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WARNING: This Offer is Strictly Limited to the First 25 People

"The Ultimate Short-Cut to Owning a Successful Online Business..."

Hey, it's Derrick and I have a proposition for you...

See, I've been getting a lot of feedback from my customers about setting up their reseller websites. Even though the instructions are clear, it still takes time to learn how to set everything up. And time is something that most people value even more than money...

Many of my customers have asked me to set up their sites for them, which Brian and I have done for a small fee. Brian Dew handles my technical support and he's an expert at creating profitable websites.

We've been building reseller sites, setting up squeeze pages, and installing affiliate link cloaking software for people and for the most part, it's been a pretty smooth operation.

The only problem we've faced is when someone doesn't set up the DNS correctly, can't find the FTP information, doesn't know how to create an autoresponder at Aweber, etc... and we end up sending email back and forth, wasting time, and getting frustrated.

So I came up with this idea and thus my proposition to you...

Why not create a service where we do everything for you?

  • We'll set up your hosting account
  • Customize the sales letter and download page
  • Install an exit popup opt-in form to capture leads
  • Customize the free report with your domain name
  • Create a customer registration page
  • Add a subscription form to capture customer leads
  • Set up your affiliate tracking software (free traffic!)
  • Upload the reseller site and test the system

And do it all for much less than the latest "must-have" guru product launch...

And why not throw in FREE Hosting and Affiliate Tracking Software too?

If that sounds intriguing, keep reading...because I'm about to explain how you can get other people to build your list while you keep all the back end profits... 

How This System Will Make You Money

While affiliate marketing is a quick and easy way to get started online, the product owners are the ones who make all the money. The reason they make so much money is because they can harness the power of affiliates to drive traffic to their site.

Would you rather get 100 affiliates to send you 10 visitors each or try to generate 1,000 visitors on your own?

Making a lot of money online is all about leverage. You need a strong incentive to get people to send you traffic. That incentive is CASH!

That's pay people to send you traffic - but only when they make a sale. That means zero risk for you and potential cash flow for your affiliates.

I have no doubt that you've seen affiliate programs that pay 50% or 75% per sale. And you've probably seen $7 sales where you get 100% of the commission sent to your PayPal account and then 50% on the upsell.

But why not take it a step further and give your affiliates even more incentive to promote you instead of your competitors?

I'm talkin' about paying 100% on the front-end product and 100% on the upsell!

Wait...I know what you're thinking, "If I give all the profit to my affiliates, how do I make any money?" 

You make money on the back-end products and services you sell to your list!

I almost hate to use this word because it's practically a cliché now, but you can set it up so it's completely automated!

How to Automate Your Cash Flow

Imagine a funnel in cyberspace. It's wide at the top - that's where your customers enter the funnel by purchasing a low-cost item. As the funnel narrows, the prices of the products you promote increase and the number of customers decreases. But the overall cash flow is much greater at the bottom of the funnel than at the top.

A horizontal marketing funnel might look something like this...

$7 lead product => $27 upsell (30% buy) => $97 video training course (5% buy)
=> $297 home study course (3% buy) => $997 seminar (1% buy)...

Okay, now let's do some math. From every 100 customers, $1,510 goes to your affiliates (100*$7 + 30*$27). With me so far?

But let's say you promote three back end products via autoresponder that generate an additional $2,373 (5*$97 + 3*$297 + 1*$997). That's just an example and your results may vary. But I hope you can see why this system is so powerful.

Your affiliates send you traffic. They get the up-front cash and you get a customer lead. Your autoresponder follows up and you keep all the back-end profits.

And there's no limit to the number and type of products and services you can promote to your list. You can even make recurring commission by promoting membership sites and lifeline services like autoresponders and ad trackers.

But the sad truth is, most people never get that front-end product up and running. So they never see the true potential of Internet marketing. They're content promoting $47 ebooks and making a few hundred bucks a month.

How about you? Are you satisfied with your online income or are you ready to take it to the next level?

Do you want an automated system that 'churns out cash day and night' (another cliché, but very true) where your only job is to recruit new affiliates?

Introducing my brand new...

I recently sold a new product called Sales Funnels For Newbies. In two days, I sold 53 copies at $9.97 plus 112 resell rights licenses at $19.97 for a total of $2,765.

Not too shabby for a $10 product. I also picked up 167 customer leads and I'm getting 2 - 3 new customer leads every day from affiliates who are still promoting. These are cash-in-hand customers, not subscribers, who I can sell other products to.

I'm offering to set up a system like this for you you right now!

Here's what you get:

  • Free hosting for 1 year ($120 value)
  • Free month at Surefire Profit System ($50 value)
  • Master resell rights to any product you choose ($97 value)
  • Reseller site completely set up ($300 value)
  • Customer registration page ($100 value)
  • Affiliate tracking software set up ($100 value)

Total value: $767.00

Here's what we'll do for you:

  • Set up your hosting account and link to your domain name
  • Customize the sales letter and download page
  • Link the sales page to the ordering system
  • Create your customer registration page
  • Upload the reseller site and test the system

How much do you think your webmaster would charge to do all that?

Click Here to View the Sites You Can Have

We can do this at a reduced rate because we've already installed these sites several times. So we can do it quickly and efficiently.

That's why we're only charging $97.00 for everything!

Only 25 People Will Be Accepted

At the start of this letter, I mentioned that this offer is strictly limited to 25 people. That's so we can be sure to set up your site in a timely manner and extend the personal support you need.

Orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you're one of the first 5 to sign up, we can have your site set up within 24 hours. If you're the last one to order, we'll have your site set up within 5 business days (but probably much sooner).

All you need is a domain name and an autoresponder. We'll recommend a few resources. But you're free to sign up any where you want. There's even a video tutorial to walk you through the process.

After you place your order, you'll be directed to a members only site where you can submit your information and we'll handle everything else. Questions? Contact me. But you may lose your spot if you don't order now....

Yes Derrick! I want my Instant Resell Site for just $97.00.

I understand that I'll get one month service at Surefire Profit System and if I choose to continue, I pay just $29.95 per month thereafter and I can cancel anytime.

I also understand that I get master resell rights to the site of my choice and you'll set everything up for me. All I need is a domain name and an autoresponder account.

I further understand that I have a full 60 days to try this system and I can get a full refund if I'm not 100% satisfied.








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