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Mar 07

Lots of marketers (more than I ever expected!) seem to be fascinated with me, my daily routine, and how I live my life.

I am not.

That’s not fake humility either. It seems to me I’m an ordinary entrepreneur. I live an interesting (but not insanely interesting) life. I just happen to have the uncanny knack to synthesize oodles of information, spot the upcoming trends and pinpoint all of it with laser focus to grow businesses fast.

angel-devilStill, it seems many online marketers have a tendency to “glorify” me. A few others seem to consider me the evil mastermind behind everything that’s bad in internet marketing.

Truth be told, I am not that amazing, nor that wicked.

But, people are curious about me and so I thought I would invite you to come along with me to an incredible web 2.0 event happening in Texas right now… SXSW.

I’m boarding our plane in a just a few minutes, but with Twitter (an incredibly popular Web 2.0 real-time messaging system for groups) you can get all the juicy details about this event, who I am talking to, and the real reason I am heading to Texas.

Odds are, you’re not using Twitter yet. Not because it’s not extremely popular… (It is)…but simply because it’s web 2.0 and the internet marketing community has shied away from all web 2.0 applications.

I was in the same boat last week. But my buddy Gary Vaynerchuck made me promise I would start using it – so here I amSXSW telling you about it. And it’s great timing too, because SXSW is something you should know about – and I am going to make it real easy for you.

Let’s start with Twitter and what it is…

Twitter is an online service that enables you to broadcast short messages to your friends, your posse, or any group you are a part of. It also lets you identify Twitter users you want to follow so you can read all their messages in one place.

Twitter is designed to work on a cell-phone or on a computer. (I’ve got it all set to go on my iphone, so I’ll be able to send you quick messages while attending the conference.)

All Twitter messages are limited to just 140 characters. You can’t say much in 140 characters, so you have to cut right to the chase. That’s part of Twitter’s appeal.

twitter logoTwitter is useful for close-knit groups or an entire niche. If you follow your friends, and they follow each other, you can quickly communicate to the entire group meet ups like “let’s all meet at the bar after this presentation”, or relay some fast breaking news about a website, or something else.

Of course, just like everything else that’s part of the new web…Twitter is free.

So here’s how to get started…

Go to Twitter.com and click “Join for free.” Use your real name when signing up; otherwise friends won’t be able to find you. You should also upload a picture, so you don’t scream…I AM NEW TO ALL THIS or even worse I AM A MARKETER!

DO NOT select the “Protect my updates” box, because people won’t be able to read your Twitters unless you authorize them in advance. Trust me, it’ll be a lot more fun if you leave this box unchecked. Just be sure not to Twitter, “Leaving my car keys under the rear drivers side tire in the dolphin terminal level 4 at the fort Lauderdale airport…be back on Monday.”

Now, you have a Twitter account - so do a search for me. It’s easy to find me, just look for richschefren. In return, you’ll get the inside scoop of where the internet is heading and the biggest pockets of opportunity for the coming months. That’s the reason why I’m heading to Texas… and you’ll be right alongside me as I network, and get experts to share their biggest profit-building distinctions with us.

And if I lose you… remember it’s Web 2.0… it’s all interactive – so just throw your comments and questions right back - for me and everyone else to see.

Ok, back to twitter for a sec…your next move is share your username with your friends or better yet send them a direct link to your Twitter page. Yep, you are special now… because as a Twitter user you now have your very own page. It’s located right there on their site at twitter.com/username. (Example: my Twitter page is twitter.com/richschefren.)


If you are really ready to dive in to the social web…hook up your cell phone and IM account to your twitter account. Don’t worry - it’s easier than you think. All you have to do is (after you’ve registered) go to Settings then click on the link “Phone and IM”. It is a straightforward process from there on out.

You can also set up Twitter to send you a message every time a user who you are following has posted a Twitter message (under settings: Notices). While fun, it can lead to a massive time-suck if you really get immersed in Twitter and start following a bunch of people.

But, for this weekend you might want to give it a try (get a message every time I post) – because I am scanning thelisten in convention for all of us. The reason you will want it real-time this weekend is… you might want me to expand on what I just said or even ask a follow-up question on your behalf… but if you read it an hour or two later, the moment will have passed and most likely be gone forever.

After Monday though, I would strongly suggest you turn the automatic messages off, but turn on “direct text emails” so your friends can still reach you directly. This way when anyone sends you (and only you) a message you’ll be alerted on your phone or instant messaging account.

Since we are talking about interactivity… and you joining the conversation let’s wrap up this rather lengthy post by talking about how you can send me a message (a “Tweet” in the Twitter vernacular) or send a message to anyone else you know on the network.

Twitter makes it easy to participate – because you can tweet from any of the accounts or devices you’ve registered. So, during the day I’ll be tweeting you from my iphone, but in the evenings I’ll probably send you a final message from the laptop.

Here’s how you do it: from your cell phone, send a text message to 40404. Because of the magic of caller ID, Twitter will know it’s you and respond accordingly.

To tweet from your im account, message TwitterIM if you’re on AOL (I really hope you’re not on AOL, but that’s a whole other story), or twitter@twitter.com if you’re on Jabber or GTalk (google’s instant messenger).

No matter how you do it, all of your friends, followers, or fellow group members will see your message right there on their very own Twitter page, and on their cell phone too (if they chose that option).

Of course, there’s lots more to twitter, but this isn’t “Twitter For Dummies”, this is how you can get plugged in to the biggest Web 2.0 event right now – for free, and get your feet wet with Twitter in the process.

So, here’s what you need to do.

  1. 1. Go to twitter.com and register for your free account.
  2. 2. Register your cell phone (if you want to go along for the ride with me) just like I described it above.gift
  3. 3. Then go to twitter.com/richschefren and click on the “Add” link in the “Actions” box.
  4. 4. You’re done.

Whew… The plane’s leaving – I’ll have to upload this once we land. Let me know if you are using Twitter already, and what you think about getting to be my copilot this weekend.

If enough readers show their interest in this - I’ll have an even bigger surprise next week when I fly to Europe to do a special presentation for Eniro Telecommunications and their distinguished guests (Microsoft, Google, etc…). You’re going to love it.

To higher profits,
Rich Schefren


40 Responses to “How To Instantly Transform Your Cell Phone Into A Eavesdropping Device That Picks Up The Most Profitable Information Online Today”

March 8th, 2008 12:07 amFred Hopkins

MyAvatars 0.2 

You are going to be in Austin? I live in Austin! Maybe we’ll run into each other at SXSW. Can we meet for lunch? I know it’s a long shot but it never hurts to ask!

I’ve had an account with twitter for a while and need to start using it. Anyone want to check out my tweets?


Have fun in Austin, Rich!



March 8th, 2008 12:27 amRick Carter

MyAvatars 0.2 

I had read stuff about Twitter and but I couldn’t see the point of it. So I’ll try it this weekend and see if it makes any sense.
But you’ve got a pretty track record of putting out useful information, so I’m going to take a shot at this.

Rick Carter
“Build A Community”


March 8th, 2008 12:30 amRick Carter

MyAvatars 0.2 

I had read stuff about Twitter and but I couldn’t see the point of it. So I’ll try it this weekend and see if it makes any sense.
But you’ve got a pretty track record of putting out useful information, so I’m going to take a shot at this.

I’ve noticed a big increase in quality traffic since I’ve started on using blogs to GIVE information, and stopped SELLING 24/7.

Rick Carter


March 8th, 2008 12:55 amNathan

MyAvatars 0.2 

Well… you got me on Twitter. Avoided it like the plague until now, but I’ve tweeted (twittered?) a whole three times now.

woo woo



March 8th, 2008 1:47 amrich schefren

MyAvatars 0.2 

Hey fred,

If you friend me on twitter you’ll easily be able to find us for lunch, dinner or whatever…see you soon - right now I’m on the rooftop of a bar named six with gary - come join us

March 8th, 2008 4:46 amJason Counts

MyAvatars 0.2 

Damn, it figures… I used to live in Austin before I moved out to California a few years ago and would have been there in a heartbeat to meet you guys. Oh well, some other time, some other place. Have fun in Austin, 6th St can be a pretty good time.

My Twitter:

My Blog:


March 8th, 2008 1:59 amStephen Chua

MyAvatars 0.2 

Hey Rich,

Still flying? Well, you asked for it and you got it all.

Please leave something for the rest of us to make a living ok?

The world is shrinking if you discount India and China.

Come to think of it, please leave those markets for me to play with first.

Then maybe I’ll ask you to come and play….(chuckle).

Strong suggestion….you should have emoticons enabled on this blog.

I’ll try to eavesdrop if I can and I’ll see if I can pick out something to avoid being in competition with you. Thanks.

Great health and prosperity,
Stephen Chua



March 8th, 2008 3:31 amGlen

MyAvatars 0.2 

Nice on yeh.

Good surfing and get well.

Dont die on us eh?


March 8th, 2008 4:39 amRich Schefren

MyAvatars 0.2 

Just got back - it was an amazing evening here’s a mental picture… i am on the rooftop talking to Gary Vaynerchuck… to the right of us engaged in a side conversation is Kevin Rose, founder of Digg… and to the left is Matt Mullenweg founder of Wordpress. I already had some big takeaways… but for the takeaways this week…you’ll need to be on twitter.

March 9th, 2008 8:13 amanton

MyAvatars 0.2 

Great to see you are getting into the web 2.0 world. Rich, I’m interested to hear your thoughts about the winning formula of Web 2.0 + Internet Marketing. I have some ideas too and I want to pursue. But please do a post on this please.



March 8th, 2008 4:42 amFranck Silvestre

MyAvatars 0.2 

I am a member of Twitter but I didn’t allow phone notifications. I think it will be too much.

Already dealing with too much information and blogs….


March 8th, 2008 5:32 amDebi Willis

MyAvatars 0.2 

This sounds interesting!

BTW, you may find this new twitter wiki useful (there’s even a sxsw section)…


…and here’s a neat little video that explains the “why” of it all…


…which is a nice complement to your excellent “how” tutorial above.

Have fun schmoozing and tweeting!



March 8th, 2008 5:36 amStreaming Video Software

MyAvatars 0.2 

Just wondering if cellphones outside the US will work with Twitter?


March 8th, 2008 5:51 amNicola Cairncross

MyAvatars 0.2 

Trying to find you on Twitter, Rich, but richschefren and rich schefren is bringing up no results. I’m “wealthcoach” and you can find me at https://twitter.com/wealthcoach so can you find me and twitter me so I can follow you?

Now, I’m off to work out this phone/sms stuff coz that’s returning an error message too. Thank gawd it’s a Saturday morning eh?

Can you tell Matt Mullenweg I’ve just moved my 700+ odd post blog over to Wordpress and it was seamless. Really enjoying having my blog on my URL and the twittertool works really well with it.


MyAvatars 0.2 

[…] Rich is at SXWS and is twittering live while hanging out with some really cool people.� If you want to keep up with the news “as it happens” as they say on the TV,� called “How To Instantly Transform Your Cell Phone Into A Eavesdropping Device That Picks Up The Most Profitable Information Online Today”� then check out his blog over here >>>>� […]


March 8th, 2008 6:27 amJeff

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Twitter looks like another great way to waste time if you got nothing much to do. Unless you want to build a community keep in touch and have a plan on using it profitably.

I make money using far simpler methods than anything to do with
internet marketing. It takes 10- 15 minutes to check email, read an alert if a investment opportunity comes up from a secret network and then invest in it at less than the ‘buy upto price’ and stay invested, use stop loss to prevent any downward risk, till it reaches peak value. And sell it at a profit

Been making more money from these than I ever made from any
job or internet marketing !

March 8th, 2008 11:20 amJB

MyAvatars 0.2 

What’s your program?


March 8th, 2008 7:24 amfrann

MyAvatars 0.2 

I searched for you under “richschefren” “rich schefren” “Rich Schefren” and “Rich_Schefren” but Twitter says you don’t exist


March 8th, 2008 7:49 amJuho Tunkelo

MyAvatars 0.2 

I can’t believe it took you a full year to catch up to Twitter, after all, it really took off at *last* year’s SXSW. ;)

But having said that, most marketers are like that. Maybe it’s something about not having new things challenge what you already knows works. I wonder.


March 8th, 2008 7:56 amBonnie Cranmer

MyAvatars 0.2 

Hey Rich! Loving the social aspect of Twitter & other resources. Have already learned so much for what others are doing as well as met some truly awesome people who found ME. Have a great weekend and wish I was there with you!

PS Check out all in one place http://www.pageflakes.com/outofthewoods2u/


March 8th, 2008 10:07 amDeborah Carraro

MyAvatars 0.2 

Hey Rich,

I’ve been on twitter for quite some time. Signed up ages ago thinking “there’s got to be some marketing potential in this” but it was before anyone really started using it. So I forgot about it until about a month ago. Handy little tool.

Have fun!

~ Deborah :-)


March 8th, 2008 10:44 amPam Shannon

MyAvatars 0.2 


OK, you’ve got me on Twitter solely on the basis of your other great technology recommendations. I’ll give it this weekend to prove its usefulness beyond being yet another gathering place for people with more time than substance in their lives. I didn’t enable the phone option as I need to leave my phone open for my top priority - foreclosure property sellers. Enjoy the conference.


March 8th, 2008 11:38 amBill Covert

MyAvatars 0.2 

Hey Rich ~ this is Cool. Thanks for the “nudge” to get on.


March 8th, 2008 1:15 pmBRAY

MyAvatars 0.2 


Whilst I can understand how Twitter, Digg, Buzz, etc may be used to increase traffic to a target web site, I am unsure how it fits into the ‘Attention Overload’ philosophy.

Of course, as a Maven it may be a must have service. Gary no doubt would know best about this.



March 8th, 2008 1:17 pmScott

MyAvatars 0.2 

Hey Rich,

I know I learned about Twitter from Ed Dale in the 30 day challenge…he swears by it as one of the greatest things since sliced bread.

I have new people “following” me all the time, and it’s quite mysterious…but alas, all the fellow marketers see that it is another great tool for the marketing arsenal..and to build up more social networking buddies.

Great stuff as usual…

See you soon!



March 8th, 2008 1:24 pmBRAY

MyAvatars 0.2 


What specifically is the advantage of having people follow you around, either via Twitter, or by using Twitter as a means to ‘happen chance meet’ off line?


March 8th, 2008 2:02 pmJanet

MyAvatars 0.2 

Seems like a very egotistical thing to me, and way too interrupting of one’s time. As a mother I see my kids doing a report of some kind and see constant interruptions of their thoughts from instant messages constantly coming through. Would much rather see a clearly written summary of your findings on this blog. Looking forward to it.


March 8th, 2008 2:10 pmJanet

MyAvatars 0.2 

As good a time as any to express my theory. Twitter, instant messaging, blogging, youtube, even the proliferation of cell phones - all a result of what happened on 9-11. We lost so many people, and ever since then we yearn to keep in constant touch with everyone.
Just watch other people driving and note how many are on cell phones. No one wants to be alone with their thoughts any more. Everyone seems so afraid to lose touch, to not have people, even total strangers, know what they are doing and thinking.
Think about it. Oops, can’t think about it now, just got a text message on my cell phone.

March 8th, 2008 7:10 pmAnita Wald-Tuttle

MyAvatars 0.2 

Thanks, Janet, I think you just summed up my feelings perfectly. As a senior “senior citizen” it’s just “too much”. I have a cell phone for personal emergencies and so my children can find me. That’s it!!!


March 11th, 2008 6:23 amCheri Sigmon

MyAvatars 0.2 

Hi, Janet!

You have an interesting theory, indeed. Quietly, I’ve been following this “social networking” phenomenon for a while, and… I have concluded that “Web 2.0″ is simply about communicating and staying in touch with fellow human beings. Your point about effects of 9-11 is well-taken, and insightful. Hmm. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Janet.



March 8th, 2008 3:09 pmGilbertspBrasil !

MyAvatars 0.2 

Dia dia de um homen que tem uma promessa com, não uma só, pessoa. Mais com um tanto de um total de todas . Hojé vivo, como uma ligação de um telefone celular a vontade de ocutar alguns poblema seria muito facio,se alguem me ligar, cobrando uma divida e eu não tenho uma resposta, que esta ligação tem o bjetivo de ouvir pagarei hojé? Mas calava a ligação num toque ,no outro dia a mesma ligação , se eu não cumpri com a primeira, qual seria a minha primeira atitude da primeira ligação ?vocês tem resposta ?. Claro que sim não atender o telefone seria a resposta !.. Mas para este homen do do dia a dia, não funciona assim, pois estou dando não o tudo de minha capacidade devido o não complemento de alguns recurso de que me retirarão de algun vacilo meu mais assumo meus erros estou agindo com a razão mesmo que alguem pense que estou fora do comando . A final quero dizer com esta forma de interpletar uma situação das pessoa de tudo dis facio com a formalidade de dizer eu faço com as condições ao seu favor é tudo simples tudo acontece num piscar de olhos, mas a verdade da vida é uma realidade de hojé. No presente de o a manha . o meu telefone é vivo mas eu tenho um outro também vivo em uma outra localidade do estado do Rio estou tentando falar com o mesmo, e tenho como resposta cada vez que ligo diz este telefone não existem pois como sempre ligo recebo em voz não existem, como posso receber uma conta para pagar de um telefone que não existem .queren saber o valor, é particula e só cabe a minha pessoa a lidar com mais este assunto que não me responde ? GilbertspBrasil ! não sou dono do mundo mais ainda sou filho do dono:Deus o pai de todas dificuldades com a liberdade de ser honesto e fiel a todos .


March 8th, 2008 8:50 pmJason

MyAvatars 0.2 

This looks like A little handy service that i will be signing up for. Thanks Rich for the great Info.



March 9th, 2008 2:46 pmNicola Cairncross

MyAvatars 0.2 

Have to say, not only has the whole Twitter thing made SXSW feel more real and immediate, from the UK as well!! but I’ve come across some really cool people just by clicking on other Twitter links in Rich’s and Gary’s twitters.

And while I liked the sound of Gary from Rich’s audios, getting a personal thank you from him for my “follow” was really cool so I have definately connected with him more fully (thus proving that this stuff works in cementing virtual relationships).

Also, gotta love the style of the guy for bringing crates of wine and throwing an impromptu party - very nice. Take a couple of days off now guys, these conferences play havoc with your adrenaline levels!!

Bit like having your gall-bladder out which is what I’ve been wrestling with this week, but this whole twitter thing has distracted me and cheered me up a lot.

Thanks Rich!


March 9th, 2008 6:42 pmruby ellen poisall

MyAvatars 0.2 

Hi Rich,
This is Ruby,
That was exciting stuff for the weekend,
by the time i could sign up with twitter,
i thought it was to late,you would have
been ,wound up somewhere else, but i
wish i could have sooner ,sounds like fun>

You will be back & maybe i can transform
my cell phone into what you was talking
about,that sounds interesting,but i may have
already missed the good part!!!



March 10th, 2008 4:06 pmNick

MyAvatars 0.2 

I tried for an hour to find “richschefren”, but it says you’re not a member.


March 10th, 2008 5:40 pmWinston

MyAvatars 0.2 



March 11th, 2008 6:29 amCheri Sigmon

MyAvatars 0.2 

Hiya, Rich!

Well, you’re on jets often these days. Safe travels. Awesome conference in Orlando, man. First class!

I too enjoyed meeting GaryVee (twitter GaryVee) there. I’ll check you out on Twitter, a bit later. Off to the races now… figuratively speaking; I’m off to rush-hour traffic in DC. Hehe.

Very interested in seeing what Austin has to offer. Hmm…

Speaking of JETS, good luck to GaryVee with the New York Jets! (Please give Gary my regards and new URL below). ;)

Cheri Sigmon
Wash, DC

http://www.AskGaryVee.TV (pending video updates)

MyAvatars 0.2 

[…] On Friday Rich mentioned that he was heading to SXSW and that he would be twittering […]


March 14th, 2008 11:48 amChristoph Gold

MyAvatars 0.2 

Hello Rich,

first I want to say thank you for all the brilliant free stuff you give away.

Your presentations on the Next Internet Millionaire DVDs were awesome, too.

Secondly I have an off-topic but at least for me important question: I am an affiliate of you and tried to contact the affiliate support, which I did by sending an email to rich [at] strategicprofits.com (in January and in March again), but didn´t get any response. Problem is, I couldn´t find another email address for that purpose in my affiliate account. Did I overlook it? Would you please have me send a valid contact email address? Thanks in advance!

Christoph from Munich, Germany.


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