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2. 1. 2009






Traffic exchange referral builder


  • Get a FREE TRAFFIC BUILDING website with all YOUR referral IDs inserted
  • Downline growth for potentially unlimited number of tiers
  • Total Flow-Through of your referral IDs for unlimited tiers
  • Everyone also gets a Free Traffic-Building Splash Page
  • This service is provided completely FREE of charge

TrafficWitch New Entry - Just Launched

TrafficSwarm In the past year we had about 61,831 visitors from trafficswarm and about 1.29% joined us. Thats pretty good.

StartXchange Surf StartXchange, Get Alot of Traffic. StartXchange ranks members by their activity from surfing, refering, purchasing, and using the forum. It then rewards members based on their activity by delivering traffic faster, and giving active members an active downline.

DragonSurf Experience for yourself why we are quickly becoming one of the
best quality traffic exchanges on the net.

MythologySurf New Entry

Visitmaniac New Entry

Traffic-Splash Flood your site with quality free traffic. With a fast 6 second timer, you can promote your website to more people in less time.

FindTraffic New Entry

Soaring4Traffic Generate High Flying Traffic to Your Websites, Blogs, Banners, Text Links!

RealHitz4u Feel the punch of an active traffic exchange.

ClickRanch New design, Free affiliate program pays on upgrades and purchases.

TrafficGoldrush New Entry

Webcentresurf <- Click on the link to find out the Ten reasons why you should be a member of WebCentre Surf.

Etrafficfreedom New Entry

AdvertisingKnowhow Advertising Know-How The Perfect Traffic Exchange.

HitMagik. HitMagik is a Text Ad exchange Like Trafficswarm that uses advanced Anti-Cheat Mechanisms and targeting.

RoadrunnerSurf Looking for fast traffic? Come and see why Road Runner Surf is The
Hot New Traffic Exchange.


Lords-of-traffic Give your clicking finger a rest and Surf by hovering instead.

TrafficPro-x Join the hundreds of others who are getting real traffic and real results.

TrafficG 1:1 Traffic Exchange with Geographic and Interest Driven Targeting.

TS25 Get a FREE traffic downline of up to 2500 in as little as a week!
Up to 100 new members added to your downline every month!
Earn thousands of hits to your website every week!

Promolotto New Entry

MaxTrafficPro Increase your web traffic with MaxTrafficPro. Traffic to the Max.

IloveHits The more you surf the more you win. One of the longest running hit exchanges just got better.

EasyHits4u Free 1:1 Traffic Exchange. 5-tier referral program.

FreeTrafficLotto Responsive traffic and a very addictive lottery game make FreeTrafficLotto a very active traffic exchange. Free lotto ticket for every 8 pages surfed. Win traffic and cash prizes every week.

TrafficRoundup Discover the free traffic club that has been driving thousands of visitors a day to its member's websites for over 4 years.

TrueViewTraffic Visitors READ your site due to Surfbar Questions. Learn Opinions of your site with the Review System.

10kHITS4UNOW Get a Free Gold Membership at 10kHITS4UNOW Traffic and Lead Generating system. Fast 10 second surf for hits system with Exclusive downline builder, voice support and more.

HitPirate Its not just a traffic exchange, but a list builder as well.

TrafficWonderland New Traffic exchange with free text ad widget.

Hover-Traffic New, No-clicking manual traffic exchange with huge credit jackpots where you can win as many as 1,000 credits and dynamic surfing rates allowing you to multiply your surf ratio.

TrafficHeroes Free Manual Only Traffic Exchange With Text Link And Banner Advertising, downline builder, cash commissions and more.

Blue-Surf Custom built unique script.

4x4Hits Focus your hit exchange advertising into a 4x4 formula!
4x4Hits means focus on managing, tracking, correcting,
and one program at a time! 4 advertising methods...
Page Views, Text, Banner, and Email Marketing!

MagnifyTraffic Earn Countless Free Visitors! Every action you take results in
less effort and more free traffic to your web site!

USFreeads Free Classifieds from USfreeads. Buy, sell or advertise anything. Great 2 tier affiliate program.

InstantBannerCreator Now you can make your own professional graphics
in seconds... And it's FREE!

TrafficPods New, Ladder style, Rank based Traffic exchange.


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1,000 monthly credits.
2,000 banner and text impressions
40 impressions to 1 credit conversion.
Email your downline every 7 days.
30% commissions on all upgrades.
Random referrals.

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Tuesday, January 20 4:17:24 AM

GRIN Marketing Team


Purchase a year of Exec Membership for only $80--a savings of $51, which is 40% off monthly subscription rates!

1:1 surf ratio
Double the ratio of free members for less effort when surfing.

1000 credits and 2,000 banner impressions a month
Don't want to surf? Enjoy credits and banner impressions every month.

50% commission on direct referrals' upgrades
10% commission on direct referrals' purchases

Earn cash and credits from your referrals' upgrades and purchases. For example, just refer 2 people who purchase Exec Memberships and your Exec Membership for the year would be free.

15% of referrals' surf credits
Your referrals' activities benefit you! You are able to contact your referrals through our pm system to encourage them to be active.

Random referrals
When people sign up without being referred by someone, we assign this to one of our upgraded members. These random referrals could earn you commission!

One solo pm ad for free every month
A unique feature for upgraded members at Click Ranch is the ability to send out one solo pm ad for free every month. These sold ads can be accessed in the surf bar so they are definitely visible to all surfers. Members love to click on your ad link on the pm ad because they receive 10 credits. These credits are free to you as they are not taken from your credits.




Set Up An Affiliate System That Multiplies Your Online Profits Across The Globe - Step-by-Step!

Discover And Bridge The Missing Link That 95% Of The Product Sellers Are Having A Tough Time Figuring Out... Which Is Stopping Many Of Them From Increasing Their Monthly Profits

Up until now, you have heard of Internet Marketing experts echoing the popular advice of starting your own affiliate program. And if you're already selling your own digital product online, why not? You can easily leverage on the efforts of hundreds of affiliates enthusiastically spreading the word about your product around the Internet.

It is smarter to leverage on 1% of the efforts of 100 affiliates than 100% on your own, and you pay a cut from your product's price to your affiliates only when they make sales, so there's virtually no risk in putting money upfront to lose.

This is the exact, same tactic that Internet Marketing experts use to increase their monthly business revenue!

They Make It Look Easy -
And It Can Be...With A Little Guidance

If it's so easy then why aren't more product sellers like yourself doing it? The truth that most marketing experts often usually omit in their courses is that there's a price to pay for using this powerful method.

First you must overcome any technical inabilities. The cold, harsh reality is that setting up your own affiliate program isn't by far easy to do. If you're not technically savvy, then you can probably relate to this very well.

(But if you ARE skilled, or have a programmer who is, check out Rapid Action Profits also... )

And even if you are technically savvy, do you know how to recruit affiliates - affiliates that can produce sales for you?

Sure, you can try to eliminate most of these problems by signing up with ClickBank and get rid of most of your guesswork. But there's only a 50-50 chance of getting your product approved into the marketplace. What if your product doesn't meet the stringent requirement? And what if you're from a country not acknowledged by ClickBank by any chance?

Learn Affiliate System Setup For Success

It's not easy unless you know what you want and you know what to do. The experts talk very litte about setting up your own affiliate program in their books and courses.

Finally... it's now possible to set up your own affiliate program and build your own network of affiliates to promote your product with enthusiasm and excitement!

Learn NOW How To Build An
Online Affiliate Network

This 7 video series shows you...


Video #1: What is an Affiliate System? How Do You Know What Type of System Will Fit Your Needs?
(8 minutes and 38 seconds)

Most businesses miss out on increased profits because they choose not to have an affiliate system. Whether it's because it's too complicated or they don't want to give commissions away, they are losing profits either way. The affiliate system allows you to pay people for making sales for your product and with it, affiliates market your product; they win and you ultimately win. While there are so many affiliate systems out there, the question is how do you know what type of system will fit you? In this video you'll learn just that and how to brainstorm ahead of time.

Video #2: Choosing the Right Affiliate System and Payment Processor
(12 minutes and 7 seconds)

Most businesses miss out on increased profits because they choose not to have an affiliate system. Whether it's because it's too complicated or they don't want to give commissions away, they are losing profits either way. The affiliate system allows you to pay people for making sales for your product and with it, affiliates market your product; they win and you ultimately win. While there are so many affiliate systems out there, the question is how do you know what type of system will fit you? In this video you'll learn just that and how to brainstorm ahead of time.

Video #3: How to Create a Clickbank Product as a Vendor and Payment Link to Make it Affiliate Ready
(6 minutes and 12 seconds)

Clickbank is considered both a payment processor offering many varieties of payment types, but it is also an affiliate network. Since there are so many affiliates on Clickbank looking to promote products, we have chosen this affiliate network to use in this video series. In this video, you will learn how to a Clickbank payment link, which you can add to your sales page. This is important to make your product sales page affiliate ready.

Video #4: Creating Affiliate Pages - Using Aweber
(6 minutes and 12 seconds)

When an affiliate comes your site, particularly your affiliate page, you need to have a few pages available to them to convince them to promote your product, which in this case is your landing page. Then you have the affiliate resources page. In order to connect the two, you are going to learn how to do just that using Aweber. Aweber will allow you to build your affiliate list, which you'll want to keep separate from your other lists.

Video #5: What Resources Should You Provide Your Affiliates?
(7 minutes and 8 seconds)

Once your affiliates sign up to start promoting your product, you need to provide them with as much promotional resources as possible. A larger percentage of them will actually just copy and paste the resources exactly as they are, so whether you write email solo ads, email follow up ads, PPC, blogs, etc, make sure they are the best quality. In this video, you'll learn learn the importance of these resource types and how to implement them into your affiliate system.

Video #6: Paying Affiliates - Clickbank vs. Hosted Systems
(3 minutes and 57 seconds)

Paying your affiliates on a timely basis is important to keeping your relationship with them at the highest level. They work hard, so they need to be paid at the time your promise. We'll look at Clickbank versus Hosted Systems. Some systems will pay your affiliates for you, but they take a fee out, so your profits may not be as high. However, your affiliates are paid on a timely basis, which builds up your relationship. If you have a hosted system, it's just the opposite and we'll look at these options.

Video #7: Paying Affiliates Through Paypal Using Mass Pay
(6 minutes and 41 seconds)

While paying your affiliates yourself can take time, if you use Paypal then you're in luck. Paypal offers a feature called Mass Pay, which allows you to pay all of your affiliates in one full swoop. In addition, Paypal doesn't charge your affiliates the average paypal fees if you use mass pay which in turn makes your affiliates happier.

Set Up Your Own
Global Revenue Affiliate System Today...

Whether you plan to leverage on ClickBank's unique affiliate platform or take full responsibility of your business with in-house affiliate systems, there's a solution for every method you want.

And after watching the videos for less than an hour, you will know how to increase your profits by providing an opportunity for hundreds of other motivated affiliates throughout the web to profit with your line of products!

By the end of the videos you can expect to learn:

How to choose the best affiliate setup model for your business - ClickBank or in-house

For ClickBank Merchants: how to systematically set up your product on the most popular affiliate platform and get approved - hundreds of thousands of ClickBank affiliate marketers flock this website every day!

How to find and get affiliates to promote your products for you willingly and enthusiastically!

How to provide your affiliates with everything they need so the only thing they have to do is promote for you.

How to pay an your affiliates easily using a few clicks of the mouse - this will help reduce your stress and frustration by more than half when that time of the month comes!

NOTE: You need to have Adobe Flash Player to view all of the videos. If you don't have the application installed in your computer, you can get the plug-in from the Adobe official website for FREE.

Product delivered as downloadable zip files. Boxes and CDs are shown only for graphical purposes.

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