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Automatic Money-Maker

12. 3. 2008

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"I'll Give You This
Automatic Money-Maker
in 24 hrs!"

Want a $1,497 site for next to nothing?

Check this out! ...

Go look at this screenshot of a *New Site* I'm giving to a limited number of people TODAY only!


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Pretty cool, huh!

"...Includes complete "Electronic Sales Manager" to close
sales for you AUTOMATICALLY, as well as a complete "built-in
viral marketing device" producing endless FREE traffic for
you! - Plus several income streams so you can cash-in
BIGTIME from the Web!"

Time-Sensitive Announcement...

STOP: Before you spend one more second thinking about how you're going to make money on the Internet, you need to *crack open your daytimer* and stop time right here & now and hear this...

... Because now MY TEAM will build this site for you to make you money -- even while you sleep!!

To claim your complete Health Biz In a Box Internet business -- worth over $1,497 but yours for next to NOTHING, see below for the complete details...

It has everything you want and need in a Landing Page:

  1. It has a "Main Product" (Dr Suzanne's New "TOP Secret Fat Loss Secret!")

    Want PROOF this is the *HOTTEST* ClickBank seller right now, go look for yourself just by
    clicking here now!

    *That little Graph (lower right) shows it rising significantly everyday - so you MUST get "First-Movers Advantage" on this NOW!

  2. It has "Multiple Income Streams" (MIS) as it contains Banner Ads for other offers!

    ** IMPORTANT!!! **

    While some would argue against this, our tests show that those visitors interested in the "Main Offer" do stay focused -- but by having a few "extras" on the Landing Page YOU earn *extra income* from those "other visitors" who would have left regardless and otherwise ( >> this makes use of ALL your traffic! << )

  3. It has a "Bookmark-This-Site" feature so people can come back very EASILY!

    Our tests show that by adding this one little thing, sales increased by nearly 20%.

    Why is this important? -- Most people when searching online may be very busy doing other things, and may 'click off' of a site. But by having a Bookmark feature they can instantly & easily 'click' and have it SAVED so they can later return when they have more time to look over your offer! (And then BUY!)

  4. It has a "Tell-a-Friend" option so your visitors can get you instant extra traffic Free!

    Think about it: "Birds of a feather flock together" means that people who are interested in one thing often have many friends that share their same or similar interests!

    Having an "Easy-to-Use Instant Button" so that your site visitors can tell their friends means BIG extra traffic YOU!

    How much "extra" Free Traffic?

    Remember that old shampoo commercial where it said:

    "You use such-n-such shampoo, and you tell 2 people, who tell 2 people, who tell 2 people, and so on, and so on ..."

    And in just seconds the entire TV screen is filled up with 1,000's of people!!

    Well that's EXACTLY how this little feature works too!

    Imagine even as few as 100 people visiting your site, then each telling just 5 people each -- that's 500 more people you got to your site Free!

    And if and when those 500 do the same, that's another 2,500 visitors to YOU absolutely-Free.

    And this keeps going WITHOUT END!!

    *** And Remember: ...

    MY TEAM will build this site for you to make you money -- even while you sleep!!

    To claim your complete Health Biz In a Box Internet business -- worth over $1,497 but yours for next to NOTHING, see below for the complete details...

  5. It also has an "Automatic Electronic Sales Manager" (AESM) that goes to work closing up to 378% MORE sales for you even while you are doing other things!!

    Notice the "Free 3-Day eCourse."

    People can't help but to fill out this tiny little form, and when they do an Autoresponder send them more information over the next 3 days!!

    Why is this important? -- Because our tests reveal that this one little "extra" gets you "3.8 times" as many sales as opposed to if the site asked for a straight sale then and there at first visit!

    So if before you would have made just $100,000 a year with your new site, this would mean that by having this one little "extra" (>> that we install for you, by the way! <<) you'd now be making $378,000 a year instead!!

  6. Shocking Videos added *Free!*

    Our tests have shown that by adding the YouTube Videos showing the parasites, people feel "compelled" to both complete the form as well as order the Product (i.e., Dr Suzanne's "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret!")

    Our Team adds them for you Free!

  7. Add your Adsense Ads Free too!

    If you're already an AdSense account holder with Google, we'll even add your AdSense code to your "New Landing Page" at NO extra costs!

    This gives you an even further "Extra Income Stream" on top of everything else!

    Since your AdSense ads will be "related" you KNOW you'll enjoy extra MONEY from these tiny little ads appearing on your Landing Page from the moment you get started!!

    (If you are NOT already an account holder for AdSense you will have to apply and get APPROVAL first. Just email us your AdSense partner ID once you're approved.)

    *** And Remember: ...

    MY TEAM will build this site for you to make you money -- even while you sleep!!

    To claim your complete Health Biz In a Box Internet business -- worth over $1,497 but yours for next to NOTHING, see below for the complete details...

  8. Once set up you can start sending people to your site using PPCs if you wish! Here are four of our BEST traffic-pulling PPC ads ever! ...


    *You can even get the Keywords to use that we've tested here: 



  9. Once your Landing Page is set up, you can even use http://ArticleMarketer.com to blast out an Article submission to over *4,159* Article websites for YOU!

     Here's their complete list! ...


Lee Dobbins opened an account and now has over 1.8 million links at Yahoo! and close to 300,000 at Google.

Why is this important? ...

Dr Ken Evoy shouts "Content is King!" ... and he's NOT kidding! By having 1,000's of your articles out there, you get tons & tons of "Endless Traffic" Free, and as articles tend to just remain on the Web -- and they get "indexed" more and more over time by search engines!

 All these articles will contain Your Link, which means your *Landing Page* will NEVER stop getting Free Traffic!!

 You can get all the Articles you need Free from us at:

1 - http://TopSecretFatLossSecret.com/affiliates.php#articles

2 - http://TopSecretFatLossSecret.com/affiliates.php#email

3 - http://TopSecretFatLossSecret.com/affiliates.php#blogs

4 - http://TopSecretFatLossSecret.com/affiliates.php#press 

*** And Remember: ...

And now MY Team will build it for you to make YOU money even while you're asleep!! -- amazing!

Here's all you have to do now to grab this up for yourself ...

A) You will need a domain!

We recommend http://GoDaddy.com

Once you've secured a domain (or if you already have one) you will point it to your webspace!


B) You will need webspace (i.e., hosting).

 We recommend http://HostGator.com

They have 24hr Support -- so if you need assistance at anytime, they're there to help you PRONTO!


C) You will need a ClickBank account -- don't worry, it's Free!

 Just go here to grab it N0W! ...



D) You will need an Autoresponder -- Here's the BEST one on the Net with 98% successful "deliverability!" ...


And once you have all those things (which altogether probably will cost you less than $50 bucks!) you just need to click here to order now for JUST $397 (1-time payment ONLY!): 

What happens then?

Our Team contacts you to gather all the necessary info; i.e., your domain name, your hosting info, your ClickBank Affiliate "Nickname," etc -- and so they can plug it all into your Brand New "Landing Page!" 

Here's why it's all "stress-free!" ...

Our Team takes over at this point, and makes this all so easy for you! They literally guide you and take you by the hand for the few things you are required to do in order to get your site set up FAST and painlessly. 

Then "THEY" finish everything else for you, and will let you know when it's all done!!

In a nutshell here's again what you need to do NOW! ...

1. Get a Domain from http://GoDaddy.com (or wherever you wish!)

2. Get Hosting from http://Hostgator.com (or wherever you wish!)

3. Get a Free ClickBank Account at http://tinyurl.com/37733k

4. Get the most-powerful Autoresponder from http://AWeber.com


Then, just click the link below and get set-up for just $397:


Last Word & Final Warning! ...

I know you must recognize what a truly great opportunity this is! You can have a full-functional website with multiple income streams, as well as automatic machinery in place to close and drive sales & traffic for you!

Therefore, don't be put off when I tell you that I'm only accepting just the 1st "17 people" who act today!

That's the MOST my Team can handle immediately, so that's why I'm putting an upper limit.

You do understand, right?

So DON'T dilly-dally around -- grab your site NOW!


Dr Suzanne Gudakunst



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