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8. 2. 2009





"Ustream Goes Black Hat With
Howie! We Go Live On Monday,
Feb. 9th, At 8:00PM EST"

*Click here to check out Black Hat is Back 2*



Free live streaming by Ustream

Ask Your AGGRESSIVE Traffic Questions For Howie
We will pick the TOP THREE questions and award a $1,000 video prize!
AND We will pick our FAVORITE Traffic question and
send an APPLE Gift Card!

Be sure to ADD this date / time to your calendar AND bookmark this page.
And remember to enter your TRAFFIC questions above . . .
I will see you live on Monday night!

(Note: a replay will be available on THIS PAGE after the event - but
there are BENEFITS for attending live - trust me!)


Take care,


*Click here to check out Black Hat is Back 2*







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