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8. 6. 2008



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i-LEARN ONLINE Virtual Training Academy International Education Program
Message from i-SAFE’s President:
June is Internet Safety Month, a month devoted to increasing awareness about safe and responsible online behavior. For i-SAFE, every month, every week, every day is dedicated to educating and empowering students of all grade levels to be safe online. The i-SAFE Safe School Education Initiative and Outreach Program continues to be adopted as a core program in schools throughout the nation. The program has increased ten fold – educating more than 6 million students to date – by responding to new technologies and current trends to provide teachers creative and fresh e-Safety lesson plans/activities, and innovative ways to reach students on their level. Our newest program, i-DRiVE TV has become a hallmark for the type of programming we are now providing – at no cost – to educate and empower students to stay safe online. We need your support.

Make Internet Safety Month the time to take action. Your charitable donation to i-SAFE is an investment in the safety of our nation’s youth. Your gift means that you are partnering with i-SAFE in our commitment to raise e-Safety awareness in classrooms, homes, neighborhood, and communities across the country – not just during Internet Safety Month, but every day of the year.

Please use the following link to make your donation:
Thank you for supporting the i-SAFE Program.

Teri Schroeder
President and CEO, i-SAFE Inc.
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About this guide

This guide for parents has been written by children’s charity Childnet International and Net

Family News, Inc., with support from Pro-Music. Cartoons by John Byrne.

The views in this document are solely those of Childnet.

Childnet is a non-profi t organisation working to help make the Internet a great and safe place

for children. Registered as a charity in the UK (number 1080173).


Pro-Music is an international music sector education campaign about digital music. This guide

is supported by pro-music member organisations representing musicians, performers, artists,

major and independent record companies, publishers and retailers across the music industry. and

For an online guide to making the

Internet & technology fun, safe, and

productive, see

© Copyright Childnet International 2005


Resources and

further advice


For everything you want to know

about music online and checking

your computer, see

For daily kid-tech news for parents,

including the latest on P2P, see







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