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25. 6. 2010


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ultimate middle class bailout




93.75% of ALL  Online Business Owners Regularly Make Thousands of Dollars Per Month in their own Business, With Almost ZERO Effort.

The Ultimate Economic Recovery Recipe for the ordinary person to build your Income From Home

The online community provides you with the Ultimate Solution for your personal economic recovery. It really does not matter where you are in the world, the recession will touch you.


The possibility of  Foreclosure, Job Layoff or Business closings will cause income disaster for everyone affected. Yet, the backbone of the world economy will be saved by the small entrepreneur. Working for Income from your Home Computer is now exploding all over the World, and it is creating a personal solution to households in their private  income recovery.

There is only one way to save the World Economy and the US Economy  from the Toxic Sub Prime Mortgage meltdown and reverse the disastrous raping of the ordinary American Household by The International Money Elite.


Create an Economic Recovery Fund (like the International Monetary Fund) to Purchase, Guarantee and Trade the Toxic Mortgages on the Financial Institution Balance Sheet ,


Have Governments from all over the World Fund this New Group. This will remove the Toxic Mortgages from their (Financial Institutions) Balance Sheet and allow them (Financial Institutions) to lend again, since the Toxic Assets are removed from their  (Financial Institutions) Balance Sheets.


Charge all Affected Financial Institutions an Annual Premium to Participate in the Fund. Freeze all Home Owners Foreclosures, renegotiate all affected Mortgages in the Toxic Assets Group.


Create a Home Owner Trust Fund to manage all Foreclosed Homes and Overvalued Home and abandoned Homes. Create a Fixed Market Value Bottom to all Homes, therefore squeezing the Inflated Values out of the System, and shifting it into the Toxic Asset Classification. This will give all Real Estate Values a Bottom to rebound.
Provide a pathway for the Foreclosed Owners or the Dispossessed (ordinary or homeless person) a Rent to Own Option to repurchase these properties again.


As the economy recovers and Real Estate begin to grow in value again, the Financial Institutions can buy back their Toxic Assets from the Fund, since these Assets again Have Value - all of it Generated from the growing economy and Real Estate Values.


Have an International Job Bank like this one, and get all business Worldwide to List their Vacancies,  to create Employment Opportunities for ordinary Households


Create online entrepreneur business like The Home Income Portal (see below for more). to earn income from home,


Rising Unemployment, higher mortgage payments, rising basic costs is creating havoc with a dwindling household income.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a push-button solution whereby you could start your own online business and get all this done for you - and at an affordable price?

Well now there is ...

Your Ticket to online Income Recovery from Home. The Ultimate Grass Root Bail Out.

This is the only path to Economic Recovery, have prosperity trickle up, since the trickle down approach (idealogy, philosophy or whatever  economic ... ology) failed miserably, it simply trickled out to more Elite pick pockets everywhere, it simply went Horizontal, and disregarded gravity whatsoever.

Therefore, since it did not trickle down, lets defy gravity and get into the Tricke Up Movement ...

The Home Income Portal drastically cuts down the time, effort and costs associated with setting up your own online business.

It is the simplest solution for you to quickly and cost effectively have income producing online business working for you and generating Sales and Income around the clock.

With and your easy-to-use Home Income Portal, you can be up and running in minutes at a fraction of the cost of doing it all yourself, Remember, every Second a Customer online is born. It is up to you to get yourself introduced to them.

Here is exactly what the Home Income Portal Includes  









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do ...

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