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  • Disney World February 23-28!
    The Viral Marketing
    & Business Building Event of the Year
  • Come Discover the Practical
    the World’s 11 Most
    Successful Internet Marketing
    Experts Are Using RIGHT NOW
    to Make Up to $3,000,000 Per
    Week Online..

    Discover the latest viral and social network marketing secrets from Jeff Walker, Frank Kern and Mike Filsaime for building MASSIVE opt-in lists TODAY, in 2008, without spending a lot of money...

    Learn how Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham and Janet Switzer create high-ticket, high-quality products in weeks that earn millions of dollars WITHOUT SELLING...

    Find out the new ways John Carlton, Mary Ellen Tribby, Tom McCarthy, Gary Vaynerchuk and Paul Sheele are leveraging existing businesses into multiple profit centers that make money automatically...

    Dear Friend,

    If you’ve tried EVERYTHING from Pay-Per-Click and banner ads to the latest SEO strategies and affiliate marketing techniques but NOTHING lives up to the hype...

    If you’re beginning to suspect that the big money has already been made on the Internet... but know that traditional advertising isn’t working, either...

    Or, if you’ve been successful but want to step up to the next level, to grow a $10 million business into a $100 million business and do so IN A HURRY...

    ... Then please take a moment to read this brief message.

    The fact is, 99.9% of traditional advertising – which is what 99.9% of Internet marketers use -- no longer works on the Internet. It’s DEAD.

    In just the past two years, there has been a massive, tectonic shift in how people interact online – part of the YouTube Revolution.

    Anything that even SMELLS like advertising is now blocked by firewalls, popup screeners and spam filters, deleted unread by Outlook rules, and just plain IGNORED by ordinary people.

    You’ve heard it before: The average American is now bombarded by no fewer than 5,000 sales messages DAILY.

    That’s WHY response rates are plummeting... banner ads no longer work... and it’s getting harder and harder to build a list using traditional methods (like giving away a free report for an email address).

    That’s also why millions of small entrepreneurs are increasingly disappointed every day – and big corporations are losing hundreds of millions of dollars in their failed efforts to market online.

    But here’s what you may not know: A tiny network of street-smart guerilla marketers and business innovators has discovered how to take advantage of the forces that have utterly transformed the Internet over the past three years.

    Right this minute, these savvy insiders are USING the very realities that cause most Internet marketers to fail – the information overload of 400 MILLION websites and approximately 31 BILLION daily emails -- to instantly build MASSIVE lists, sell millions of dollars’ worth of products and services, and build entire businesses in a matter of months.

    These Web 2.0 pioneers are using the little-understood secrets of social networking and “NOT SELLING” to make money by the truckload.

    What’s more, they’re making it RIGHT NOW, not two or three years ago... in brand-new businesses... and often with virtually ZERO start-up capital.

    For example...

    • The “guru of gurus” RICH SCHEFREN is using social networks to generate million-name lists in a matter of months... sales of $960,000 in HOURS... and a $7.4 million business in just 12 months...
    • Marketing legend JAY ABRAHAM is utilizing new marketing technologies to help businesses grow from $100,000 in annual sales to $13 million in 18 months...
    • FRANK KERN’S recent “mass control” marketing techniques are netting $1 million in sales in under an hour... and up to $18.3 million in 24 hours.
    • MIKE FILSAIME’S newest viral marketing strategies are now generating $400,000 PER MONTH (up from just $15,000 a month in 2006).
    • JEFF WALKER’S latest Product Launch Formula is netting up to $600,000 a week for himself and MILLIONS for his friends, clients and students.
    • MARYELLEN TRIBBY’s new affiliate marketing strategies are expanding Early to Rise, an arm of Agora Publishing, from $5 million in sales to $26 million in just 15 months.
    • Copywriting superstar JOHN CARLTON’s breakthrough rebel marketing techniques are adding $4 million to Internet entrepreneur Lou Vukas’s bottom line... DOUBLING Perry Marshall’s sales... helping John Gardener earn $70,000 a month on his website... multiplying Bill O’Connell’s ROI by 10 times... and helping TRIPLE copywriter Harlan Kilstein’s income from $350,000 to $1 million annually.
    • Product development specialist JANET SWITZER’s innovative techniques are creating multi-million-dollar profit centers for many of the biggest celebrity gurus working today – such as helping Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen transform a book for which they received a $1,500 advance into a multi-media empire with more than $100 million in annual sales.

    Now You Can Learn the Latest Secrets of ALL
    These Red-Hot Internet Marketers and Business-
    Building Geniuses IN PERSON!

    Most of these mega-entrepreneurs are so busy right now creating and implementing new multi-million-dollar products and making FORTUNES – often more in a week than most people make in a lifetime – they rarely interact with the general public.

    In fact, you can’t reach most of them on the telephone... they rarely answer email... and many of them are no longer doing seminars, let alone revealing their most closely guarded secrets.

    On the rare occasion when any ONE of these experts does consent to doing a seminar, they charge as much as $10,000 per participant to attend. Jay Abraham charges $5,000 AN HOUR just to chat with business owners.

    But for the first time ever... and probably for the last time... you can meet all 11 of these amazing business-building impresarios IN PERSON.

    This is a rare opportunity to learn their VERY LATEST rapid-fire wealth-building strategies and probe their newest techniques, secrets and technologies.

    You can actually PICK THEIR BRAINS UNTIL THEY BLEED as they DEMONSTRATE, in detail, their secret systems and formulas for making enormous profits – TODAY, in February 2008.

    Here’s how: For the next 20 days only, you can register to attend the first-ever NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Business Growth & Viral Marketing Expo in Disney World February 23-28.

    Make no mistake: You NEED to attend this event!

    No matter how many courses you’ve taken. No matter how much you know about these super-successful gurus. No matter where you are in business. This is an absolute “must.”

    This is the ONLY way for you to get practical, hands-on, real-world help in actually IMPLEMENTING Rich Schefren’s very latest secrets, techniques and strategies – and those of Jay Abraham, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Mike Filsaime, John Carlton, Mary Ellen Tribby, Janet Switzer, Gary Vaynerchuck, Paul Sheele and Tom McCarthy.

    Not only will you get a HUGE jump on competitors in your industry, you’ll get an advanced, accelerated education in the PRACTICAL MECHANICS of social network marketing – secrets, strategies and practical techniques that only a few hundred people in the entire world actually know and use.

    Plus, you’ll hob-knob with the most eager, most wired, most successful entrepreneurs in the world – which will be an ENORMOUS boost to your career and your business.

    This brand-new program includes...

    • ... A personal, hands-on Advanced Workshop for a full day and a half day with any ONE of 6 top viral marketing, product development, and business building specialists on the planet -- Tom McCarthy, Janet Switzer, John Carlton, Paul Scheele, Jeff Walker or Mike Filsaime.
    • ... an intensive, jam-packed two-and-a-half-day Main Event in which you can discover the latest secrets of ALL 11 of the most street-savvy, real-world online marketers and business building experts in the world, including Rich Schefren, legendary marketing master Jay Abraham, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime and the rest.
    • ... an intensive two-day MASTER MARKETING BOOT CAMP with personal GRILLING from both Jay Abraham AND Rich Schefren as both men apply the life-altering, business-multiplying tactics and strategies to YOUR business that they use to make 7 and 8 figures a year (note: this is NOT for the faint of heart!)

    And here’s the kicker: You can sign up for the Advanced Workshops, Main Event, the Boot Camp – or all three!

    There is nothing like this new program anywhere – and probably never will be again.

    I doubt we will EVER be able to gather together, in one place, at one time, the practical, business-building, up-to-the-second know-how that will be available for you in Disney World February 23rd.

    Plus, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever again have the chance to be personally mentored by BOTH Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren – AND participate in an intensive Advanced Workshop with the marketing, salesmanship and business boosting guru of your choice.

    Rich Schefren Will Teach You, Step by Step, How
    to Use His Latest Battle-Tested Viral and Social
    Networking Strategies to Grow Your Business Faster
    Than You Ever Thought Possible


    Dan Kennedy

    Rich is a bona-fide, multi-media entrepreneur, expert in streamlining business operations, managing fast and dramatic growth, and profiting from EVERY direct-response media. His unusual mix of marketing and business management prowess has brought a who’s who of the marketing world to him, to partner, or for assistance in their businesses– in decreasing chaos while increasing profits….

    Savvy marketers worldwide now know that Rich Schefren is the leading expert on Web 2.0 marketing.

    In his Internet Business Manifesto and Attention Age Doctrine, Rich explains for the first time the techniques necessary to capture prospective customers’ attention in an era when people are doing everything in their power to SHUT OUT marketing and sales messages.

    Virtually overnight, Schefren demonstrated how an entrepreneur can start with almost nothing... just an e-book... and use sophisticated “non-selling” marketing strategies to BUST THROUGH all the Internet clutter and to create a $7.5 million business in a single year.

    What you may not know, however, is that Rich is also an EXPERT at coaching beginners and teaching them the practical mechanics of successful Internet, viral and email marketing TODAY, in 2008.

    His super-successful marketing strategies are helping business owners, large and small, increase their revenues by AN AVERAGE of $40 million annually!

    These are the same secrets, strategies, tactics and tools Rich is revealing to top online business-builders like AgoraBrad FallonJim EdwardsMarlon SandersJoel CommTellman KnudsonJeff PaulAlex MandossianYanik SilverCarl GalettiRyan DeissKeith WellmanStu McLarenTim KnoxChris CarpenterDon CrowtherSterling ValentineYaro Starak … and many, many others.

    But in the NEW BEGINNINGS Main Event and BOOT CAMP mentoring sessions, Rich is going to jump LIGHT YEARS beyond his previous insights and programs... revealing his LATEST breakthroughs... his NEWEST discoveries... and his MOST RECENT strategies for winning BIG in every business.

    You can be among the very first to discover...

    • Why mass market advertising is now doomed (DVR households now delete 83% of TV commercials) – and why target niche marketing is growing exponentially with every passing hour...
    • How to use social networks to sell online...
    • New strategies for developing trust in a world of cutthroat marketing tactics, massive fraud and declining ethics...
    • A new way to get people’s attention –and how to SUSTAIN that attention for days, weeks and months...
    • Rich’s latest techniques for making joint ventures with celebrities to create instant booming businesses...
    • The hidden secrets of ENGAGEMENT marketing...
    • A new strategy to collect glowing testimonials from the most celebrated mavens in your niche!
    • How to use Mind Mapping to TRIPLE your learning speed and give you instant recall...
    • Brand-new ways to turn ice-cold prospects into red-hot loyal customers no matter what business you’re in...
    • A breakthrough new technology for instantly obliterating obstacles and spotting new opportunities...
    • A core skill to erase any information overload challenge so you easily remain completely focused while working and free from worry when not working.
    • And lots MORE!

    Legendary Marketing Wizard Jay Abraham Helps CEOs
    Turn $500,000 Businesses Into $500 Million Ones –
    and He’ll Reveal How You Can Use His Strategies to
    Double, Triple, Even Quadruple Your Revenues in

    “What Jay teaches you about mindset is his true gift of wealth.”

    Michael Basch, cofounder of Federal Express

    I’ve met only two marketing geniuses in my life. The first was Vince Fagan, the man who came up with ‘When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight – Fed Ex.’ The second is Jay Abraham. Jay teaches you more workable, tangible, profitable techniques and strategies than you can probably apply in three lifetimes. But what he teaches you about mindset is his true gift of wealth.

    Jay Abraham is a legend in the direct response industry.

    He specializes in helping businesses large and small leverage their tangible and intangible assets into multiple profit centers that increase gross revenues exponentially.

    Abraham’s simple yet powerful strategies...

    ... have taken the nIcy-Hot corporation from $100,000 in annual sales to a $13 million business in 18 months...

    ... added $16 million in additional sales in a single year for Numismatic Investment Group...

    ... grew David Cook Investment Rarities from a $2 million annual business into a $500 million one...

    ... generated $100 million in additional profits for 24 investment newsletters... and on and on.

    Now, Abraham is revealing a breakthrough new technology for accelerated business growth that is several orders of magnitude above anything else he has ever developed!

    Jay and Rich are applying these new quantum marketing strategies and business-multiplying secrets to the fast new world of the Internet in 2008.

    For the first time ever, Abraham is going to describe, step by step, the very latest techniques to become a “maven” both online and in the brick-and-mortar world, the go-to source in a given category. He will reveal...

    • New secrets for preemptive marketing – and how to make sure your prospects don’t even consider one of your competitors...
    • How to communicate a certainty to your prospects that you have solutions for their problems...
    • Why merely restructuring your company’s offers for 2008 can multiply your gross revenues by 5, 10, 20 times – or MORE!
    • The magic of external focus and how, paradoxically, the less you think about your company’s profits the more profits it makes...
    • The new strategic philosophy of preeminence that lets you position your products and services as simply on another level than anything your competitors produce or do...
    • How to use future-pacing to communicate to prospects and current customers the overwhelming advantages of your products and services...
    • The latest techniques for identifying and denominating the tangible and intangible benefits that your skill sets, products, expertise or abilities offer your customers and prospects...
    • The difference between “push” and “pull” selling...
    • 10 business multipliers that every Internet business can use starting right now...
    • A simple, powerful way to discover instantly what customers in your market REALLY want and not merely what they say they want.
    • And lots, lots MORE!

    Your time with Jay Abraham ALONE would be worth the price of attending the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo... but he’s not the only one sharing his secrets...

    Just when your brain is about to EXPLODE from the non-stop conceptual phantasmagoria that is Jay Abraham when he is pumped – and he’s ALWAYS pumped... you’re gonna hear Internet success secrets that will make you drool with greed...

    Frank Kern Reveals His Latest Techniques for
    Getting Large Groups of People to Gratefully Give You
    Money Repeatedly Without Being a Pushy Salesperson

    Frank Kern is living proof that you can still make millions of dollars on the Internet RIGHT NOW, in 2008... starting with little or no capital... and you can make it very, very fast.

    Just last year, Kern created the launch program for StomperNet – the biggest single Internet marketing campaign in history.

    In JUST ONE WEEK, he wrote all the emails for the affiliates... wrote the sales copy for the landing page... and positioned the product.

    The result? StomperNet grossed $7 million... in the FIRST HOUR!

    It took in $18.3 million in orders ON THE FIRST DAY alone (“only” $2.4 million in cash with the rest coming through installments).

    That’s one of the reasons why the last solo seminar Frank did cost $10,000 – and SOLD OUT in 54 minutes!

    I don’t think Frank is doing his own seminar this year (he is, after all, a self-proclaimed “under-achiever”), but that’s fine because you can learn his very latest secrets and precisely how he is going about scoring mega-winners in 2008 at the NEW BEGINNINGS Expo. Frank will reveal...

    • New, easy, quick, very inexpensive ways to use multimedia channels in your marketing to get exponentially greater results...
    • The latest techniques for writing email copy that people actually open and read – and makes them eager to get MORE emails from you.
    • The new secret technique for getting MASSIVE response from your affiliates...
    • A recent strategy that makes affiliates BEG you to let them sell your products, services or events...
    • Why producing cheezy amateur videos for $100 or less can actually make you MORE money than super-slick Hollywood infomercials that cost a million bucks or more...
    • The secret “bouncing” technique used by pick-up artists that works like magic in online videos...
    • How to put your entire marketing campaign on autopilot using simple autoresponders...
    • The reason why tiny lists (even as small as 4,000 names) can easily earn you a $1 million a year in sales...
    • New Joint Venture secrets that let you build lists fast and at very low cost...
    • The latest techniques for getting lots of traffic to your site...
    • And lots MORE.

    Janet Switzer Will Demonstrate How to Create
    Dozens and Dozens of High-End Products That Can
    Make You Richer Than You Ever Imagined Possible

    “One Of Janet's Strategies Made Me $105,000 in Just 6 Weeks!”

    Jack Canfield, author, Chicken Soup for the Sou

    "The first strategy Janet developed for me turned a $572 expenditure into $31,000 in just six hours. Her second turned $1,280 into $105,000 in just six weeks. It's no wonder I've sought Janet's day-to-day expertise over the years... she makes me tons of money, she brings valuable new products and services to my customers, she enables me to do positive things for people -- and she accomplishes it all with modest outlays, keen judgment and bullet-proof insight. I regularly recommend her to others."

    For many people, Janet Switzer may be the single best reason for attending the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo.

    She, too, is worth the price of admission all by herself.

    That’s because Janet is the “secret weapon” behind such mega-mavens as Jay Abraham (she helped Jay design and market his information products)... Rich Schefren (ditto)... David Bach, author of The Automatic Millionaire... Internet marketing expert Yanik Silver... motivational speaker Les Brown... salesmanship expert Brian Tracy... David Black, author of Instant Income... and many others.

    Janet knows how to take whatever expertise you have and, almost like magic, turn it into huge piles of cash.

    She can take the material that you might put in an ordinary $20 book – from which you might earn a royalty of only $1 each -- and literally turn it into a business that grosses MILLIONS a year.

    Large corporations and multi-million-dollar entrepreneurs pay Janet enormous sums of money to teach them what she knows about product development... but she’ll reveal all of her secrets to you as well at the NEW BEGINNINGS Expo.

    She’ll show you...

    • How to turn your expertise into 52 super-lucrative profit centers...
    • The proven business model experts use to create empires...
    • The secret of selling solutions, not products...
    • How to sell a $15,000 product as easily as you sell $29 products now...
    • The best ways to leverage other people’s customers to create mega-sales...
    • The little-known secrets of mentoring, coaching and apprenticeship programs (and why they can make you RICH no matter what your business is)...
    • The science of creating maximum perceived value...
    • The importance of packing – what works, what doesn’t...
    • How to create a global business in 2008...
    • And lots MORE!

    Copywriting Superstar John Carlton
    Reveals How Rebel Marketing IS TRIPLING
    Sales Overnight with Small But Critical Changes
    in Offers

    “John has created millions in profit for us.”

    Robert Pierce, President, Tactical Response Solutions

    "John has created millions in profit for us.  We pitted his ads and letters against big-city ad agencies, PR firms, and writers with lots of awards... and John slaughtered them all.  He consistently hits 'home runs' for us -- a 20-to-1 return in profit is not unusual. He has saved our butts on several occasions."

    Now that Gary Halbert has passed away, there are maybe six superstar copywriters left in the U.S. – the kind of master salesmen who know how to churn up so much excitement for a product or service that prospects simply BEG you to give you their money.

    And of these six, John Carlton is recognized as the preeminent teacher, coach and strategist.

    He’s the guy who is able to teach everyone from total beginners to seasoned pros how simple, subtle changes in their approach can transform boring, “me-too” copy into home runs worth MILLIONS.

    The roster of Internet marketers who have used John’s techniques to grow their businesses reads like a Who’s Who of the entire industry: Rich Schefren himself... Alex Mandossian... John Reese... the late master Gary Halbert... Frank Rich... Joe Polish... and on and on.

    At the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo, John is going to give everyone a crash course in writing promotions that bring in massive amounts of cash.

    He’s pulling out all the stops and revealing his VERY LATEST, most battle-tested techniques – the strategies he’s using RIGHT NOW to sell millions of dollars worth of products and services online.

    He’ll reveal...

    • How to sell to more customers in a day than you could personally meet in a year.
    • How to quickly turn your instinctive sales know-how into red-hot sales copy... even if you flunked English... with the amazing "Lazy Businessman's 3-Step Shortcut" to creating your FIRST world-class sales pitch.
    • 11 proven examples of hyper-successful selling concepts you can use immediately (no matter what business you're in)... plus a tested "blueprint" to use when you gotta knock out sales copy FAST.
    • How to uncover the head-turning HOOK that will reel in customers like crazy. (He’ll show you how make your copy be the ONE thing your prospect reads today that gets his blood pumping and CRAVING what you're selling.)
    • A very simple tactic that can DOUBLE your profits overnight! (ALL super-successful marketers use this tactic, and yet it remains unknown to most business owners.)
    • How to confidently "close" deals for obscenely-large amounts of money. (The key to big time success.)
    • How to create your own “perfect” product over a weekend... so you can start amassing wealth even if you don't have a "real" business or anything to sell yet. (Many of the richest entrepreneurs online started out with JUST this tactic, and nothing else.)
    • The cash-multiplying secrets of "Operation MoneySuck". (You can skip going to college for a master's degree in business... because EVERYTHING you need to know about making the Big Bucks is right here
    • And lots MORE!

    Mike Filsaime Reveals How to Use
    2008 Viral Marketing Techniques to Get
    MASSIVE Attention and Mega-Profits

    “If you want to be truly successful online you need to listen to Mike Filsaime”

    Michael Cheney

    "Mike Filsaime has not only helped catapult me to online success and 7-figure earnings with his advice but he's also one of the most genuine and helpful people you could ever meet. I feel forever indebted to Mike for his guidance and support in what has been my most successful year ever. His strategies played a massive part in both of my 6-figure launches and his ideas shape a lot of my approach online. If you want to be truly successful online you need to listen to Mike Filsaime, learn from what he does and take heed of his advice. It's that simple."

    When Mike Filsaime launched his own DVD home study course on viral marketing, the 7figurecode, he used the same state-of-the-art viral marketing techniques in the course to create enormous “buzz” during a pre-launch campaign for his product that lasted just 11 days.

    When the product marketing campaign itself launched, Mike sold 2,534 units at a price of $497 – raking in $1.5 million in sales in just 7 days.

    That product created a business that now grosses $400,000 -- a month.

    Mike has mastered the techniques of viral marketing to generate millions of dollars in sales for himself and his clients. At the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo, Mike will reveal...

    • The specific steps you must take to create a marketing “virus”...
    • 12 elements that go into “buzz” that makes your campaign irresistible...
    • How to use joint ventures to create pre-launch buzz...
    • The proper use of customer endorsements to get maximum response...
    • The 3 delivery mechanisms for a marketing virus...
    • Easy ways to incentivize your prospects and affiliates to get 100 times greater response...
    • The little-known secrets of hyper-viral marketing (in which the product itself generates thousands of new prospects)...
    • The proper and ethical way to use perceived scarcity to create urgency...
    • The importance of offering payment plans for higher-ticket products and services...
    • the checklists and timelines you should use when preparing a viral marketing campaign...
    • And that’s just for starters!

    Jeff Walker Will Help You to Go BEYOND His
    Product Launch Formula to Create Overwhelming,
    Instant Buzz About Your Business in 2008

    “I'm a raving fan. Jeff's stuff works.”

    Frank Kern

    "I've followed Jeff Walker's advice to bring in over $1.3 million dollars since January... so I'm a raving fan. Jeff's stuff works. I know from personal experience. In fact, it put a whole lot of money in my pocket yesterday when I "launched" my Serializer Method Class and sold $370k in nine minutes (seriously, it's hard to believe... but true!)."

    By now, everyone with a passing familiarity with Internet marketing knows who Jeff Walker is.

    His now-legendary Product Launch Formula sold more than $1 million-worth of John Reese’s Traffic Secrets Course in just 24 hours – and is now the “secret weapon” behind super-successful marketers such as Rich Schefren, Yanik Silver, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and many others.

    Now, Jeff is going to reveal the NEXT STAGE in the “Social Proof Revolution” – the latest techniques for transforming you from a mere salesman into a trusted advocate, advisor and friend of your prospects.

    At the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo, Jeff will share with you his newest discoveries... the results of his latest marketing tests and projects... and why he believes that it’s now EASIER to make a seven-figure income through online marketing than it was in “the good old days” (like 2007).

    You’ll discover...

    • How to quickly and easily make a few simple changes to your offer that will instantly transform it from a "has been" or "never was" into a proven cash-and-momentum generating winner...
    • The newst techniques for launching your product exactly like the most successful pros.
    • His latest niche marketing formula – and how to unleash the real power of joint ventures…
    • How to leverage any event, good or bad, into an overwhelmingly persuasive “reason why” that almost FORCES prospects to buy...
    • New ways to make your clients rapidly anticipate your next product...
    • The latest secrets for sequencing your offer in such a way that buyers line up, credit cards in hand, waiting for you to LET them buy from you...
    • How to create profit windfalls on demand using Jeff’s very latest battle-tested formulas and techniques...
    • New ways to trick prospects into telling you what they REALLY want – and then get rich selling it to them!
    • How to establish yourself as THE Maven in your market in record time...
    • Why Inter product launches are working better RIGHT NOW than they were a year ago...
    • New ways to ethically add scarcity tactics to your next launch even if you have an unlimited number of products to sell.
    • And MORE!

    Mary Ellen Tribby Shares the Direct Response
    Principles That Turned Agora Publishing
    Into a $300 Million Business

    Anyone who is QUINTUPLING a business’s profits in a little more than a year is someone you need to meet – and Mary Ellen Tribby is just such a person.

    Using the time-tested principles of direct response marketing, Mary Ellen is taking Early to Rise, an Agora Publishing affiliate, from $5 million in sales to $26 million in just 15 months.

    Today, Agora is a $300 million business – and 70% of its sales from come from online marketing.

    At the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 expo, Mary Ellen will show you how to integrate the cutting-edge technologies revealed by Rich, Jay, Frank, Mike and others with the fundamentals of direct response marketing for OVERWHELMING success. Agora was one of the very first financial publishers to use opt-in e-zine marketing techniques – and they know more than most what is working in email marketing today, in 2008...

    Among the topics Mary Ellen discusses are...

    • The importance of lead generation and prospecting for your business...
    • Why multi-channel marketing can multiply your sales by a factor of FIVE to TEN...
    • The right way and the wrong way to do joint ventures..
    • Why you MUST avoid the “3E Trap”...
    • The art and science of picking the low-hanging fruit...
    • What you need to know about list segmentation...
    • Why most Internet marketers neglect customer tracking – and why proper tracking can double your business overnight...
    • What to do when you don’t have a product yet...
    • And lots MORE

    Tom McCarthy, Gary Vaynerchuk and
    Paul Sheele Will Share the New Secret Psychology
    of Master Salesmanship & Business Success!

    “Tom equips today's business leaders with the tools they will most need to achieve lasting success.”

    Troy McQuagge, President, HealthMarkets

    "Tom McCarthy's leadership principles, communication techniques and performance-oriented coaching can help any business executive become more effective. Tom understands clearly, that true business leadership is needed now, more than ever. Through his innovative programs, he equips today's business leaders with the tools they will most need, to achieve lasting success in an ever-changing business landscape."

    Tom McCarthy is a human development and business-building coach whose clients read like a Who’s Who of the Fortune 500 -- including Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Century 21, AT&T, Merck, Marriott Hotels, Wells Fargo, Dow Chemical, and the US Army, Navy and Air Force.

    Gary Vaynerchuk is the young Russian immigrant who in 20016launched the sassy, in-your-face video podcast known as and grew his family’s liquor store from $3 million annually to $50 million.

    Paul Sheele is a master hypnotist who teaches a unique system of non-conscious communication that marketers can use to craft sales messages that persuade customers to make purchases almost automatically.

    What these three unique individuals have in common is a total mastery of subliminal communication and how our mental states impact our marketing effectiveness.

    For example, Gary Vaynerchuk is using his brash, funny, loud, slightly profane wine commentaries to overcome the perception that fine wine is something only snobs could love – and is selling MILLIONS of dollars worth of wine to ordinary people who might not otherwise be motivated customers.

    His techniques for turning his passion into mega-profits through his video blog are something every entrepreneur should know.His techniques for turning his passion into mega-profits through his video blog are something every entrepreneur should know.

    Tom McCarthy helped human development expert Tony Robbins coach, energize and train his own sales force – and he is an acknowledged expert in how sales team members’ thoughts and emotions condition business success.

    In the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo, these three entrepreneurs and experts in human psychology will reveal...

    • How to use the techniques of professional hypnotists to communicate effectively with your prospects and customers...
    • The latest techniques for turning your brain into a lean, mean successful marketing machine...
    • Why positive thinking is NOT enough – and the real secret to creating a more positive reality...
    • How to focus attention and use the wellsprings of subconscious thoughts and desires to get people to take immediate action...
    • Four new steps to learning anything quickly and easily...
    • How to sidestep the “Garbage-In, Garbage-Out” trap

    Why the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo Is the ONLY
    Internet Marketing & Business Building Event Rich
    Schefren Would Attend – Which is Why He Created It!

    Look. Everyone who is “wired” into what’s happening on the Internet these days knows that there are literally HUNDREDS of online courses, seminars, books and reports on how to market effectively online.

    Rich tries them all. He’s a compulsive consumer of marketing programs, seminars, mentoring systems, you name it. He IS the market for these types of programs.

    And there are only a tiny handful of high-priced seminars he would recommend to other people – and ALL of them were created by the people attending the NEW BEGINNINGS expo.

    In a nutshell, Rich has sat down and thought about what HE really needs to know to grow HIS business in 2008 – and is bringing together the very people who have the skills, strategies and new technologies he needs right away.

    And all 10 of the other experts Rich is gathering together for this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime event have one thing in common: They are all using their latest techniques RIGHT NOW to achieve enormous success.

    In other words, Rich created his own ideal, customized accelerated coaching program – and is now allowing a limited number of people to attend alongside him.

    That’s why anyone who attends a seminar organized by Rich leaves UTTERLY ASTONISHED at the quality and volume of what they gained and experienced.

    Here are just a few comments from people who attended Rich’s last seminar of superstars:

    Julie Swatek

    When Rich’s next seminar is scheduled, drop everything and go. He’s proven to me time and time again, he really knows what he’s talking about. Coming to Rich’s seminars is so invaluable. If you don’t come, you have no idea what you’re missing. Attending is not an expense; it’s an investment in your business. I spent a good hour over dinner last night with these people trying to figure out how I can fix a major problem I’m having. And they solved it, which wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been here.

    Caroline van der Hout-de Jong

    I’ve been totally blown away. I’ve learned so many really groundbreaking tactics and strategies that will make my business go way into orbit. I’m so grateful for Rich Schefren to put this program together and get these guest speakers. I was delightfully surprised by the impact this conference had on my confidence level, because I feel ten times more confident than three days ago.

    Fred Talisman

    I think this seminar is extraordinary. It’s the best I’ve ever gone to in the last 30 years. It all starts with Rich. He has an incredible commitment to his people. I haven’t ever been to a seminar where I haven’t been pitched like crazy. And I think Rich just raised the level, he has the potential to create a new paradigm in seminars, where people can really get what they paid and came for, which is to really get information from experts. Anything that Rich Schefren does will be the best you can find anywhere.


    “I’m came from Australia to attend! I flew about 28 hours away to come to this event. It’s been fantastic. Rich is definitely one of the real gurus out there who walks his talk. The information and the knowledge I’ve gained from this event are priceless.

    Dr. Charlie Drake

    We do a lot of our own seminars… and I’ve been to a lot of seminars and put on a lot of seminars. Rich Schefren has put on the best seminar that I have ever seen. Absolutely just incredible content… great people… great speakers. The quality of the people that are here, the business owners, very successful business owners, are all here to hear what Rich has to say, because he is on the cutting edge of what works out there. If you’re really serious about building your business faster, then you definitely want to come to a Strategic Profits event.

    Liz Pabon

    This seminar is fantastic. One of the best organized conferences I’ve ever attended, and the content is incredible. I’ve discovered that Rich is one of the most incredibly generous coaches I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. And unlike a lot of other conferences, I’m not being sold and I’m not being pitched. And that’s one of the things that makes Rich’s seminars a very unique format, and one that sets you up to learn, and not be distracted by a bunch of pitches, and I appreciate that. Going to one of Rich’s seminars will be the best investment someone could make. Both for their personal development and their business and professional development. Instead of getting just tactics, you get strategy and tactics, and you really need both. The better you are, the better your business will be. I highly recommend it.

    Best of All, Bring Your Family and Make the NEW
    BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo an Event for Everyone!

    This is NOT one of those drab “business seminars.” So why not bring your family and make it a fun-filled event for everyone?

    While you're mastering cutting-edge marketing and business building technologies that could utterly transform your business, your family can have the time of their lives, taking in the Magic Kingdom and all its wonders. Can you think of a better family getaway?

    By partnering with Disney, the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo is raising the bar for Internet marketing events.

    We're pulling out all the stops, with high-tech productions, world-class entertainment, and a top-notch presentation that only Disney can deliver.

    A One-Of-A-Kind Dinner, Networking, And Round-
    Table Event You Don't Want To Miss...

    Even though the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo is by far going to be the biggest, most ambitious, most CUTTING-EDGE event we’ve ever done, we wanted to make it even BIGGER ...

    That's why, on Monday night, February 25, we’re treating everyone to a full-course gourmet dinner done Disney style.

    You'll dine on mouth-watering fare that rivals that of your favorite 5-star restaurant, enjoy world-class entertainment, and have a fantastic opportunity to network with other attendees.

    Plus, you’ll be able to participate in a unique Question and Answer session with ALL of the speakers and mentors.

    This is YOUR chance to really grill these cutting-edge marketing “gurus” and Internet super-achievers on what’s really working in 2008. The secrets you learn from this session alone could utterly transform your business overnight.

    First Class Accommodations
    Just Steps From The Magic Kingdom

    We've secured a special rate for a block of rooms at two great hotels: the luxurious Contemporary Resort (where the event will be held) and the neighboring (equally plush) Polynesian Resort.

    These are two of the finest luxury hotels in all of Florida, and both are located ON Walt Disney World property just STEPS from all the action.

    We can't even begin to describe how palatial these resorts are ... so take a look for yourself.

    One caveat: Rooms are filling up FAST... so make your reservation NOW to secure your room.

    And Don't Forget – Breakfast
    And Lunch Are On Us!

    We don't want you to be preoccupied with meals during the NEW BEGINNINGS expo. We want ALL of your attention to be focused on learning how to use our experts’ very latest Internet marketing techniques and business building strategies to multiply YOUR company’s bottom line in 2008.

    That's why we’re serving your breakfast and lunch on Monday and Tuesday during the Main Event.

    That means you’ll have no extra expense, no lines at the restaurants, no rushing back for the next presentation. We're taking care of everything.

    4 Life-Transforming Options —
    Choose One That Suits You Best ...

    As you can see, we've gone above and beyond the call of duty with the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo.

    We've packed as much as we can into just 6 days so you can enjoy an unforgettable family getaway and receive the marketing and business building education of a lifetime.

    But we can understand that a week long commitment may be too much for some people. So that's why we’re offering 4 different participation options to help match your time and budget.

    OPTION #1
    The Main Event: 11 Experts in 2-1/2 Days.

    This is a rare opportunity to learn from not one, not six, but all 11 of the most successful Internet marketing and business building experts in the world.

    For two and a half days, you’ll be able to discover the very latest techniques of viral marketing, social network marketing, product development, direct response marketing, email marketing, copywriting and much more.

    You also get to enjoy the Sunday night welcome party... breakfast and lunch on us Monday and Tuesday... and the Monday night gourmet dinner with entertainment, networking and even MORE speakers.

    Any one of these experts alone would charge you as much as $10,000 to attend one of their seminars... yet you can learn what all 11 have to teach for just $1,590 – a full $1,407 off the regular price of $2,997.

    OPTION #2
    Main Event & Advanced Workshops

    During the main event, you’ll discover the very latest techniques for building a business in 2008, on- or offline, from 11 of the world’s top experts – people who have actually DOING right now what you want to learn.

    But many people are looking for more in-depth, practical, hands-on training – and these special Advanced Workshops will give you just that.

    Six of the Main Event speakers have agreed to conduct personalized intensives for a full day and a half for a handful of committed attendees who want to take their marketing efforts and business performance to the next level.

    You can meet with ONE of the following and receive intense, hands-on, personalized attention for over a FULL day and a half:

    • Janet Switzer: How to Create Dozens of New Products in No Time Flat
    • Jeff Walker: Applying the Product Launch Formula in 2008
    • Mike Filsaime: The Secrets of Viral Marketing in 2008
    • John Carlton: Copywriting Secrets That Can Transform Your Business
    • Paul Scheele: The Psychology of Persuasion in Business
    • Tom McCarthy: How Successful CEOs Grow Their Businesses in Challenging Times

    Spending a full day and a half consulting privately with any one of these marketing and business building experts could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars... but you can attend our Advanced Workshop for just $1,409 extra.

    Considering that the cost of attending an in-depth seminar with these experts can be $5,000 or $10,000, just $1,409 to spend a full day and half with any one of them is the bargain of the century!

    The total cost of both the Main Event and the Advanced Workshop of your choice is $2,999.

    OPTION #3
    Main Event and Elite Boot Camp with Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren.

    From a purely monetary point of view, this is the best option by far: You get to spend a full FOUR days of TOTAL EMERSION with the most innovative, most successful, most transforming entrepreneurial geniuses of our age.

    With this option, you get two and a half days with all 11 of the experts... AND opportunity that literally happens only once every few years and probably never will happen again... a chance to spend an additional TWO FULL DAYS in a life-transforming Boot Camp with marketing legend Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren.

    Make no mistake: This Boot Camp is NOT for everyone. Anyone who has attended one of his famous intensive business-building Boot Camps knows it is a grueling, utterly life-altering experience. You will NEVER look at business... marketing... or your own potential the same again.

    Jay alone usually charges as much as $25,000 for one of his elite training camps... but here you’ll also get to learn from Rich Schefren who will show you how he is applying Jay’s famous business-multiplying and marketing principles to the NEW realities of the Internet in 2008.

    The price for both events – the Main Event and Marketing Master Boot Camp – is $5,979 until February 15th. After that, the price goes up to $6,779.

    OPTION #4
    The VIP SuperPass.

    Some people just want more, More, MORE! But if you need to get up to speed in a hurry on what’s really working in 2008 on the Internet... the techniques that REALLY produce results... then there is no better way than with the VIP SuperPass.

    That’s because with the VIP SuperPass, you get to attend ALL 3 events – the Advanced Workshop of your choice, the Main Event and the Marketing Master Book Camp. Plus, you’ll enjoy PERSONAL access to all the speakers – including Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren.

    In addition to SIX full days of intense, accelerated immersion in the very latest marketing and business-building strategies, you also get an ultra-exclusive invitation to a private, VIP-only reception being held for all the speakers.

    You'll be Rich’s special guest as he and his fellow entrepreneurial superstars trade ideas in a relaxed, no-pressure setting, complete with a catered spread fit for a king or queen.

    This is an EXTREMELY RARE chance to get to know these experts on a friendly, first-name basis – to ask them questions, discuss projects, pick their brains.

    Inside the VIP reception, you’ll be welcomed with an extended hand, a smile, and a chance to chat about your business with someone who can make a big difference VERY quickly.

    Obviously, the VIP SuperPass isn’t for everyone.

    The only people who will opt for it are motivated CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to spend time with the handful of business growth experts who have proven, time and again, they know how to grow $2 million businesses into $500 million ones.

    As a result, the price is steep: $8,499 until midnight, February 15th (after that, the price is $9,797). With the VIP SuperPass, you’ll get EVERYTHING included in all the other options AND get personal access to some of the greatest marketing and entrepreneurial minds of our age.

    Our No-B.S., Absolute Money-Back Guarantee with
    No Strings Attached:
    You Love the Entire Event or It’s FREE!

    Rich Schefren is so committed to exceeding your expectations, to putting on extraordinary, world-class marketing and business building events that are several orders of magnitude beyond anything anyone has ever attended – events he would gratefully spend two or three times the tuition to attend himself – he is willing to make this unprecedented offer and guarantee.

    1 Come to and pay for whichever events or combination of events you choose – the Main Event, Advanced Workshops and Master Marketer Boot Camp.
    2 Discover ALL of the latest secrets, strategies, techniques and discoveries from 11 of the most successful entrepreneurs and marketing experts on the planet.
    3 Then and only then, after you have learned from the experts, decide if it was worth it. If it wasn’t, at the end of the Expo contact the registration desk, tell them you weren’t blown away by what you just experienced, and you’ll get a 100% refund of your seminar tuition, no questions asked.

    I know what you’re thinking: Rich must be OUT OF HIS MIND for making an offer like that! After all, putting on a six-day extravaganza like this costs a FORTUNE... and Rich could lose his shirt.

    But the truth is, he’s really not taking that big of a risk at all. He made the same offer at his LAST seminar and guess how many people asked for their money back?


    Instead, Rich received so many grateful letters of thanks from seminar attendees (see above) we couldn’t even print them all!

    The participants were so utterly blown away by the quality and quantity of the HELP, INSPIRATION and up-to-the-minute information they received, they begged Rich to do another seminar as soon as he could.

    (Which is why, by the way, he’s doing one...)

    There is Only One Hitch:
    No matter Which Option You Choose, this
    Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity is
    Strictly Limited to Just 2,000 People.

    Once the expo fills up, you can’t get in for love or money. All checks received after the limit is met will be returned, uncashed.

    In five days, we are sending this message out to our in-house list of 200,000 subscribers, buyers and coaching clients.

    Two days after that, it will go out to an estimated 10.0 million customers of our affiliates. As a result, we anticipate that the NEW BEGINNINGS 2008 Expo will sell out very fast – as in just HOURS.

    That’s why I urge you: Don’t hesitate.

    If you NEED to get up to speed FAST on what’s really working right now on the Internet (including viral marketing, email marketing and social network marketing)... if you want to grow your business geometrically over the next 12 to 24 months... then TAKE ACTION right now.

    Simply click on the button below to choose the option of your choice.

    Again, you don’t have to pay the full tuition right now. You can spread the payments over six installments, if you wish – or pay the full amount for a discount.

    But either way, don’t delay.

    Bring your whole family to Disney World... get the marketing education of a lifetime... and get to know some of the smartest, most successful, most exciting people you’ll ever meet.

    To reserve your spot right now, just click on the button.

    Best wishes,

    Strategic Profits.

    P.S. Remember, you DON’T have to pay the full tuition right now – you can pay over six installments. But to reserve your spot, we need to hear from you RIGHT AWAY. Don’t delay.

    © 2008 Strategic Profits. All rights reserved.

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