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1. 3. 2009

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Welcome to Team Orangemoon - Orientation







Welcome to our community. The aim of this orientation website is to introduce you to Team OrangeMoon, (TOM), explain what we are, what we do and how we can help you to succeed online. You will need to complete Steps 1 and 2 to join our team completely, so please read this whole orientation website to help you understand everything fully.

If you still have any questions afterwards, then please take a look for the answers at our forum, and please ask if you don't find them.



Who and what is Team OrangeMoon?


Internet marketing is difficult!

Despite what you may read on some programs, it is not a case of sending out a few emails and then watching your bank balance grow. That is not how it works. I found that out very early on in my 6yrs of, attempted, online successes.


The problem I found was a lack of support from program owners. Once they had my money, then they were pretty unresponsive with giving me the guidance that I needed to start building a downline or making sales. This did change slightly with various new programs that came out over time, but basically, nothing changed the fact that internet marketing was difficult. Very, very difficult!


So, in November 2008, after a conversation with another marketer, I realised that the easiest way for people to succeed online was if everyone joined a program together.


Build the team first and have everyone join one program together!


It was like a switch clicked to 'on' in my head. With a huge team, we could all pool our resources together and as a team we could support each other with building the downline for the program that we were to join.


That was the basic premise of Team OrangeMoon and in December 2008, it was released to the web. It was a massive success. Thousands joined, interested in the concept and on December 13th 2008, our first team program was launched to a team of over 2,200 members. Within seconds of launching our team to sign up with this first program, we crashed two servers!  The program owners were shocked to receive so many members joining at the same time They quickly got their servers back online and in just 24hrs over 2,500 positions were purchased by our team in that first program.


Team OrangeMoon had hit the internet with a bang and people sat up and took notice!


Today, it has evolved into something a whole lot bigger. We now have our own forum and our own admin team. We now even run our own downline program which is massively successful with members earning profits, some of them for the very first time.


We have huge marketing campaigns, radio shows, videos, an advertising co-op and even a pay it forward fund for members that are strapped for cash. We have evolved into a community of people all driven by the same goals. Team OrangeMoon really is a program for the people! Not bad for something that is still new in the internet community.


IMPORTANT: We are not a get rich quick scheme. If that is what you are looking for, then you will not find it with us, (I spent years lurching from program to program before I discovered that there was no such thing for 99.9% of internet marketers).

We aim to make sure that the positions that our members purchase in our 'monthly fee' programs are in profit before they are due to be paid again. These positions that our members purchase are like a 'savings bond'. As our team and downline grows, then these positions grow in profit, every month, but be aware that these positions may take longer to profit. It all depends on how quickly we grow and more positions are purchased. Only spend what you can afford! We cannot and do not ask that you spend more than you can afford to lose. This is something that you should take into ANY program that you join online, whether through us or someone else.


We are a real team program. Every one of our team members matter and everyone helps each other. You will discover this for yourself when you join our free forum.


Now, go to the two simple sign up instructions that will start you on the road to success with Team OrangeMoon, and remember we are all there to help each other. This is teamwork at it's most literal meaning.


Watch this great introduction video below created by one of our members:


(Thank you to Rhiannon James for this great introduction video)





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Team OrangeMoon
As a team we will succeed!
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Welcome to Team Orangemoon - Orientation





red in The United page before completing the instructions.



Quick Start - Step 1


Sign up for an account at our FREE forum:


Read the guidelines and introduction on the main forum page, and then introduce yourself here:


Take a look around and ALWAYS read the updates first if you have any questions at all:


Once you have joined our forum, then click the link below to go to the next step:



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