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Phone Broadcasting Club

28. 10. 2008
Referred by: George J Matus, 206-339-3681 Contact Sponsor
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Phone Broadcasting
Now Available For
Only 1.8 Cents Per Call!

Why pay 80% or more elsewhere
and get inferior value?

Grab Your Phone Broadcasting Membership
And Watch Your Sales Soar Out Of Control
Using Tools Just Like The
"Big Boys"!

Are You Sick & Tired Of ...
Wondering where to get leads to contact?
Chasing after prospects?
Emailing people?

Do You Need HOT Leads But
Don't Know How To Start?

Do These Statements Sound Familiar To You?
You have tried many things and they just don’t seem to work. The company doesn’t really provide the tools you need to create sales.
You are putting forth an honest effort to grow your business but are not reaping the rewards. In fact…you’re not reaping any rewards. You are just going further and further into the hole.
You have spent a fortune on leads, auto-responders, email blasts, bulk mail, post cards, and lead brokers. They just don’t work.
You wish that you knew the “tricks of the trade” and how some people seem to make all of the sales.
You honestly don’t believe the gurus in the industry are successful because they have called all of their family and friends. What are they doing EXACTLY to be the “top dogs” in their business?

As an online network marketer for several years, Im always looking for "the next generation tool"  a system to bring to my teams so they too can bring in new team members or at best qualified traffic to their sites.  Phone Broadcasting, until now, has always been too expensive for the majority of us and I had hoped one day someone would find a way to make it affordable to the masses in Network Marketing. This is the same exact system for only $100 as the IbuzzPro $500 and Phone Power $2000 programs that's been popular for phone broadcasting the last 2 years..  The learning curve in those high price programs makes most drop out (me included.) Phone Broadcast Club is simple and easy to use and admin helps you when you need anything.

I use it daily and talk to great prospects ALL the time that sign up in my business.  Once again, this gentleman Peter Wolfing, brings us what we need and can afford.

Kudos Peter!  You da man!
Myno Tayloe, San Diego, CA

 If you have experienced any or all of the above, then we have the ultimate solution for you...

Phone Broadcasting

Phone Broadcasting is by far the most effective, easy-to-use and cost
effective way that you can use to make huge amounts of money in your business!

  • Have your phone consistently ringing off the hook with people calling you or simply direct them to your web site or voice mail overview
  • It starts and stops campaigns if you are on the phone
  • Checks numbers against the (DNC) Do Not Call List and Cell Phone List
  • Separates phone listings by time zone
  • Send out to live or machine messages or a mixture of both
  • Record your own message or have a pro do it for you (extra charge)
  • Members can purchase phone time at *1.8 cents per call
  • Call the time and day you want
  • Leads Included archived business opportunity survey leads and MLM genealogy leads
  • Premium leads also available at below wholesale.
  • Professional quality pre-recorded outgoing messages. 

This is The New Way to do Business!

 It's the Wave of the Future – everyone has a telephone.
Our system will help you get more people to talk too...FAST!

It's affordable, VERY easy to use and gets results in minutes. It's incredible.

  1. Simply record a voice message

  2. Load a list of phone numbers

  3. Press send ... that's it! 

You sit back and your phone rings with hot prospects wanting to know more about what you're promoting! 

You want more?  How about price...

Other broadcasting systems charge as much as
$500, $1295 and $2000 to join!
Others retail sites charge as much as 15-20 cents per call!

Make calls for only 1.8 cents
with our Phone Broadcast Service!
(Call based on a 30 second outbound recorded message)

 We purchase HUGE QUANTITIES of minutes in advance so we can get the lowest rates for our members.  We pass the savings on to you!

Can you handle an UNSTOPPABLE FRENZY of "HOT" & "READY" visitors landing on your website, going to your voice mail or speaking to you directly?

This is the Ultimate Phone Broadcasting System... but it's also so much more!

There's absolutely nothing out there that comes close to our technology!

I made so many sales that I became a true believer.  Great job!!  WOW. what a system.  It's worth 10 times the money I paid.  I am going to tell everyone.

Josh Bereano, Seattle, WA

The New Wave Of Marketing Has Begun....

Our membership offers you a SIMPLE,  turn-key
system that anyone can do on any budget!!

Key Point: We work similar to a wholesale superstore.  You join and pay a membership fee.  Then you benefit from the combined buying power or every member and thus get call priced as if you had purchased millions of call minutes! Our Phone Broadcast service gets you access to these amazing outgoing broadcast calling prices and the use of our calling platform without having to spend $10,000 or more up front!

Membership Benefits

With the Phone Broadcast Club Membership, you get the following included...

Month to month membership.  No contracts!
  Record messages directly in your back office
  You can choose to hire a professional speaker to record for you (additional fee)
  Videos to help get you started quickly
  High Tech "Easy-To-Use" Web Interface to manage your campaigns
  Web and email support
  Full "real-time" call reporting to keep track of how your campaigns are doing
  Test calls to check your messages before you send them out
  Checks your imported lists against the Do Not Call List (DNC)
  Use of the cell phone list blocker
  NEW> Just added.  Complete B2B list divided by state

Caller ID included
List Upload Function
Easy Campaign Management
Send blasts you out at pre-designated work schedule by hour and day
You select the number of phone lines used
  Get access to wholesale pricing on phone broadcast time at 1.8 cents per call *based on a 30 second call. Calling time can be purchased after you join. *Initial outgoing calls that go over 30 seconds are switched to 1 minute billing 3.8 cents. 98% of members use the 30 seconds or less messages.  See FAQ for details
Millions of genealogy and business opportunity phone numbers are available free or you can use your own lists
Premium business opportunity survey leads available at only 2 cents each and are doubled FREEThat makes the net cost to you only 1 cent each.  We also keep giving them to you for free until you meet your calling total.

Now here is the kicker...

Join today for only $100!
*$25 one time set up fee and $24.95 monthly are additional

Our compensation plan is so lucrative that it's almost unbelievable...

Make $100 per sale. You keep 100% of every sale as per the reverse 2 Up compensation plan.
You virtually break even on the first sale! The first and third sale goes to you!  The 2nd and fourth goes to your sponsor.  Every sale after that goes to you.  Once you have referred two sales, you are qualified for life.
Unlimited expansion.  Then the fun begins. Those that are now direct to you, they do the same and give their second and fourth sales to you.  This process happens over and over.
Duplication is key. 
Once qualified, you keep 100% of all sales you make PLUS you get the second and fourth sale of all those they refer.
The income potential is unlimited!

But wait... It gets even better.  We wanted to make it such a "no-brainer" and simply overwhelm you with EXTREME VALUE that we have added HUNDREDS of TOP Master Resale Rights (MRR) and Private Label Rights (PLR) at no additional cost if you join today.

You are getting HUNDREDS of these
bonus PLR eBooks INCLUDED!
Click here to see a sampling of the
hundreds of PLR ebooks


OK let's review...

For $100 and $25 set up fee (both one time fees)
$24.95 a month for site maintenance, support etc.
Then just pay for your calls at 1.8 cents per 30 second call.

and hundreds of bonus products totaling thousands more dollars in value.

That's over $20,000 in services plus much more in wholesale pricing.  


So Are Your Ready To Start Putting
Your Business Into Over-Drive?


Trust me I really do appreciate all that you do, you are amazing . I guarantee this company will help many people to be successful in marketing their businesses, and the reason is simply because of the great personal service that you provide, it's definitely onward and upward for this company. It flat out works guys, it's that simple ok.

Richard Price

It's Time For You To Buil
d Your Financial Wealth And Security
By Using Phone Broadcasting To Make Tons Of Money!

Think about this, for a measly few bucks a month you can get access to the tool and pricing that most have to pay $20,000 and more to obtain.  You will be on your way to making tons more money in your business and more leads than you can handle.

This is a small sum to pay, to start finally taking steps towards making huge amounts of money and living out your hopes and dreams!

Can You Really Afford Not To Invest In Your Business?

It's easy to get started right away. Just click on the Join! link at the top of this page.

 Take Action, And Get Started Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today!

You are minutes away from being able to have the wheels rolling on your own incredibly profitable business using Phone Broadcast Club.   Don't you owe it to yourself to Join 'Phone Broadcast Club' today?

Phone Broadcast Club

P.S. You will be so glad you can finally stop trying to get your business on the path to success the hard way. Don't spend weeks trying to "figure it out" let us show you the way!

*Outbound calls that are under 30 seconds for the INITIAL 30 seconds are 1.8 cents minimum and billed in 6 second increments thereafter for the entire call.  If your INITIAL message needs to be over 30 seconds, you can certainly do so.  If so, you are switched to 3.6 cents per minute.
This Phone Broadcast System is in full compliance with the NDNC.   National, State and local laws can vary. Members are responsible and liable for their own call campaigns. Pricing is based on a 30 second call. All accounts over 30 seconds will automatically be switched to per minute billing. © 2008 2008. All Rights Reserved

© Copyright 2008, Phone Broadcast Club. All Rights Reserved.