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ATTENTION: You're about to learn how to increase your profits by as much as 70% when you…

"Prevent People From Ripping You Off When They Steal, Share or Continue to Use Your Digital Product After Obtaining a Refund!"

(Don't worry; it's incredibly easy to do!)

QuickLock Pro is NOT like other file security systems that simply disguise your web site's download location or require a password for customers to access your product.

These methods, while slightly better than no security at all, do nothing to prevent people from sharing your product (and password) after it's downloaded, or from continuing to use it after obtaining a refund!

That's why, unlike other systems that give you a false sense of security, QuickLock Pro is a state-of-the-art solution that provides complete, automated protection for your valuable digital product before and after it's downloaded from your site!

February 2, 2008

Dear Friend,

It's a dirty but undeniable fact: billions of dollars worth of software, ebooks and other digital products are stolen from Internet sites like yours every year. In the time it takes you to read this report, more than 60 unauthorized copies of your product can be snatched from your site by thieves who didn't pay you a dime!

In most cases, it takes a crook about three mouse clicks and 30 seconds to bypass so-called security systems and steal whatever you're selling… and you'll have no clue it's even happening!

The Facts Will Outrage You!

Take a look at these shocking statistics:

  • 49% of all existing copies of software programs and digital ebooks are illegal bootleg versions!
  • 86% of computers users "own" digital products they did not pay for! (These are not free or trial versions!)
  • 70% of people admit they would not pay for a digital product if they could get their hands on a pirated copy for free!
  • 56% of users don't think there's anything wrong with sharing digital products they've paid for. 36% don't even know this is illegal!

"Listen to What Top Internet
Marketer Mike Filsaime Had to Say..."

Just How Much Is All Of This Costing You?

It's ironic that what makes digital products so popular-unlimited duplicating, fast and easy availability via instant download or email-also makes them so easy to steal. Whether your product is a software application, ebook, report, audio file, video file or other digital item, you'd be appalled to know how easy it is for some lowlife to steal it right out from under your nose!

How do they do it? While describing exactly how thieves steal digital content would be irresponsible (much like broadcasting credit card numbers or safe combinations all over the Internet), here's a general idea of the most common methods used:

  • They find your download page. Even if you're not naïve enough to name it something easy to guess, like www.yourwebsite.com/thankyoudownload.html, hackers are relentless and very talented! They will find it!
  • They pay for your product and then request a refund. They get their money back (right from your pocket), but unlike when getting a refund from any store, they keep the product and continue to use it!
  • They share your product with all of their friends (regardless of how they obtained it). Some sleazeballs even sell your product from their web sites and keep all the profit! The better your product, the more vulnerable it is to being ripped off!

These gaping wholes in your security can cause you to
lose thousands of dollars from legitimate sales!

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Can You Prevent It From Happening to You?

Here are a couple of methods you might use to help protect your products and your sales:

  • Change your download link regularly. If you change the URL for your download page on a regular basis, you can prevent some buyers from sharing that link with their friends. Of course, you'll also have to update the information with your payment provider so the online ordering process doesn't get messed up. Some file security systems will automatically "hide" your download page so you don't have to do this manually.
  • Use passwords. There are several software applications that allow you to create a password feature for your download page or your product. When customers purchase your product, you can email them the password or set it up so that it's an automatic part of the download process. Passwords make it more difficult to gain unauthorized access.

The problem is, neither of these methods do anything to prevent unscrupulous people from sharing unauthorized copies of your digital product (and the password) once they get their hands on it!

And they don't keep anyone from continuing to use the product after obtaining a refund!

Did you know there are thousands of freebie-seekers and "professional refunders"-people who have no intention of paying for your product, no matter how affordable it is or how much they need it-are surfing the Internet every day? They go from site to site, ordering whatever strikes their fancy. And then they take advantage of the generous money-back guarantees! It's gotten so bad that many Internet marketers refuse to mention guarantees on their websites!

You Must Do More to Protect Your Profits!


"Before I found your website I had no idea that online theft was such a huge problem. I suspected some of my customers were making copies of my ebook, but I didn't realize how much money I was losing! I wish I had discovered this sooner! Thank you for creating QuickLock Pro!"

Sarah Whipple, London, England


If you are selling a digital product on the Internet without employing an effective file protection system, it's like leaving the back door or your jewelry store open all night while you sleep. You will get robbed!

It doesn't matter that most of the people who take advantage of your vulnerable situation don't think of themselves as real thieves.

It doesn't matter that many of those who share unauthorized copies of your product are doing so because they like it so much.

Losing your hard-earned income to thieves, freebie-seekers or
even "nice" users who are just ignorant about the law
will sap the lifeblood from your business!

There Is A Solution!

QuickLockPro :: Digital Product Security System

Now You Can Protect Your Assets!
Instantly Deny Access To Copies Of Your Digital Products
That Have Been Stolen, Shared, or Refunded!

Have you heard of those fancy new high-tech security systems for cars? They can track the car's location, remotely unlock the doors, or even disable the engine if the car's been stolen! Wouldn't it be cool if you could rig your software program, ebook or other digital product with something like that? You can!

QuickLock Pro uses a powerful technology called IP tracking. Every computer connected to the Internet can be identified by a unique string of numbers called an IP address. QuickLock Pro requires your buyers to "register" their new product before they receive a license code needed to access it. Don't worry, it's quick and easy so it's not a hassle for your customers!

Once the product is registered, you can track it and monitor its use. If unauthorized users try to access the product-or if the buyer obtains a refund-you can immediately "deactivate" the product with a click of your mouse! You have full control!

Take Control of Your Inventory and Protect Your Business!

Here are just a few of the powerful product-protecting features of QuickLock Pro:

  • Works with all payment processing services-including ClickBank, Paypal, 2Checkout, PaySystems… even your individual merchant account!
  • Protects any type of digital file-including .pdf, .exe. and software applications!
  • Limits product access to valid users-those who have paid for it and obtained an access code!
  • Prevents sharing of the product-the access code is uniquely matched to the user and his/her computer!
  • Revokes access to products of buyers who have obtained refunds-they can't continue using it after getting their money back!
  • Secures an unlimited number of files-no matter how many different products you sell!
  • Installs easily with goof-proof instructions-anyone can do this!
  • Virtually "drives" itself-it's incredibly easy to use!
  • Provides unsurpassed protection of your digital products-from all types of unauthorized uses!

"Your QuickLock Pro software is incredible. Someone just requested a refund right after purchasing my ebook. Looked like a freebie-seeker to me! After the refund, all I had to do was click a couple of buttons and his ebook was disabled. It felt great!"

Tim Ross, New Rochelle, NY


QuickLock Pro allows you incredible flexibility-and power! Power to protect what's yours, what you've worked your tail off to achieve! Here's what it allows you to do:

  • Track the use of your product. With the magic of IP-tracking technology, you'll know exactly how many people are using your product, where they got it from, and whether they've paid for it!
  • Collect information on your buyers. Your customers register their new product by submitting their name and email address. License codes are automatically generated and immediately provided to your customers so they can use their product. A record is created for you with the customer's name, email address and license code.
  • Contact unauthorized people using your product. You can give them a chance to do the right thing and pay for it, or simply deactivate their copy!
  • Disable a buyer's copy of your product when he/she obtains a refund. No more free rides at your expense! (Wouldn't it be great to see the look on their face when they realize their something-for-nothing scheme didn't work?)
  • Set expiration dates for your product. This is a great feature if you charge a monthly fee. For instance, you could offer a free trial, and if the payment isn't submitted by the time the free trial offer expires, you can make the product inaccessible!

As you can see, QuickLock Pro is much more than a simple file security system! It is your silent partner watching over your business's digital inventory-not just while it's on your "premises," but long after it's out the door and subject to more thieves and threats!

It's Remarkably Easy to Install and Use!

For something so powerful and versatile, QuickLock Pro is incredibly simple to integrate with your website and products! Once you purchase and download your copy, installing and using it is an effortless click-and-go process! You'll have it up and running within 10 minutes!

But just in case you need it, you'll receive detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Here's the entire process in a nutshell:

1. You purchase, download and install QuickLock Pro.

2. You use QuickLock Pro to modify your digital product file (to "lock" the file by requiring a license code before it will be accessible).

3. You sell copies of your locked file.

4. Your buyers register their product and obtain their license code to unlock the file. (They only have to enter the code the first time they use it.)

5. You check the usage statistics that are automatically monitored by QuickLock Pro.

6. If you see several different IP numbers for one license, you know the file has been shared and you can disable the product with a click of your mouse. If a customer obtains a refund, you can disable their copy with a click of the mouse. You have total control!

That's All There Is To It!

QuickLock Pro is undoubtedly the most comprehensive solution for your digital product protection needs!

It's full of features you shouldn't be without for another minute, and it will save you thousands of dollars in lost sales! But it's biggest benefit is something that's impossible to put a price tag on…

It Gives You Total Peace of Mind!
How Much Is That Worth?


"I've only been using QuickLock Pro for one month, but it's already saving me money. The tracking feature showed me 14 unauthorized users of my software application! I immediately disabled those and saw that 6 of those users bought their own copies within 7 days!"

Jane Clark, Lancaster, PA


QuickLock Pro is a brand new product and for a limited time, you can sign up for the special introductory rate of only…

30 Day Trial for Only $2.95!

Is it worth it? Let's say you are selling an ebook from your site for $27. Remember the statistics? 56% of users don't think there's anything wrong with sharing digital products they've paid for. So if you sell your ebook to 100 people this month, 56 of them may share it. Heck, let's be conservative and say only 50 of them share it with only one friend each-friends who might otherwise have purchased your ebook if it hadn't been given to them for free. That's 50 sales or $1,350 you've lost in one month! And that's not even counting the number of friends those friends will give your file to! Your losses grow exponentially!

Not to be disrespectful, but you'd be absolutely crazy NOT to think QuickLock Pro is worth it!
And remember, this one monthly fee covers an unlimited number of your products!

This is important: You must sign up and lock in the special introductory rate of only $24.95 USD per month now to prevent paying more once we raise the price. Once you've signed up, your monthly rate will never increase. So don't delay, order now! Remember, you'll only pay $2.95 for the first month.

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P.S. Are you still hesitating? How about this: sign up and try QuickLock Pro risk-free for a full 90 days. Do your darndest to prove it doesn't live up to our claims-or your expectations. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason whatsoever, you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked. (Of course we'll immediately disable your copy… we're not crazy!)

So you have nothing to lose, and so much money to keep in your pocket, by giving QuickLock Pro a try.

P.P.S. Don't forget… every moment you delay, someone is ripping you off. Show those lousy thieves and freebie-seekers that you're not going to let them steal your products-and your profits-any more! Order QuickLock Pro now, sleep better tonight and earn more money from now on! 

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