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Send Out this FREE this Pre-Launch video for the

3. 8. 2008

Send This Video To Your List and Give Your People a Chance to Win $500 and Get Your Cookies Set For The Product Launch.


Marlon here,

We're launching a new product shortly called the Promo Dashboard. I just created a really hot promotional videos you can send to your list and get your cookies set.

For more details visit:

Not an Affiliate?

That's an easy fix, visit: and sign up for one today.

Forgot your Affiliate ID?

Then, contact our customer support representative, Tim; toll free at (888) 204-6141. Or you can also chat with him live at:

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders


Get The Links To The Products You Want To Promote

The first step is to get links to the products you want to promote.

Start at the top of the links page to get your Reseller URL's for the TOP 5 BEST SELLING PRODUCTS. We suggest you start promoting those as they are the products your visitors are most likely to buy.

Click here to get your Reseller links

Grab a Banner Ad to Put on Your Web Site

An easy way to get started is to select one or two banner ads and post those to your web site.

Click Here to Grab Some Banner Ads

Send An Email Promotion to Your Mailing List

If you have your own mailing list of customers or prospects the fastest and easiest way to make sales is to send them an email promotion.

PART A: Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to send a personal email endorsement.

PART B: Click here to select 1 of 3 different email promotions.

These are the exact same emails we used in our own promotions and have found these to be the most effective.

Generate Traffic To Your Reseller Links Using Articles, Brandable PDF's and Product Reviews

If you have your own website, ezine or blog then

Here are 3 simple ways to use these tools:

1) Publish the articles in your ezine, newsletter or blog.
2) Brand the PDF reports and offer them via your site for free.
3) Post product reviews in your ezine or blog.

Click to access the Articles, PDF's and Product Reviews

Get Your Own Web Site Online Quickly and Easily Using These Pre-Made Custom Reseller Pages

Even if you're short on time, don't have any web design skills and don't know "jack" about HTML you can quickly and easily have your own highly targeted, fully customized web page promoting all of my top selling products -- for free!

Click here to get custom reseller pages

Grab More Than 500+ Additional Reseller Tools!

It's easy to get your hands on 500+ other tools and resources you can use to promote our products. Just follow the link below and you'll discover:

Digital Product Covers To Put On Your Web Site
More Ready-Made Email Promotions To Send to Your List
Web Page Buttons and Other Graphic Promos
Full Page Ads You Can Upload to Your Web Site

Product Reviews You can Publish Online

Click here for all other tools, including articles.

Auto-Refreshing "Weekly Marketing Tips" Cookie System

The ONE and ONLY "Weekly Tips" system that turns your new mailing list signups into potential affiliate commissions!

Just by adding a small bit of HTML code to your website you can start generating sign-ups to our Weekly Marketing Tips mailing list.

Here's how it works:

1) You add a small bit of HTML code to your website.
2) Someone subscribes to the list from the form on your site.
3) The subscriber is sent an email with a weekly marketing tip.
4) Inside each tip is a recommendation for one of my products.
5) Inside each recommendation is one of YOUR reseller links.
6) When your link is clicked a new 10 year cookie is set.
7) Once the link is clicked the customer is taken to the sales letter for the product that was advertised in that weeks marketing tip.
8) When the customer buys a product, you get the commission.

• Every 7 days the subscriber is sent another Weekly Marketing Tip.
• Every 7 days the cookie is RESET on the subscribers computer.
• Every 7 days another product is recommended to the subscriber
• Every 7 times someone sees your offer, they're more likely to buy!

The auto-refreshing cookie system means even if your prospects regularly delete their cookies, you've got a new one being set on their system every 7 days.

This guarantees you commissions on any products they order!

Grab the code to put on your website at this URL:





Click Here!

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