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16. 5. 2008
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Peugeot 107

The 107 is rounded and well-engineered.

Peugeot 107
  • Rating:
  • On the road price: £7,295 - £8,645
  • For : Good refinement, peppy engine, keen handling, build quality
  • Against : Equipment not generous, firm ride, boot a weak point
The Peugeot packs a featherweight 998cc three-cylinder engine. It produces 68bhp, and with its characterful exhaust note and distinctive thrum, it’s great fun to use and delivers sprightly performance. It’s easy to drive too, with a light clutch and gearshift, while engine vibrations are well insulated. This makes it both refined around town and at motorway speeds – where it proves stable, too. Handling is boosted by a wide track, and with go-kart like reactions and responsive steering, the Peugeot is sure-footed through bends. The ride quality could be improved, but it deals with rough urban roads well, and doesn’t crash over potholes.

The 107, along with its Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1 cousins, is one of the best-looking small cars around. It has near-perfect dimensions, with short overhangs, great all-round visibility and a vertical tail for easy reversing. The headlights, meanwhile, echo those on the larger 407 family car. With just the one engine option, the range is straightforward; three- or five-doors, in Urban Lite, Urban and Sport XS trims. Other competitors include the Kia Picanto, Ford Ka, Hyundai i10, Smart Fortwo, Mitsubishi i and Fiat Panda.

The unique style applies to the interior, too. With unusual heater controls that glow orange at night, plus a pod-style speedometer, the design is fresh and attractive. Rear passenger space is adequate, although taller people will find legroom is tight, and stowage is compromised by the fact that the speakers take up most of the space in the door pockets. Overall, the interior is best summed up as basic but stylish. Equipment levels aren’t that generous, but the materials are of a far better quality than you’ll find on other budget cars. The boot is a major weak point, though: the tailgate is a piece of glass, which leaves you with a high load sill, while the capacity is just 139 litres. It extends with the seats down to 751 litres. Economy is impressive though, while the retained value is excellent, at just under 50 per cent. That’s a superb result for a budget-priced Peugeot.

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