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10. 11. 2008








$700+ up for grabs

Get $1 per active referral

  • 1st place wins $300
  • 2nd place wins $200
  • 3rd place wins $100
  • 4th and 5th place win $50 each

Earn 50% commissions on upgrades and traffic purchases during the race.

Running November 1-30




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ATTENTION! You Don't Need Any Web Design Skills, Or Even Have Your Own Hosting Account But...

"All Traffic Exchange Users That Want
Results MUST Use A Splash Page!"

make a splash page


Traffic exchanges are a super powerful way to promote your business to a targeted audience. But ONLY if you are using them correctly!


Think about this for a second. What do you see most of the time when you are surfing for traffic? I'm willing to bet most of the pages you see are replicated affiliate pages that are given to people when they join a business opportunity. You know exactly what I'm talking about here, and you probably see the very same generic affiliate pages a few hundred times every day.

So You Have Seen Them Time After Time,
Do You Pay Any Attention To Them Now?

I mean, we have all these people who are spending time and money promoting a corporate referral page and no one even notices them any more beacause they do not stand out, Not even the best marketers get results pushing a page that looks exactly like what ten thousand other affiliates are promoting???

As A Creator of Unique Traffic Exchanges, And As Someone Who Has Built Up Many Peoples Businesses Through Traffic Exchange Promotion I'll Tell You Point Blank Replicated Affiliate Pages Do Not Work With TE Advertising!

To really get the kind of incredible results professional marketers get out of traffic exchange promotion, you need your own unique splash page. There is simply no way around this fact so unless you want to fail miserably with traffic exchanges please keep reading.

A splash page is a custom-built ad that is designed specifically for one purpose...

To Slap The Boredom right Out Of A Surfer And Make
Them Have A Close Look At What You Are Offering!

How is a splash page able to achieve this?

  • It's a fast-loading, short advert that does not look long and boring.
  • It's got snap appeal and gets right to the point of your offer.
  • It can be totally personalized with your photo, your name, and other info that establishes YOU as a real person and not some nameless marketer.
  • It stands out - It looks different from the generic affiliate pages everyone else is promoting, so you instantly set yourself apart from the crowd.
  • It gives you the freedom to promote your opportunity in your own words (super powerful!) instead of relying on the corporate copy to work for you.

great looking splash pages

Splash Pages Have Been Proven To Increase
Traffic Exchange Response By 500% And More!!!

With a splash page, instead of giving surfers another ten mile long replicated page they have seen (and ignored) over and over again, you can give them something new and refreshing that makes them want to click on your link or fill out your email form to learn more about your offer.

So I can hear you saying...

"Great!! I want my own page but how the heck do I build one? I have seen all that HTML code and it looks scary".

Hey I understand. You're a marketer, not a web designer am I right?

That's Why I Have Created This Awesome Tool That Lets You
Build Your Own Great Looking Splash Pages With Just A Few Clicks!

Here's how easy it really is with Splash Page Maker:

  • You log in and open our Splash Page Maker.

    easy to use control panel
  • You click through and answer some basic questions, like what background color you want, etc.

    no downloading use the online wizzard

That's all there is to it, and your splash pages are even hosted for you!

Splash Page Maker Even Makes Promoting Your New Splash Page Super Easy!

Once you have created your splash page, this system will give you a direct URL to your personal splash page. Just enter this URL into your favorite traffic exchanges and start surfing!

preview your splash page

You can even edit the pages after without going through the wizzard again.

Easy to edit splash pages

How Many Great Pages Can You Make With This System?

There are two membership levels that determine the number of pages you can create, host, and promote:

Silver Members can make and promote three (3) unique and powerful splash pages.
Gold Members can generate and promote up to ten (10) pages!

Either option is a fantastic value. Having your own splash pages built by a pro designer would normally run fifty dollars, and then you'd need to register a domain at ten to twenty bucks per year, plus monthly hosting of another ten bucks or so.

But with Splash Page Maker you can have your own incredibly effective splash page built and hosted for as little as $1.60 per month each! No kidding!
(Silver membership $9.95 per month / Gold membership $15.95 per month) You owe it to your business to step out of the crowd and start advertising with a great looking splash page. It's super easy, totally affordable, and with Splash Page Maker, you will instantly set yourself above the majority of your competition who are still trying to earn by promoting those lame replicated affiliate pages.












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