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Hacker Noon

Dear Hacker: 2018's Top Tech Stories


2018 — WTF!

Our president thinks shutting down the government is cool, our tech leaders act like they own user data & activity, and I’m just working, working, working until the next family member dies. Where is that work life balance in your own life? Cherish it. Ho hum, lets do this! I looked through the top 100 posts by a number of different metrics, and chose the top 20 overall that embody Hacker Noon.

BTW: our equity crowdfund is up to $831k from 714 people (ending soon, invest today) & email to contribute a story to Hacker Noon.

Hacker Noon’s Top 20 Stories of 2018:

20. Everything I Knew About Reading Was Wrong by Johnny [13 min read]

19. An Open Letter to Banks about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies by Peter McCormack [13 min read]

18. The Best Private Search Engines — Alternatives to Google by Christian Stewart ✔️[6 min read]

17. 50 Big Companies that Started with Little or No Money by Founder Collective [16 min read]

16. How to Run a Blockchain on a Deserted Island with Pen and Paper by Tal Kol [10 min read]

15. Why Angular Made Me Quit Web Dev by Tobias Merkle [10 min read]

14. Understanding What Artificial Intelligence Actually Sees by Nick Bourdakos [6 min read]

13. The Security Token Thesis by Stephen McKeon [16 min read]

12. Google Interview Questions Deconstructed: The Knight’s Dialer by Alex Golec [15 min read]

11. Why is Python so slow? by Anthony Shaw [8 min read]

10. How to Lose an IT Job in 10 Minutes by Albino Tonnina [9 min read]

9. My Most Valuable Crypto Market Insights For 2018 and Beyond by Pierre Rognion [18 min read]

8. A tale of Webpack 4 and how to finally configure it in the right way. by Margarita Obraztsova [19 min read]

7. Top 3 most popular programming languages in 2018 (and their annual salaries) by Dr. Michael J. Garbade [4 min read]

6. Why businesses fail at machine learning by Cassie Kozyrkov [6 min read]

5. The Ethereum-blockchain size has exceeded 1TB, and yes, it’s an issue by StopAndDecrypt[21 min read]

4. How to Crush the Crypto Market, Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Do Whatever You Want the Rest of Your Life by Daniel Jeffries [25 min read]

3. How to biohack your intelligence — with everything from sex to modafinil to MDMA by Serge Faguet [48 min read]

2. How I hacked modern Vending Machines by Matteo Pisani [5 min read]

1. I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how. by David Gilbertson [10 min read]

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

Kind Regards,

David Smooke

P.S. our equity crowdfund is up to $831k from 714 people. Ending soon, invest today.









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