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7. 4. 2008

Róisín Murphy
Electrónica / Disco House / Pop

"New single out 31st March!"

Reino Unido

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Usuario registrado desde11/09/2005
Sitio Web del
Miembros del grupoRóisín Murphy
Eddie Stevens (MD/Keys/Electronics)
Robin Mullarkey (Bass)
Jan Ozveren (Guitar)
Davide De Rose (Drums)
Lorraine Barnes (Backing Vocals)
Jodie Scantlebury (Backing Vocals)
Suena como
The new single, 'You Know Me Better' - released on 31st March 2008!

Roisin talks about 'Overpowered' and how she started out in music...

Roisin performs 'Primitive', from the new album 'Overpowered' on Jools Holland...


Roisin performs 'Overpowered' for Gucci - live at Swarovski Fashion Rocks for The Prince's Trust...


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23 may 200820:00
B1Moscow, RUSSIA
30 may 200820:00
Den AtelierLuxembourg, LUXEMBOURG
31 may 200820:00
OosterpoortGroningen, HOLLAND
1 jun 200820:00
Pinkpop FestivalLandgraaf, HOLLAND
6 jun 200820:00
Rock Am RingNürburg, GERMANY
7 jun 200820:00
Rock Im ParkNuremberg, GERMANY
8 jun 200820:00
Rock Ness FestivalInverness, SCOTLAND
20 jun 200820:00
Sonar FestivalBarcelona, SPAIN
5 jul 200820:00
Rock WerchterWerchter, BELGIUM
6 jul 200820:00
B’estfestBucharest, ROMANIA
12 jul 200820:00
Alive FestivalLisbon, PORTUGAL
13 jul 200820:00
Oxegen FestivalCo. Kildare, IRELAND
18 jul 200820:00
Festival Internacional de BenicàssimBenicàssim, SPAIN
19 jul 200820:00
Melt FestivalGräfenhainichen, GERMANY
9 ago 200820:00
Summer SundaeLeicester, UK
15 ago 200820:00
Lowlands FestivalBiddinghuizen, HOLLAND
16 ago 200820:00
Sziget FestivalBudapest, HUNGARY
22 ago 200820:00
SolfestWest Cumbria, UK
30 ago 200820:00
Winterthur MusikfestwochenWinterthur, SWITZERLAND
28 nov 200820:00
Manchester AcademyManchester, UK
29 nov 200820:00
Carling Academy BrixtonLondon, UK

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Behind the scenes - You Know Me Better - OUT NOW!  (ver más)

You Know Me Better...  (ver más)

New Summer tour dates....  (ver más)

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   Acerca de Róisín Murphy



Click the banner to preview all the album tracks online now!!

EMI Records is proud to present ’Overpowered’, the second album from Róisín Murphy. A heady mix of electronic dance anthems, soul-stirring pop songs, deep, dark funk and quirky lyrical genius, ’Overpowered’ is a thrilling and contemporary marriage of edgy pop and irresistible disco.

Róisín co-wrote and co-produced the entire album, bringing her own vision and focus to these songs whilst working with a variety of producers, writers and mixers to create what is without doubt her finest record; unpredictable, creative, inventive, exciting and hugely accessible.

Working with the likes of Seiji, Andy Cato (Groove Armada), Jimmy Douglass, Ill Factor, Parrot & Dean and Richard X, Róisín has brought her love of the dance floor right to the very heart of the album. ’Overpowered’ is the place where pop meets dance and gives birth to a glitter-drenched masterpiece. This is one of the albums of the year - a breathtaking modern classic.

1. Overpowered
2. You Know Me Better
3. Checkin’ On Me
4. Let Me Know
5. Movie Star
6. Primitive
7. Footprints
8. Dear Miami
9. Cry Baby
10. Tell Everybody
11. Scarlet Ribbons
12. Body Language
13. Parallel Lives


Moloko Website
Moloko Fansite

After 11yrs of writing, producing and touring as part of Moloko, Róisín began work on a solo project with electronica producer Matthew Herbert. ’Ruby Blue’ was completed and released in Summer 2005 on the Echo label and reached the States in 2006 following appearances on the ’Grey’s Anatomy’ and ’So You Think You Can Dance’ soundtracks.

See also:


’Ruby Blue’ & ’Sequins’ artwork by Simon Henwood.
Róisín Murphy is originally from Arklow, a small town on the East coast of Ireland, and was raised there until she and her family later moved to Manchester. At 15, when her parents returned to Ireland, Róisín decided to go it alone in the UK and her musical career began in a Sheffield club upon meeting one Mr Mark Brydon several years later. Their personal and professional relationship flourished and the duo went on to create four acclaimed studio albums as Moloko : ’Do You Like My Tight Sweater?’ (1995), ’I Am Not A Doctor’ (1998),’Things To Make & Do’ (2000) and ’Statues’ (2003).

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 ill Factor 

 Post Office 

 World's Fair 


 Sonic Youth 

 Tatty Narja 




Róisín Murphy: sus comentarios
Estás viendo 50 de 5539 comentarios  ( Ver todos | Añadir un comentario )

4 abr 2008 05:37

save the vinyl!

4 abr 2008 08:22

you know me better makes me feel great
Dj Karl Paul

4 abr 2008 09:10

You and your music are such a relief in that so called music industry (where there's no room for music actually!)
Thank you sooooo much for being!
Geordie Adams

Is Online

31 mar 2008 13:34

hey Roisin
great sound an' vibe
best wishes
Justin Bliss

31 mar 2008 14:43

Can't wait to see you tonight in Brisbane!!!
Benjamin Teacher - NEW CD - 21ST APRIL!!!

31 mar 2008 14:59

Quality Music!!!

Much Love & Respect From A Fellow Musician!!!


Benjamin Teacher

31 mar 2008 23:56

i am absolutely obsessed with your album, your voice and your style and your video
but not in a creepy way

love it love it love it

thank you

1 abr 2008 00:40

Diosa, diosa y diosa!!!!


1 abr 2008 01:24

whenever i hear "U know me better" i feel great!!! so ... it's on repeat :))
Magnovey Phoenix

1 abr 2008 02:27

You Know Me Better is your best song! :)
**:::MisTer TerRibLe::::**

Is Online

1 abr 2008 03:04

good morning star shine the earth sey HeeeLLooouuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!
lowe u!!!

1 abr 2008 08:28

Thanks for the add

I think your music is amazing, it's so relaxing yet you can have a real good dance to it

And your style in your art work and videos is brilliant, I like the way you dance in a café and nobody acknowledges you

The feeling of lonliness in your videos I feel relates to the artist Edward Hopper

Love your stuff!!!
Walter Briski, Jr.

1 abr 2008 08:43

what about us, in the US?
we can't buy the video through iTunes...
your album is not available here yet...
though, of course, i bought the import from UK...
i want the video badly!
Strawberry Beetle

1 abr 2008 09:44

Hey Roisin saw you at gold coast v festival it was rocking! loved the performance had heaps of fun
xo lana

1 abr 2008 11:23

I have bought my phyical format and a digital format of the new single today....hope u all have too.......

1 abr 2008 13:49

hello big voice!
Mark Winmill

1 abr 2008 17:03

I adore you........x last night u rocked brisbane and made me an extremely over the moon punter.....too cool for words.....x
Strawberry Beetle

1 abr 2008 18:47

just discovered you have the same birthday as me lol ^.^
Emy ~ Lou!!! :)

1 abr 2008 22:32

Roisin.... just wanted to say that I love your style!!! Everything about you rocks my socks... from your "lyrical soul" to your funky go-getter beats to your awesome fashion style.

You are truly my idol... I saw you at the Tivoli in Brisbane last night and I just wanted to reach out and touch you to make sure I wasn't dreaming!!!
:) You are such a great performer and I feel so very priveleged to have been able to see you in concert... but not only that ~ actually for the first concert I have ever been to in my life!! (I know... sad hey!!!) But honestly you are my favourite artist and to actually go to such an overwhelming and great perfomance just was out of this world for me!!!

Thanks!!! :) :) :)

Stay beautiful. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! xox

2 abr 2008 04:11

Roisin,please come to Belgrade or Exit 09!You are very popular here,kiss;)))!

2 abr 2008 13:16

PANDORA should have been an album track ... really, such a dainty, addictive little number


2 abr 2008 13:33

The new album is amazing, its not getting the attention it deserves.You should be massive.See you at the summer Sundae.


2 abr 2008 14:44

yes this is the good stuff alright, cant wait for the Oxegen Gig later this year, Yeah Baby Yeah!!!
paul moschell

2 abr 2008 17:04

adore you.
Nick Emancipation

4 abr 2008 05:20

Check out our heroine Roisin on the free talk-podcast:

Twenty minutes on who to see, what to buy old and new from the jazz, world, club, artist features, dj and live scene.
NOW ALSO ON iTUNES (under ’emancipation’)

3 abr 2008 02:06

I luv uuuuuuuuuu : )

3 abr 2008 02:32

Can't wait til Saturday Night..... Should be fabulous!!

3 abr 2008 03:33

nice voice nice music nice body nice face ........ dont stop

3 abr 2008 03:37


3 abr 2008 06:01

I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you this evening and I got so excited I let out a bottom burp! See you at Billboard. Ill be the one screaming. My 4 year old can sing Ruby Blue. Impressive huh?

3 abr 2008 06:11

hi roisin thanks for da beat....nice one
O Pt'it Bonheur

3 abr 2008 07:18

i've made some painting... ;-)

3 abr 2008 10:46

darling you are coming to athens....
it is our second date,after hamburg
we wait for you......
Multicultural Textile Workshops

4 abr 2008 03:21

We Love your music and fashion!!
Star of the Moon

Is Online

27 mar 2008 11:09

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! COME TO THE STATES!!!!!! Preferably, Chicago!!!!!! Love ya, baby!!!!

kiss, kiss...

27 mar 2008 11:31

your absolutely brilliant i love your music :) ily haha :):) xxx

27 mar 2008 12:45

Roisin! When are you coming to New York City!?!?!?!

27 mar 2008 13:01

this june is athens? that's great news!!!

27 mar 2008 13:50

Hi from Istanbul City,
Roisin your music is awesome!
You have so many fans in Turkey.Any plans for a concert in İstanbul?

27 mar 2008 14:37

Thanks for the add Roísín!
I hope you'll give a concert in Denmark sometime:-)
Vertebræ by Vertebræ

27 mar 2008 14:41

I wish you'd come to the US!
Sarah Page

27 mar 2008 16:00

Great new album...........
pure happiness!

27 mar 2008 17:02

i ADORE you!! your voice, your style, your're amazing! sending much love.

27 mar 2008 17:37

see you at the metro in say i am excited is an understatement of grand proportions!

27 mar 2008 19:56

greeting from thailand

28 mar 2008 03:57

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at
Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't
mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers
in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt
tihng is taht the frist and lsat
ltteer be at the rghit pclae.
The rset can be a total mses
and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not
raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a

Fcuknig amzanig huh? :)
Mangasarian Bros.

28 mar 2008 08:21

God bless you Roisin Murphy! :))) Greetings from Bulgaria:)

28 mar 2008 08:58

Hi ! Thanks for the add ! your music is such an inspiration for me as a dancer ! I wish you the best!Florian From France

28 mar 2008 09:25

KISSES from Slovenia!:)

28 mar 2008 17:24

that was quick!! thank you. we're so looking forward to working with you but mainly, to see you perform tonight at V!!! Caroline and the FIB team.
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