POST your comments below!! I will be picking my four winners, of the most bestest, most interesting posts that will win the targeted email blasts and custom written HPM ads on Friday or Monday…

3 Responses to “My visit with the psychiatrist this morning was…”

  1. Keith Nabe Says:

    Paul, your emails are always over the top and so full of good information. Where do you find the time to think of all this. Anyone who does not sign up for the upcoming HPM opportunities is just not getting it! I have been in the Net Millionaires Club for many weeks now and I can tell you personally that everywhere I have my link posted on search engines around the world, I am drawing gads of potential customers shopping very closely. Merry Christmas Paul and give me a call sometime over the holidays. Keith Nabe

  2. Lilly Says:

    Hi Paul,
    your Hidden Persuader Marketing Program is really sounding interesting. I’m impressed by your techniques in researching the material you want in it. Psychiatrists definitely have their own way of communicating-and thereby gaining trust of clients and having their clients respond to that trust by letting out their secrets, long held belief systems, needs, wants. These are all things most people don’t talk about, or don’t even realize have an impact on their lives. By bringing them out into the open, the “shrink” helps the client see the inner self, and see what in that inner world is getting in the way or is productive and should be drawn on more. These inner belief systems are deeply inside, hard to get at, scary; but bringing them to the surface lets the client begin the process of choosing how they want to run their life, what they want to use and keep, and lets them see what is detrimental in their inner world and potentially holding them back. Once these things are known, they can be changed, dropped, reworked into a more positive life view .

    This is tough work, and a “shrink’s” training is to help the client see this inner stuff, to communicate to the client that it is safe to look at it, and help the client see. It takes a different skill set than normal person to person communication, and I think, applied correctly, could be extremely useful in a sales campaign.

    People are more likely to look at a campaign, a product, or whatever is being sold if they feel they can trust the seller, if the communication between the two is real, and not sales hype, and if the potential buyer feels they are seen as a person by the seller and not just a number or sale. Communicating trust is not conning the potential client, but is being real.

    I’m pleased you are looking into different means of communication, how to address a sale and potential client in ways that are positive to both seller and client. I would love to see your course and to learn new means of communicating who I am, so a potential client feels I am a real person, who is interested in them as people, real people. Wow, I am impressed with what you are doing here, Paul.

    Thanks for the connection and views of what you are doing.

  3. Rudy Carreon Jr. Says:

    Hi Paul!

    Rudy Here, and wanted to let you know how excited I got when I saw you had sent me and email about you going to see the psychiatrist, Man I thought you were loosing your mind already(laughing).

    After I got through reading this page, It got me to really think about how
    powerful HPM is going to be with all the insider tips from the EXPERTS.

    Before I continue any further I’m glad to know your mind didn’t go off to
    la la land, You really had me thinking ya know,” Paul Darby at the psychiatrist” you sure did play a quick one!

    I have been so freaking excited about the HPM and ready to get this.

    My wife just looks at me and see’s me jumping out of my office chair with
    excitement and anxiety and knows when I have received an email from
    the man himself Paul Darby, she just laughs at me and says Paul emailed
    you again right! and I answer boldy with a big smile ‘Yes Dear, Your Right’

    If you have noticed on my previous comments on your blogs, I am just so ready for the HPM course and can taste success already, I’m all ears and
    totally motivated about this and really hope I am with the lucky 50 who will
    be part of the mastermind technician group.

    I have so much faith that this(HPM) is going to be a breahthrough in my success now and in the future with my buisness.

    I started using some of the triggers from your previous blogs and noticed
    results with my tracking on traffic and noticed people were actually reading
    my emails because they lasted about 1-3 minutes instead of 5-10 seconds.

    Thank you Paul and the Unimax team for all your support.

    Have an awesome day!

    Rudy Carreon Jr.
    105 Quinta St.
    San Antonio, Texas. 78210

    P.S. Go Ahead I dare you to Post Your free ad.



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