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6. 11. 2008


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If you were involved in ASD
you may be interested in the following email I received:

Jack Schrold is an attorney who had a large stake in the ASD program.  He has a lot of experience in the online marketing industry and has formed a group of attorneys and marketing professionals to launch a much improved version of ASD but on an International level.

It's called AdGateWorld and it's owned by a Panama IBC. Nearly all the positives of ASD will be here with AGW (eg: the 125%, 50% revshare, daily compounding, integrity, great looking
website & videos) and the negatives of ASD will not exist (eg: the server issues, daily payouts, too many payment methods, jurisdiction, rallies, etc.).


AGW will have a strong website, server issues will be addressed from day 1, payouts will be twice per week, only 2 payment methods will be available (STP may be one), it will be secure in Panama and there will be no rallies.  The matches that ASD offered will instead be bonuses so there will still be an attraction but not to the point of being too excessive.

To find out more you can register here:

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