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"To create the most relevant and sustainable news source in the world."


- is possible

"To continuously empower people and organizations to create personalized news experiences - for the benefit of all."



Newstag offers an award-winning, innovative, global and digital model for experiencing the news and create social impact. The business model allows Newstag to pay for professional journalism. The value created is shared by all Newstag users: People, Brands, Sources and NGO Partners, by Power through our Infinite Heart Program.


Our mobile-first application and business model are internationally rewarded:

  • TV App of the year (News Breaker) (shortlisted)

  • Next Gen Advertising Award (shortlisted)

  • Outstanding technical achievement (shortlisted)

  • Industry innovator of the year (shortlisted)

  • Best start-up / entrepreneur

  • Top 3 best news site

  • Most innovative start-up


Newstag takes active part in the events of the world. We work long term with the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are integrated in the experience.

By ”tagging” organizations, causes and news with the related SDGs, we enable our users to engage with and learn more about the goals while watching the news, ultimately to take action and make a real change.


Together we can change the global news agenda - turning bad news into good! #NewsForChange



For you who want to create a relevant 360° news feed 24/7/365. This experience is for free. By using smart and fast technique Newstag can provide you with a wider perspective through a large selection of trusted news sources. You can choose your favorite topics (Tags) and stream the latest news to any screen you prefer. While watching you won't see traditional advertisment but see brands communicate their sustainability work connected to the 17 SDGs. By Watching & Sharing news you will get "Power" to contribute to the SDGs.

People using Newstag:

• Take active interest in the world they live in.

• Want to control their media experience.

• Want to make a difference.

• Are mobile.

• Prefer video.

If you´re it Join now!



In a world that is rapidly changing and becoming more and more noisy, a brand must stand out of the crowd and take active position and communicate its core values!

We invite brands to work with Newstag in innovative and unique ways, and in collaboration with all our users contribute to a sustainable model.

You can reach new markets in over 200 countries. Newstag offers you the possibility to buy Tags that you want your Company to be associated with. By using relevant Tags and connect your Brand with one or more of the 17 Global Goals, you can target and communicate directly to users who share your interests through their personal Tags.

You will get access to the Infinite Heart program, where the crowd chooses where a part of the money should go.

In addition to the news app, Newstag also provides Newsrooms and Newsreels.

Contact us to get more information on how we can work together.


Newstag is good news for the news. To make certain that the news of the world can be told and accessed, the value and funding of professional and trusted news production has to be defended!

Newstag works with the finest news organizations in the world and has licensed every piece of news available on the platform. The long term vision of sustainability includes a proper funding of news production.

We have a broad perspective, covering the whole world and we also give several angles for the same event. The news are both global and local from for instance China, Russia, the United States, Africa and Europe. We also provide news in different languages; English, Swedish, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

If you want to be part of Newstag or have suggestions for interesting news sources, please contact:

Some of our content partners:

Infinite Heart

#NewsForChange – turning bad news into good.

Newstag creates an environment for a modern sustainable engagement around news. The more we interact with the world the larger our impact will be. What if we through better knowledge and preventive actions can avoid certain tragic news to take place? We believe that when we share and take part of news, we can create value together. That is what we call "Power".

We want to make a difference together with our users. We set aside 5% of our turnover (profit or not) to causes and research, through our Infinite Heart Program, supporting the UN´s 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Newstag works with trusted and well-known local and global NGOs that handle the administration of the money set aside. The People and organizations using Newstag decide which cause or research will receive the funds. We believe that You know best where the money should go!

If you´re representing causes or research and want to work with Newstag and our Infinite Heart Program, please get in touch.


Some of our causes & research partners:

Henrik Eklund

Founder, CEO

" To me news is something personal and important. I am interested in so many things and the ability to tailor my news flow to my liking is of paramount importance for me – leaning forward or backwards. I hardly ever find the news through traditional media relevant and I think many other feel the same way. Newstag is a way to make news relevant and valuable again. "

Camilla Dahlin-Andersson, PhD in Innovation & Design

Founder, Chairman

" I have always been curious of the events of the world, but for a long time been frustrated that I can not make a change or make a difference. Newstag is a way to empower myself and others to be able to participate and have a real impact in our world, which is why I’m particularly proud over how our Infinite Heart program is integrated in our service. "


Skeppsbron 8
111 30 Stockholm, Sweden

Follow us on:

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